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May 12, 2021
What a stupid anime.

I'm sorry, this was just plain stupid. Which is an incredible disappointment after such an excellent first season. And I don't mean this is stupid, just in the terms of "I didn't like it", I mean it's stupid in terms of logic, common sense, and general storytelling.

In the first season, you have a bunch of children discover that their mom and other caretakers are actually feeding them to demons. They scheme and strive and make their escape out into the mysterious unknown. It was an excellent thriller of an anime. But, in the second (and thankfully read more
Apr 14, 2021
Gotcha! (Anime) add (All reviews)
In my entire life as a viewer of anime, I have never once watched a single Pokemon episode, movie, OVA, or game. It's not that I have anything against Pokemon, it's just that it seemed aimed more towards young kids, and even as a kid, I never liked childish anime. I was always into Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Grave of the Fireflies, etc... So, I just never watched. I know plenty of the characters like Pikachu, Ash, Misty, Mew-Two, Renamon, Gardevoir, etc... simply because you can't be an anime fan and not hear of them. But, I've never actually sat and watched anything read more
Apr 9, 2021
SK∞ (Anime) add (All reviews)
Hey ya'll, did you know that skating is fun?
Skating is REALLY fun.
You can do it with your friends!
You can do it anywhere!
It's really so fun!
Seriously! It's like the MOST FUN THING!
You know what's REALLY FUN about skating?!
When you hop off your board and smack people in the head with it!
Or, you throw firecrackers in people faces!
Or, you join up in groups and attack people with steel batons for no apparent reason at all!

You've really got to understand how important it is to know that SKATING IS FUN! Did you know it can save your life?! If you're free-falling off of a cliff, read more
Apr 7, 2021
"So, you see this dead horse here? It's called "Isekai". Let's just keep kicking it until something falls off the corpse. Hopefully, it's meat we can sell and not infected feces." - Anime 2021.

Fortunately, Mushoku Tensei is meat they can sell.

This anime is proof that with great production values, solid voice acting, some nice comedic moments, and an approach that highlights legitimate character flaws in people, that you can still manage to kick a steak out of this dead horse of a genre.

I will say that I was very impressed with the first several episodes of the anime. read more
Apr 1, 2021
Jujutsu Kaisen is about...

A spiky-haired orphan with a heart of gold (who is not Naruto Uzumaki),

Who ends up possessed with the world's most dangerous spirit inside of him (Who is not Kurama),

And ends up being brought into a fighting school (that is not the Leaf Academy),

Where the leadership is torn between using his abilities or killing him, because of the threat he poses. (Which is not what the Leaf Elders feared).

He ends up being partnered with a sullen, dark-haired emo guy (Who is not Sasuke Uchiha),

A strong-willed, short haired girl with a bad attitude (Who is not Sakura Haruno),

and mentored by a blindfolded, white-haired, cool read more
Mar 30, 2021


Imagine that you go to a new pizza joint that is all the rave. You order your favorite style of pizza and they serve it to you. It's piping hot, fresh ingredients, buttery flaky crust, it's one of the best pizzas you've ever had. And then just as you lift the last piece up, a fat roach that was crawling under the crust scurries out from under it and jumps into your lap, into your pants, and crawls around on your legs. You shake it out and step on it. You're appalled, disgusted, read more
Mar 14, 2021
Man, each season of Golden Kamuy just keeps getting better and better. This was easily the best season so far. It really makes me look forward to what happens in season 4. Unlike previous seasons, that focused on all the different groups looking for the gold, this season focused on one issue: Sugimoto getting to Asirpa to tell her he's still alive and warn her of who the real enemy is. Along the way, the story does a good job of blending in action, comedy and suspense. But, it also really focuses on filling out some more of the characters besides read more
Mar 5, 2021
Urvan (Anime) add (All reviews)
Ninja parkour girl flips through a hologram city, followed by a ninja stalker parkour guy who undoes all of the holograms by running through them. Ninja parkour girl collects lights then releases them on the ocean. Ninja parkour girl turns into a ball of light. Ninja stalker guy spontaneously combusts. The End.

No dialogue, no plot, no sense. Apparently, this is supposed to be a display of animation skill from Toei and Nagasaki University, but...the animation isn't even all that good. It looks dated, like it was made 10 years ago. If you're going to do an animation showcase, the animation should at read more
Feb 20, 2021
I DESPERATELY want to rate this anime a 10 out of 10, but I just can't. There are just a few too many logical inconsistencies that prevent it from being a masterpiece. If these logical inconsistencies didn't exist, then I would gladly rate it as a masterpiece just based off of the ending alone. The final two episodes are absolutely fantastic. But, it's just hard to put aside the flawed logic that pushed this story along.


Akudama drive is an anime about a dystopian future in which "Akudama" are deadly and feared criminals who tend to read more
Dec 16, 2020
Did you like the Ocean's movies? Well, here is the anime version of them. That's basically what the Great Pretender is: Oceans' 14, 15, 16 and 17 wrapped up in Japanese anime style. And, for the most part, it's pretty amazing because of that.

The premise is simple when it's all said and done with, but there's nothing simple about its execution. Basically, the anime is about con men, conning a con man, in order to get him to help con other people, who deserve to be conned. And in the execution of this, you end up with a very entertaining read more