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Mar 28, 2020
One of the best shoujo-ai mangas present out there!!

This is a manga about Kurosawa Yurine (an overly talented young girl whose performance is at best no matter what she does) & Shiramine Ayaka (honest hard working girl who got frustrated when Kurosawa stole her 1ST SPOT!!) the story between them is just SO beautiful that I can't help but to think about this manga! to get it off my mind I want to share a good review so that u guys know what you're about to experience

First thing - this manga does not focus entirely on our MCs! this at first gave me irritation to read more
Mar 23, 2020
it's a good light-hearted manga about a group of strangers met online -
(this is the plot, not a spoiler)
to be precise - A girl named Akane (19yo) started playing an online game because of her boyfriend but her bf found someone else in the game and dumped her
so the story progresses how she fell in love with one of her game friend who was in the same guild group. his name is Yamada - (yeah Lv999 love XD)
trust me both characters are interesting and the manga is well illustrated!! character design is impressive too!!
I've read only 26 ch so I'll post a good review after read more
Mar 8, 2020
Goodbye, My Rose Garden (Spoiler Free Review)
This is a story about 2 young women - Alice, a young noblewoman and her Japanese maid Hanako. In the story, Hanako traveled to Japan in early 1900 England to be a writer AND to meet her idol victor (he is a writer too). Alice found Hanako in front of a publishing house in cold. She took her in as a maid. They shared almost the same interests in books and Hanako found Alice to be a very kind woman.
Here starts their journey where Alice once asked Hanako to kill her.
Unable to understand Alice's wish for suicide. read more
Feb 19, 2020
Citrus+ (Manga) add (All reviews)
spoiler for the Citrus Manga-
Its progresses where our main citrus manga left not after the marriage but after yuzu proposed Mei. alright they are back in being in the same house same room and cute stories follows. i will recommend this manga ONLY to the ones who enjoyed citrus not only the kisses and hugs BUT the drama too because till now (ch-09) we haven't got any 'golden moments' but the story is rather satisfying

Art - 10/10
artwork is pretty similar to the main manga so you can guess xD

Character - 9/10
character development is read more