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Oct 15, 2019
I usually never write reviews, but I feel like this entry has been especially wrongfully reviewed. This title, as most other sequels on MAL otherwise, suffers greatly from what I'd like to call, the "sequel syndrome". Basically all the diehard fans are the only ones left that are watching it, so naturally their scores will be biased, which works against the users that are interested in giving it a try, because it hides the issues that have begun plaguing the series. Anyway, I'll start by saying that as of right now we've been through 2 cours of Diamond no Ace, and the production is nothing read more
Mar 22, 2013
I'll be straight on this reviews . PLEASE READ THE MANGA . The manga is wayyyyyy better and complex than this OVA and I enjoyed it a lot . In my opinion , this is just a rushed OVA made in order to improve the sells on the manga . So I will point the principal ideas out:

Story - 8

As much as it shows in this OVA , I think 8 is a pretty generous score . A college student moves into a new apartment after living all his life on country-side . After moving in , he's stunned to see a young girl masturbating read more
Feb 5, 2013
Probably the blast of the Winter Season 2013 . Who would've thought that this anime , who looks ordinary from any point of view , would hide such greatness .

Story - 9

A girl gifted with an incredible power , the power of reading thoughts , yet this power turns against her , making her childhood a living hell . After a lot of downs in her life , she transfers to a new school , where a guy called Yoshihisa Manabe , the typical type of high school boy , carefree and perverted , gets interested in her . Seems that bit by bit Kotoura's read more
Feb 3, 2013
If you want to look into something original and captivating , then I'd highly recommend Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo
I say this because at this point , the series never stopped keeping me entertained . The concept is quite unique and it has a really pleasant cast of characters . Not to mention Izayoi's badassness .
The animation is one of the best I've seen this season and that counts a lot . Besides the little ecchi jokes on Kuro Usagi , there are also other funny moments and epic fights . Also this anime is very similar to a RPG . So read more