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Nov 1, 2020
Want a glimpse of hentai femdom.
Hold thy erection for this art will present its greatfulness.
This art presents 2 scenarios in 1 episode. Four specific scenes with four different girls.
They have different stories and approaches not relating to other scenes.
One thing that caught my attention was the art of the characters and their details of designs.
It was colorful and was lively. The animation was made well and consistent.
Their was a twist in the story. A funny yet interesting twist.
The sound was utilized well in its right scenes, subtle yet convincing.
Overall it was great.
Apr 3, 2020
It establishes the story with the protagonist Imako on her roller coaster adventure. Which leads to happiness and fulfillment through each scenes.

The art; mainly the animation itself was not impressive, being aired in 2014 it could have had been a better quality of animation.

The sound was not balanced (irregularities in volume) and had some rendering issues and had sounds that doesn't match the scene.

The designs of the characters were odd (pointy, shaped characteristics) but cute at the same time.

Overall its great it had that sense of story which revolves around the protagonist with an actual plot but did not suffice the read more
Sep 8, 2019
Kunoichi Botan follows the journey of Botan, a rather clumsy ninja, and her comrades from a kunoichi village.
Botan got the task to kill a merchant who's involved in incidents about missing persons (including her master who was assigned to the same mission).
The opening was a classic where there were two demons, one was a grayish white the other was green and they were taking turns.
So the plot revolves around a ninja where they have a mission to infiltrate a merchant's mansion.
This mission were assigned to two ninjas. Well if there is a ninja there will surely be a ninja scene and ninja related techniques(kagebunshin).
Well there read more
Sep 27, 2017
After watching this special, I feel like something is missing from the series before this special was produced, well maybe it is still being developed.

Nevertheless this special is well... a "special" it is a supplementary of the show, to spice things up in the series that makes it interesting, like Boruto's sudden development on his own "rasengan".

Furthermore the story was short, but direct and it really is a model of a special, which I would presume that more is coming.

The art was smooth in this one it is well drawn and nicely animated.
Overall it was Good, hoping for a more developed series and an entertaining read more
Jul 25, 2017
What does it mean to love someone?
I don't know, let us watch Koi to Uso about that, for this anime literally shows about it.

It first started as a lie and sometimes, long held lies will soon become truths.
Then the story goes:

STORY: 7/10
*It focuses on a social economic real life situation where Japan is situated with its problems of low birth rates.
*How the government solves the crisis with arranged marriage and stipulating it with the problems of society.
*Well when you finish the story it feels like its incomplete, like: wheres the Nisaka path, The continuation of the story and their progress as lovers.

At first a read more
Jul 14, 2017
Well as a side story covering the movie this was likely a promotion on the movie.
This preview was more of a reminiscent past of Yuuta, being the "dark flame master".
Only Yuuta and her sister Kuzuha were only featured here so there's not much of a develepment but rather just a skit.
This skit goes on with the past of Yuuta being the "dark flame master" and having a little character development for the characters that were present, specifically her mom, her sister Kuzuha and Kuzuha's friend whom always thinks that Yuuta is "cool".

Though Rikka was not here, she was on the ending's screen preview, dancing, which read more