Jul 12, 2013
NostalgiaCrisis (All reviews)
What? It's over already?!

Those thoughts never left my head while watching this season. Although I'll have to admit, I was slightly disappointed in the lack of "big events" during this season. However, the anime has always kept a relaxing mood, whilst gently adding action and drama in small amounts. It'd be weird if something completely crazy and big were to happen anyways. I found myself wishing Natsume would say more things, admit more things, yet how realistic is it for him to actually do everything we as the viewers want him to do? In reality, Natsume has always acted in character, even when he grew and his ideals changed, he still was realistic and understandable.

Nyanko Sensei was also quite the character. His loyalty was admirable throughout the series, and although slightly boisterous he was undoubtedly intelligent. He managed to subtly enter his way into the family, assisting Natsume's effort to further develop his bonds with not only Youkai, but also humans.

When I took a day or two break from the anime, I lost interest in finishing it. However every time I watched just one episode, I was hooked right back into the anime and my eyes were glued to the television screen.

I'm definitely going to miss this anime and the characters. I do wish there was another season explaining more of the past of Nyanko Sensei and Reiko. The 52 episodes of Natsume Yuujinchou have gone by so quickly as I would have expected. I bid a farewell to this highly enjoyable anime!