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Apr 2, 2024
“He Wei Dao x Guan Yu Wo Zhuan Sheng Bian Cheng Shi Lai Mu Zhe Dang Shi“ is certainly a mouthful of a title, that surely lives up to the lengthy commercial itself, having outlasted its welcome in terms of length.

To be honest, I'm not sure why MAL made me watch this. Sure, it's a nice addition to the Slime franchise, but as a standalone commercial, it falls short. The animation is nothing to write home about and the commercial is far too long for something that is essentially just an advertisement. I've seen far more impressive wooden planks in my backyard.

I suppose seeing Rimuru ...
Apr 2, 2024
I remember way back, during the quarantine, I had this very bad toothache in one of my wisdom teeth. You all know how going outside was not as simple as it is now, so I had to endure it for days long until I got an appointment and surgically remove the wisdom teeth once and for all. And then one of my buddies hit me up while hyping this “Manhwa” called Solo Leveling. I, of course, could not give a bull for it as my mind was fully occupied with the pain at the time. But little did I know, a Korean comic would have ...
Mar 31, 2024
I still remember last year when I decided to watch this show on a whim after postponing the Manga for many years and it was such a surprise how much entertainment the first season led to. But there was always something missing, something of substance that would make the show from a gag-fest to an engaging narrative with a firm gag facade. This was what this season did.

While the first season introduced the many characters we love and like today, this season really secured the main cast as one of the best groups of main characters in modern shounen. They are blend together very well; ...
Mar 29, 2024
The clocks take every tick into account, but different people will always have a biased sense of time, relative to their own perspective on the world. Maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s carefreeness. Or maybe it’s just not valuing time itself. But then again, life is slow, temporal, and sometimes horrendously mundane.

Out of every possible aspect of reality or fantasy, Frieren: Journey’s End, despite being set on a plane of fantasy, chose to tackle the very mundane life we so chose to escape from, making the passage of time as criminal as it can be, almost a character on its own.

There is a profound and interesting ...
Mar 27, 2024
Preliminary (11/12 eps)
Having survived the horrors that are the endlessly horrible Code Geass picture drama shorts, I thought I was scarred for life. I would always consume the latter with a dissatisfied expression and a hardened core. But alas, this cute and bite-sized series of shorts came by me. And it was such a great breeze of air.

If you, like me, loved and enjoyed Friere: Journey's End, then I've got some good news for you. However, if not, then I have so many questions for you starting from what even got you on this page to begin with.

Countless popular shows come with this type of special like ...
Mar 26, 2024
Haru (2024) (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Anime is great in the sense that more often than not, being a fan of throws you at a interconnected tangle of hundreds if not thousands of connected works of different types. One of which is music, and great music at that.

Frieren has us spoiled in this regard, not only has it graced us with a classic YOASOBI hit, but also an n-buna masterpiece.

The song albeit trippy, felt like a weird fever dream that is very familiar and very strange all at the same time. The vocals feel like pleading for one’s innocence while the visual style of blending 2D and 3D did contribute the ...
Mar 26, 2024
Yuusha (Anime) add
Much like the saying; “What is your favorite Disney era?”, being part of the Anime community will surely have you acquainted with how every “generation” is associated with a big music hit, or artist, that made a name after dropping the hardest opening/ending theme song for an Anime, You have your LiSA, TK, Linked Horizon, The Pillows, and so many more great and well established names that are some times the face of the Anime they were involved in one way or another, but certainly, and especially in recent year, a name has been very well present, the kind of presence that managed to overshadow ...
Feb 26, 2024
Mixed Feelings
As controversial as recap episodes tend to be, especially in the context of currently airing seasonal shows, this one in particular does not escape the former allegations. Yes, it’s a time stall for the production of future episode, but for the consumers, it is hell on earth.

I originally read the Manhwa a long time ago and I’ve been keeping up with the Anime version ever since its debut, it has surely been an interesting outlook on the series especially for how different both versions are but I gotta say, this recap slid in right into place, being a run down through the first seven episodes, ...
Feb 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
I've been scratching my head over how to put this whole experience in a simple sentence even since I first watched this seemingly lovely adaptation. But I guess the head scratch tells you more than a sentence ever could.

I feel bad because, on the one hand, you have this very charming, nostalgic (by the looks of it) mini-web series that tells you the makers poured a lot of love into shape and finalization, even when it is lacking any semblance of world-class production you see very often nowadays in mainstream shows, but then again, especially back in the day when this came out, the series ...
Oct 19, 2023
Anime sequels have a daunting task: to not only meet the high expectations set by their predecessors but to surpass them. "Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre 2nd Season" takes up this challenge with ferocity and precision, delivering a jaw-dropping continuation that is nothing short of phenomenal.

Spanning two cours and featuring three gripping arcs, this season has fans raving for all the right reasons. It's a testament to the creators' dedication that they managed to maintain the intensity throughout, with the first cour delving into the prehistoric man arc, followed by the concurrent father-son and Retsu's boxing arcs in the second.

One of the standout features of ...

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