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May 8, 2022
I don't know why I keep reviewing random recap episodes, but I don't know why people read them anyway, so here I am cycling through this self-induced paradox.

This was a 2 episode parter recap that goes through the major bullet points of the Wano arc so far, I still suffer from the constant flashback of episodes 914 and 915 but this recap did not cut me any slack either, but for what it is, it was a nice catch up on everything happening as of now, the placement is understandable because of how close and tight the deadlines are, so do as many recaps as read more
May 8, 2022
Very cute alignment of check-ins with the Strawhats, I appreciate this gesture from the animation studio, taking advantage of their platform and reach to spread awareness of this horrible virus. A true virtue that others should learn to apply.

It was cool to see Chopper give actually real-world medical advice, although, it felt very weird to have Zoro give advice too, and Franky who's already a Cyborg as well, but the fact that he operated on himself and rebuilt almost his entire body must have taken a lot of medical knowledge, and oh, of course, the man already dead, Brook.
Apr 18, 2022
I've grown to enjoy these types of Chibi, glorified picture dramas, it seems Attack on Titan never spares any lazy budget even on the tiniest of projects.

These 5 minutes long two episodes recap part one of the final season of Attack on Titan, gritty and dark it may have been, the cute art style is used so well and highlights the comedy perfectly. It sorts of reminds me of WIT's art style more than it does MAPPA's. Maybe it's that spark or nostalgic familiarity that made this so endearing to me.

Visuals aside, the jokes delivered on every episode were a batch of hilarious parody commentary read more
Apr 2, 2022
Re:Zero, season 2, part2. That was a mouthful. Although, not as bad as the first party was, and also not as good as season one.

HHad both parts made up one collection season, I have a feeling that it would have been received better with more entertainment and joy to deliver. A huge reason for this is how this part lacked a lot of build-ups that depended on the previous part while the latter lacked any sort of sensible resolution.

Multiple characters had a resolution to their personal inner conflicts, it brought about peace and tranquility and help clear up the fuzzy image that the series had read more
Mar 28, 2022
It wouldn't be a re:Zero season without one of these I guess, or should I say, it wouldn't be a popular TV series without one of these, period.

Seasonal fatigue is a real thing, and for completionists, it's even more so a curse in the form of a challenge.

“Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Break Time 2nd Season” is as its predecessor promised, Chibified commentary over the events of the corresponding season, although, this one spans both parts of season 2, so be careful about spoilers. The first 13 episodes revolve around re:Zero seasons 2 part 1, so it's better you watch it after that and even more critical read more
Mar 26, 2022
I'm so glad I watched this at the cinema.

What always comes up as a massive shocker for my friends is whenever I tell them how little I think of Jujutsu Kaisen as a show compared to how mainstream and loved it is.

My policy about reviewing and rating Anime is as objective as I try to make it and Jujutsu Kaisen benefits from that very well for how high of a score I gave it (9/10). Yeah, it had spectacular animation and sound design, the pacing was amazing and the characters were lovable, but my experience with it in a weekly fashion took a big toll read more
Mar 26, 2022
I put off this review for a long time now, maybe due to being afraid of leaning too much into recency bias, because damn was this season something of dreams.
It's a trivial fact of knowledge so far that Demon Slayer has climbed up to the peak of season animation, or any kind of animation really. It even went as far as surpassing the very ceiling it set up with its previous season and movie in a single seasonal screening like no other Anime before.

Hate it as much as you want, but Demon Slayer has risen to be THE quality unit of measurement that will likely read more
Mar 12, 2022
Story of my life.

I avoided Re:Zero for as long as I've been watching Anime, thinking it was some other generic time-wasting failed attempt at an Isekai.

I was wrong.

I hoped in the hype train, I acknowledged the show for what it was and dived into the second season with expectations that knocked on the ceiling, anticipating yet another vice-changing exposition of character growth and plot twists. I can't be wrong two times in a row with the same show, right?

I was wrong yet again.

There was so much wrong with this season, and now, that I have already finished the second part, I would have been much read more
Feb 12, 2022
The idol zombies are back, and stronger than ever.

Zombieland Saga was always the show I wondered why I got into in the first place, back when I used to watch every airing seasonal show, it looked like just another show to check off the list, but now, I'm glad I got into it.

The span of time between the first season and the second season really did a toll on my memory, it lessened the hype, killed the reliability, and quelled my excitement for the show, but as soon as I got into the early episodes, I was reminded why the show sets itself apart from read more
Jan 30, 2022
I can't tell you how many times I heard the sentence “Watch Re:Zero”. Be it from friends, random online recommendations, the midst of a 2 hours long documentary on shrimps, or on national television. Seriously, I've been haunted by this name and it, unfortunately, contributed more to me avoiding it. Simply put, “Isekai trash” doesn't deserve my attention.

I was wrong.

Fast forward many years later, I'm sitting home by myself, I have a busy schedule tomorrow at work, but how do I kill this hour of time until I fall asleep? I know, watch something generic that my eyes would better shut off for the day. read more