Oct 15, 2019
Hatsuyuki (All reviews)
I usually never write reviews, but I feel like this entry has been especially wrongfully reviewed. This title, as most other sequels on MAL otherwise, suffers greatly from what I'd like to call, the "sequel syndrome". Basically all the diehard fans are the only ones left that are watching it, so naturally their scores will be biased, which works against the users that are interested in giving it a try, because it hides the issues that have begun plaguing the series. Anyway, I'll start by saying that as of right now we've been through 2 cours of Diamond no Ace, and the production is nothing like the previous seasons. The series already started going downhill after the upperclassmen retired, however season 2 was still somewhat enjoyable, since Madhouse was still receiving help from Production IG. But this time around things are different, Madhouse is handling the project alone and every aspect of it seems to signal the fact that it is a massive burden for them. 30 episodes in, and despite the show being an absolute slideshow, we've gotten 2 recap episodes and no new opening or ending sequence. Pretty disappointing, right ? Unfortunately, the production isn't the only problem the show has. This is a baseball anime, but so far, this season offered the least baseball out of them all. After failing miserably at Koshien few episodes in (which renders the progress they've made in the previous season completely useless), there isn't much baseball going on anymore. We're mainly getting training and character drama which after 150 episodes it just feels... boring ? So we get a poorly produced show about baseball, which features no baseball. One would wonder, what went wrong ? How could a decent show turn into such a mind numbingly boring experience ? I think the main culprit is the author, for dragging out this series for as long as he could. I can always appreciate an author having a clear vision on how their manga would end, but this is clearly not the case for Diamond no Ace, and that is directly reflected by the awful quality of this season.