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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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Mononoke Hime
Mononoke Hime
Jan 1, 11:13 PM
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Dec 27, 2017 9:33 PM
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Tokyo Ghoul:re
Tokyo Ghoul:re
Feb 2, 2017 6:51 PM
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Jul 2, 2016 4:01 PM
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Apr 26, 2016 9:04 AM
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oldjian 3 hours ago
HONESTLY i've been eating ice cream a lot diushdsiuahd
oldjian Feb 15, 9:20 AM
i totally hate taking meds so i never take those pills diushduih
Muuwi Feb 13, 11:04 PM

yessssssss the story was a bit lacking but it was enjoyable. tbh i found the "i kinda like u" bit at the end coming in out of the blue (since it only kinda showed that Shino liked her but not the other way around) but otherwise they were cute af YES THE KIMONO SCENE WAS CUTE


what are you doing for Valentine's? :D
Muuwi Feb 13, 10:37 PM
nop my old profile was just black and white, picture on the right and text box on the left

YES OMG i didn't know how i found it either but it was like... it wasn't the 'best' but it was unique and enjoyable anD UGH THE OPENING SCENE WHERE HE BEATS THE RONIN WITH THE GUN WAS WOW????
lacie Feb 12, 9:35 PM
nop nop nop - i hate travelling . . . or maybe it's just because i'm constantly alone and it's a proper drag carrying suitcases
and bags by yourself across continents .___. sigh

o so you want to be quite a bit older before you start travelling? do you ever plan on settling somewhere different to where
you are right now? LOL i like lemon flavoured things a lot so hecc yeah!! o hmm i never really understood why it was bashed
either. like what do they particularly dislike about it ?_? maybe the texture? or just the combining flavours? i dunno, i've always
liked trying out random things - so i'm generally quite open especially when it comes to food (except that i don't handle my
spice very well .-.) o brie like brie cheese!!! it's a moldy cheese (don't let that put you off - it's just matured for longer, it's
usually softer with a more pungent sort of flavour but very yum!!) dw i get that way too - so i still eat pepperoni the most and
that's pretty darn safe and basic .___. yeah i think if it's already been taken apart for you then you might like it more - the fruit
just kind of looks like little red jewels - really pretty actually. i used to think they'd make for lovely earrings :eyes:
i actually really jump back and forth with that. sometimes i feel like hiding and running away and other times i just wanna leap
out and be like "i can fight my own fight you l0sers!!" but then i run away from responsibilities immediately after sigh >:c
i do, i really do ;w;

phew, i was already in high school when it came out but i remember i got legit creeped out and i couldn't sleep after watching
it LOL it was like an alternate version of alice in wonderland but almost creepier somehow. i really liked it though - just at the
cost of my sleep ;w;
awww yeah tbh i sometimes just rewatch short clips of some of my favourites on youtube - just to relive certain scenes :eyes:
yeah i've read the book quite a few times (i had a bit of an obsession with scott fitzgerald in my late teens) and i've seen two
versions of the story as well so i remember quite a few of its quotes ... (very useful knowledge -___- aha)
tbh, i remember thrifting being a really popular thing for a while but its popularity has definitely begun to wane ;w; i wish i
could still do it but it's not really part of the culture where i live now. so there isn't really an opportunity for me to do so >:c
ooooo if you get the opportunity to you should definitely go to night markets more often!! they're really fun and they have a
very different but lovely sort of atmosphere. whether you go with friends or not, i've always loved them c: o yeah culottes
are basically cropped wide-legged pants but smh no not really, i dress in quite plain colours nowadays. i don't like attracting
any sort of attention because uhm i'm awkward . . . and shy . . . ANYWAY yeah uff denim and leather used to be my two
loves uwu o wait and velvet but it's too hot to wear leather or velvet where i live now cries LMAO AHAHA dw i totally
get it trust me! i used to buy some of the dumbest name brand stuff but i prefer the ones that don't seem very "name-y",
since i like everything i wear to look very inconspicuous :3c wao pls, i have to dab sometimes ;w; i feel COMPELLED TO!!
okay wait that does seem a bit cringe .___. awks :eyes: dw everyone has hobo days - i just roll out of bed sometimes and
put on a mask if i don't feel like showing my face lol . . .

;w; dude i was like twelve or thirteen when flip phones were a thing i think? but i was still a smol kiddo when dial-up was
a thing!! i'm not thaaaat old ;w; :sob:
oldjian Feb 12, 5:09 AM
i even avoid taking naps or else i won't sleep at night so i always have to exhaust myself by watching or reading stuff before going to sleep so i can at least have a few hours of rest HELP
Muuwi Feb 11, 10:39 PM

feelsgoodman. but once i get over the song i'm gonna go back to my old profile :x

oldjian Feb 11, 4:00 PM
are you feeling a bit better? I TRULY NEED A NAP but also a good sleep because i don't know what having a good night of sleep is anymore
-Bass Feb 11, 9:22 AM
Hey, long time no talk (assuming you remember me xD). How have you been?
Muuwi Feb 10, 11:21 PM
the video isnt even mine but its the meat of my profile :(
oldjian Feb 8, 7:30 AM
i hope it gets better soon :( take good care of it!! i am fine, just sleepy and tired as always
Muuwi Feb 7, 11:43 PM
that minimalist profile

mm yes
lacie Feb 4, 4:46 PM
o well it's kind of boring really .-. i study abroad so i travel between the two countries, it's fine and all just
continents apart . . . so the jet lag can be particularly brutal >:c

o trinidad??? that's quite unexpected ;o did you have fun? was it when you were still very young? o anywhere
in particular? o you like citrus fruits? c: o LOL tbh, i've never had a strong opinion on that. i mean, i used to
eat a lot of hawaiian and it was good! but that's about it .-. i like weird combinations though - like pears with
brie on pizza YUM !! LOL?? smh ;c they're actually yum! just make sure you have them already taken apart for
you (store-bought ones often are) then you won't have to see the weird holes! google wants to kill us ;w;
i'll pray for you :3c
uhhhh i mean, okay they kind of are .-. but mine worries me sigh

o wao that makes me think of coraline ;o i'm glad you got rid of them lowkey, wouldn't want you to end up
like her @.@ but it does suck ;w;
LOL tbh, there was a period of time i think around 2015 when i binged cartoons like CRAZY and i rewatched
a whole bunch of my childhood cartoons as well - it was really fun, i'm glad i did that.
being dumb always sort of reminds me of daisy buchanan from gatsby. when she says "i hope that she'll be
a fool - that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." - and she's right you know.
RIGHT?? omg i used to go thrifting every week! and then i'd go to a bunch of vintage markets, boutiques
and night markets uff! it was so much fun perusing through their collections. every piece felt special and
loved. o my style's totally boring now, trust me. i live in culottes and comfy jeans, and a bunch of bomber
or denim jackets .-. dude, i completely understand. lowkey i have a bunch of name brand stuff and i'm like
mad at myself for submitting to my basal desires :dab: (jk, but not really) but the stuff is more durable and
i definitely do wear and enjoy wearing it so i don't feel too bad :eyes: yeah streetwear is actually super
variant so it's hard to define it but you sound like you dress well! for reals!!

IT WAS BACK THEN THOUGH! I SWEAR! i was like seven/six i think and we definitely still had dial up smh.
o dw i get it. honestly i think it tastes like rubbery plastic but i still love it LMAO
oldjian Feb 4, 6:16 AM
wow thats really bad are you okay?
oldjian Feb 3, 4:37 PM
hello! thanks for accepting. how are you?