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Aug 18, 2022
Rise of the Shield Hero: Walmart Edition.

That's all this anime is. It's a rip-off of Shield Hero. (SPOILERS AHEAD) You have a guy who dies getting reincarnated into another world, where he is maligned by the world's nobles and mistreated, even though he's secretly the most powerful guy on the planet. They lobby false accusations until he leaves the country where he meets a beast girl named Raphtalia...excuse me, I mean Latifa..who was initially a slave until he frees her. The two then go on adventures, until circumstances bring him back to face off with the very nobles who mistreated him.

It's ...
Aug 4, 2022
Spy x Family (Anime) add
To be honest, I expected more out of this anime for how hyped it was. I've seen this everywhere, so I figured it had to be at the level of a FMA: Brotherhood or Code Geass in terms of quality. While I truly did enjoy it, it's not anywhere near as good as the hype makes it out to be. I think the reason for that is that it has two vibes that its trying to pull off: A sweet, slice-of-life world that follows the protagonist Anya as she tries to succeed in school, and a gritty spy world with death around every ...
Aug 2, 2022
If you're wondering whether or not you can enjoy this anime without having seen any of the shows within it, the answer is simple: "No.". It was hard for me to follow and I've seen Angel Beats (One of the best anime ever made), Clannad and a couple of episodes of Little Busters. This thing is absolutely loaded with inside jokes that only those familiar with all of the series will get. The ones that I understood were funny, and there were a few universally funny gags like slapstick humor. But, overall, it is very inside. You will not enjoy this or get it at ...
Aug 2, 2022
Unison (Anime) add
You know that a song is not your cup of tea when you're listening to it and trying to think of another song that could possibly be worse, and you come up empty. I thought of some of Kim Kardashian's music, I thought of Rebecca Black "It's Friday", I really thought of the bottom of the barrel that I've heard. Even Mumble rap. I could think of nothing. I'm sure this is not the worst song I've ever heard, but I just can't think of it right now. Which makes this, at least temporarily, the actual worst song I've ever heard. It's confusing, the ...
Aug 1, 2022
Mixed Feelings

I try not to use that word, but there's really no other word to describe this anime but "mid". It's not bad, it's not good, it's just totally average in every respect. The story is your average Isekai adventure that sees the heroes going up against the corrupt establishment of the world. It's always either the nobles or the church and this time it's the church. The characters are totally average. Diablo is your average nose-bleed MC in the midst of a harem anime. Nosebleeding is so played out, I don't even really get irritated by it, anymore. It certainly hasn't been ...
Jul 31, 2022
Mixed Feelings
This film hangs its hat on only three things:

1. Beautiful 3D animation.
2. A pretty explosive, if overall, unimportant final battle.
3. Giving Gohan fans what they have wanted for years. Gohan's return to relevance on the battlefield.

Outside of that? There's nothing here but a really, really low-quality story leading to a big 30 minute brawl, that purposely keeps out Goku and Vegeta, to put emphasis on Gohan and Piccolo. Which is fine, because the lesser guys should be able to shine once and a while, too. But, if you really wanted them to shine, more thought definitely could have gone into the ...
Jul 31, 2022
Reading these reviews sure makes me sad about the state of our world. So much bitterness and anger, so much jaded cynicism and looking to attack others, that we can't even enjoy an anime such as this one without throwing around terms like Misogynistic, Predator, Lolicon, Female Fantasy, Male Fantasy, Feminazi, etc... It's ridiculous, man. Have we gotten to a point where we can't even watch what is basically a modern day studio Ghibli film without pulling the proverbial knives out?

This anime was a lovely anime about a teenager who was viciously abused emotionally by his family and outcasted for being soft, long before ...
Jul 29, 2022
1. I am an actual Shaman.
2. I have never seen the original Shaman king.

With that in mind, this review may be biased.

I loved this anime. Absolutely loved it. I've never even seen an anime about Shamans before. I've seen anime about Onmyoji, which are Japanese mystics, but I've never seen an anime that covered the entire global Shaman diaspora before. I loved how they really did a great job going all over the world and giving representation to everything from the Druids of Europe to the Shamans of North America. Granted, it's not like it's a compendium of knowledge for true ...
Jul 17, 2022
Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime is what happens if you took Beauty and the Beast and then blended it with Sword Art Online and K-On. It's basically that old fairy tale repurposed for the modern era with Isekai and Idols. And yes, it is as bad of a mixture as it sounds.

The key problem is if you're going to draw from such a well known story, and then blend it with futuristic elements, you have to make sure they come together in an innovative and seamless way. In this anime they do not. It's a mish-mash of ill fitting genres that creates ...
Jul 16, 2022
Fantasy BJO is a surprisingly entertaining anime. It's far from perfect, but it's very funny and approaches the Isekai genre from a unique angle. It's basically a rom-com that focuses on two men struggling to accept their feelings for one another. It becomes much more difficult when one of them is blessed by the goddess of love to turn into a beautiful woman in a fantasy world. Outside of this unique angle, it's completely low-stakes fluff and not at all different from any other generic isekai anime you've ever seen. The final boss is a giant robo bunny, so that should be all you need ...

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