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Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
Aug 31, 8:23 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Carole & Tuesday
Carole & Tuesday
Aug 24, 3:42 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?
Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?
Aug 18, 6:53 PM
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Azumanga Daioh
Azumanga Daioh
Mar 23, 2018 7:37 PM
Completed 69/69 · Scored 10
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
May 6, 2014 6:14 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Yotsuba to!
Yotsuba to!
Mar 25, 2014 7:06 PM
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MAYOII Jul 27, 1:37 PM
you right
at least it's pretty loyal to its theme but on a personal standpoint I find it really boring since it offers nothing that would align to my likes

ofc its a popular opinion and we all know the different in quality of the anime animated by madhouse and staff
I'm hesitating to continue watching the anime right now seeing how rowdy it has became
would you suggest me to stick with it still? I'm feeling like the manga is way more optimal in this case

saitama literally has 0 character development in this season and his purpose is basically to accentuate others' character, which is something I strongly dislike

going way back to our very first convo, I do think I've never asked you this before but what kind of elements are you looking forward to see more in an anime? Some of the scores you've assigned anime with are kinda odd actually (re:zero 7, k-on 5, gridman 3..) are you rating them based on your personal enjoyment alone?

and I realized chio is a seinen.
and same lol
her role as satania is stupendous and it's absolutely adorable to see her voicing someone who is so dorky and sinisterly ambitious at the same time

and yes
they don't deserve it in the slightest and people should appreciate animators' efforts for bringing these fantasies onto the big screen

what's your take on dragon maid ellert?
you've given it with a score of 7 i assume you enjoyed it?

I do love the chemistry among the characters :>

MAYOII Jul 10, 6:51 AM
oh koufuku graffiti!
thats a pretty comfy anime ngl not my type though, but i did enjoyed watching it when im in a sleepy now(its practically one of those anime that can make me sleep gently, not saying its boring though! but it has the calming effect)

you've given it a relatively low score, do you think lowly of it, quality-wise? or do you dislike the show for personal reasons?

yes, that's one of many instances when i lost interest in an anime
many anime don't seem to know how to 'continue' the story and grasp my interest firmly without losing its direction
amachu! advance is among them

oh boy... you've given opm s2 a relatively high score and im surprised since i do think you are quite critical when it comes to rating
many fans have reflected that the quality of animation has dropped noticeably since the studio has changed, and the story isn't as interesting as the previous one too due to the fact that saitama is 'shying away' from the screen and he's being used as a deux ex machina to accentuate other characters(for characterization and character development)

well, do you have a favorite opm villain of all time? please, tell me its garou..

and yes, this would be an unpopular rating of mine since i personally cannot feel 'attached' to the series when i was watching it but i would definitely agree it got a great story with fluid and attentive storytelling

oh, i never know that you would 'rerate' an anime on occasions
i've done it too for many times when my taste in anime changed or if i went back and rewatched it, coming up with something new and different

and not really, i think you are critical enough already, though, frankly i don't really think you should give opm s2 such a high score(in your book ofc, a score of 7 is decently above average) but thats just my opinion, i do believe you got your reasons for liking s2 right ellert?

MAYOII Jul 5, 11:41 PM
i do mostly agree with you and i strongly dislike the fact that all of the female characters who accompanied naofumi were not genuinely depicted as not only his party members but also part of his harem
literally, i do think that the author intentionally left little room for naofumi to grow mentally as a character and the only notable character development he had was in the early episodes when he came to a realization that he was entitled to an abomination when he arrived at this world without knowing anything
after that, he plays smart and cool, ignoring the unwanted and put every single of his effort to establish himself
but that's it... i don't think his characterization is dynamic at all
the world-building is decent though, and i do appreciate the fact that details of the world are getting revealed parts by parts as naofumi traverses across the world instead of relying on narrative

lmfao that video
but sadly... the crimson sauce is no more ;-;
we're back to the good old mayo c:
(on a different note, what's your favorite condiment? im super curious)

i don't see you updating your list anymore after you finished shield hero
are you busy with other things irl right now ellert?
or perhaps you're not in an anime mood recently? :o
MAYOII Jun 29, 7:18 PM
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Jun 27, 7:18 AM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 4

you surely hold no mercy toward this show ellert lel
MAYOII Jan 15, 1:23 AM
hmm im not an expert on this but what is 'high fantasy'? a subgenre of fantasy I guess?
never heard of it before
ofc originality is highly valued as a content creator (which includes an indie game developer, or an animator)
im not hoping to become famous or anything but I do wish to publish my works someday so I am able to share my ideas and concepts with others
basically, animation is a form of art that delivers those ideas and concepts to others with visual/aural impression
and thanks for the encouragement! xd

Im quite a gamer back then not gonna lie here and I have tried nearly all the popular ones (im also a loose gamer you can say, I do not particularly stick to a certain games and I like to explore, but never have the will to focus on any of them so I've only completed like 10% of the games I've played sadly ...)

oh rly?! LOL
thats quite unexpected I've never thought you are interested in fighting games like Tekken

I guess pokemon is just a mainstream thing that all the gamers have played at least once in their lifetime
im not an exception
ay, you got a 3DS! and its XL!
sadly 3DS shines shortly after its release
right now I do not see many people playing them in the public
like literally none in the gaming club
I do not have one myself unfortunately but I've played a lot of games on my friend's , some of which were my precious memories c:

its supposed to be certainly but most people consider it a slice of life iyashikei I guess
and coincidentally the platelets are voiced by Maria Naganawa too, who is also kanna's seiyuu (I guess she's an irl loli LOL nearly all her roles are either lolis or petite girls)

aw thats a catchy song for sure ! now, you just indirectly convinced me to watch it xd

thats fine! but again, I gotta say its fluffy

btw, how do you adopt cats in iceland? do you need a license or anything? do you need to fill out a form and sign your name too? I bet so
you surely are a kind and caring person irl then! people who are willing to take care of animals certainly are !

I'll be on an anime hiatus next month because of multiple reasons
to make it short, I need to take some time off coming up with a more productive lifestyle and socialize more with the people around me as well as participate in the clubs I've joined

so right now its a good time to gather recs from my friends :>

Sakamoto is fun to watch when you are bored and it did provided me with some of the most unexpected laughters
borderline unrealistic moments were some of the best I've seen in an anime ngl
but I don't think the humor suits me the best

still, a fairly enjoyable sol comedy anime to watch!

and 100% I would suggest you to watch violet evergarden if you are looking for a quality anime!
subjectively speaking, it's really aesthetically pleasing to watch and the characters are just too real
one of the best anime I've watched in these 2 years I would say but its just my thought you should check it out to see for yourself!

* something that is not on ur ptw
I'm watching an anime called osomatou-san rn at the moment
its a comedy/parody anime full of randomness and is quite sarcastic (plenty of references and satires)

have you heard of it before?

my sister's cat was being naughty again
he wouldn't let me go when i was writing my essay >:3

and also thanks for your birthday wish ellert!
Im truly blessed x)
it hasn't been snowing lately and it has begun to snow yesterday!
guess my wish has been granted lol
btw, does your cats like to go outside? have you tried to take them out with you before?
MAYOII Jan 7, 11:09 PM
oh thats perfectly understandable and there is no need to rush or force yourself into something you might not be genuinely intereste in
thats a wise thought!!
I mean working with cats aren't only challenging if you are inexperienced, but it also requires you to dedicate a lot of time and effort into it, which you cannot always have (time especially, and when it comes to taking care of animals, you have to pay extra attention to them and follow the precedures [I think for cats its easier, I do have vet friends who work at animal clinics and they told me its a pain in the neck for them because animals are sometimes unpredictable and they can be vulnerable at times])
thats actually practical if you actually has it in your mind!
with extraordinary writing skills and wild imagination/creativity, you certainly can become a successful writer! but it does take time and opportunity

hmm, what kind of story would you write then?
are you into fictions? or perhaps historical pieces?
or are you planning to write something about cats :3?

hmm, realistically, I would just finish college and become an animator working for a small video game company or an animation studio I guess
perhaps later on I can publish my own work and start a small indie game company of my mine (sounds ambitious but the chances are)
unrealistically, it would be become a mangaka. I have always aspired to publish my own work since I was a kid and I have been actively writing stories and drawing characters when I was young(though I've never revealed them to people other than my close friends)

Dungeon and Dragons was unheard of until I came to college lol I guess it's just not that an asian thing
but I do love fantasy fictions! especially the mythical, fairytale-like ones with dwarves, elves, giants,magical creatures and dragons
(lord of the ring got me into them I guess, then I got to play warcraft)

ahh I see how it goes
its one of those board games young people from the western community play
I guess and it certainly requires you to think a lot and make strategic decisions

Ah Elder Scrolls
a timeless classic
I've played Skyrim before but I'm not a big fan of the story tbh, though I admit it's a really content-rich game by reading through the lores

LOL yeah bugs and shamefully I admit I enjoy abusing them when I unexpectedly made them occur

that's a variety of rpgs you've named there and among them, Fallout is my fav
it reminds me of another shooter game called Bioshock(I'm sure you know it) because both of them are stylized in an old fashion way[industrialized] emphasizing much on idealogy and survival, as well as many societal aspects such as politics and economy(and both of their soundtracks are sheer nostalgia to me!!)

why dark souls is mentioned everytime i asked my friend to tell me their favs LOL
i guess its more popular than I thought then

woa, god of war and tekken
those are quite violent and mature(god in particular)
have you played the new god of war already? the one released last year

that is my favorite god game of all time

I have played most of the games you've mentioned beside heroes of mightand magic and Fable

on top of those, I gotta say I'm a huge nintendo fan and I play a lot of zeldas when I was younger
do you own a nintendo console by any chance? I guess nintendo is still a big thing in iceland's gaming industry right

the execution is brilliant in this anime, so are the characterization
it is one of the best anime I've watched in 2018 and certainly deserves more rec
I have expected you to give it a low score lol
the first episode is am ambush for the viewers and the following episodes turn out to be unexpectedly lighthearted compare to the first one

oh that one lol
do you think it's educational tho?
I got to know this anime through the memes and it seems like a wholesome show

wait a sec... did you take the photo !!?
thats a fluffy boi/grill right there XD
i'm sure they're enjoying their nap to the upmost

oh yeah speaking of which, are your cats obedient? what's their temperament like?

my sister's cat (Tuna) is really lazy and unresponsive unless we got food for him lol
he enjoys wandering around in our garden and chasing flying insects for some reasons
and he's quite an antention seeker to my sister and her friends (a perv probably >:( )

MAYOII Jan 1, 2:00 PM
ayy thats great to hear!!
hmm what other fields are you interested in?? :eyes:
I assume its might be something related to science or nature or perhaps humanity I guess since you seem to be really rational and caring about people and your surrounding plus you're aware of your country's history
wait.. am i mishearing anything?!?
no snow in iceland!!? :O
maybe I should study more about iceland then; the name of your country really gives off snowy and cooly vibes lol
oh my... you got a big family then ellert
ahh books are a wise choice of present for youngsters
for younger cousins of mine, I gifted them notebooks (for writing diary) and specially flavored chocolates
man.. i'm jealous LOL
I got a lot of presents too most of which were from my cousins so they were quite unpectedly weird tbh lol and ofc i appreciate their initiatives and effort for wrapping them up with artsy christmas paper

awwwww! thats a really fun gift I'd say and a useful one too for fellow cat lovers :3

this is probably the most outrageously funny present I've ever received on christmas

yep a giant bodypillow of some sort lol

thats quite a long trip I would say... based on the route it looks troublesome too! taking weather,geography and supplies (food, gasoline etc) into account

thankfully the drive was smooth for you

tbh I've never intrigued by dnd before, nor have I played it
have you played it before?
ahh, I've never asked you about games before I think
what kind of videogames are you into? any rpgs?
ahh I see
maybe Ill still give it a try tho when im bored enough and wishing to watch a fantasy anime

as expected from a masterpiece hue hue
made in abyss total stuns me with its story (well I got baited by its cover I think, and the chibi art makes me think it would be family-friendly and naive in terms of worldly concept and characterization)

baka to test on the other hand, is far less serious in tone and is more of a parody/comedy that goes along with laidback viewers

yea lol the manga is better however and I read it online
a fair piece of work i'd say but not impressive

i'm not even surprised if it is being called out for being pretentious but overall bunny girl senpai is enjoyable as a seasonal anime
despite its generic setting, I think the interaction among characters is really humorous and interesting (sometimes I think cliches are actually making the anime more watchable when you expect something from it but not exactly authentic to your expectation)

oh boi...
thats an amazing anime! and I'm sure you would enjoy it in a sense because of its story
goblin slayers is a controversial one but for sure it has values for viewing as a seasonal anime so you can see for yourself whats right or wrong with this anime

and ofc
i wouldn't forget

Til hamingju með afmælið

MAYOII Dec 26, 2018 11:04 PM
ohh i see
that sounds kinda wholesome to me!! seems like you are really enjoying christmas after all hahah
and i guess you've received/given away a lot of presents right
you seem like a social butterfly to me since you are friendly and considerate XD
it's totally fine tho i don't mind belated replies at all
and you are one of the most talkative/informative online friend I've ever had lol

oh coool!
how long was the drive for ya?
aww kittens
one of the puriest things in this world i'd say

surrre im more than willing to take a look at them UwU

they are the real cuties there xd
they seem happy and comfy in those pics i'm glad of it!
hmm do they have any names by any chance? I think so right usually you do want to name your kittens to insert/label affection and endearment onto them

ohh slayers (i thought you were talking about goblin slayers until i checked your last anime updates)

i've never heard of it before not gonna lie
is it any good?

oh uchi no maid ga uzasugiru!!!
thats a seasonal right
i guess I will watch it too someday but not recently because I've already missed a bunch of popular ones from this/last seasons due to schoolwork xd

speaking of seasonals, you must have heard of goblin slayers right?
do you think you would watch it by any chance?

this season is fair to me but not good nor great unfortunately
there are only a few anime that geniunely intrigued me and some of them were unexpectedly dissapointing to watch
(goblin slayers, demon king, slime etc)

my holidays were a bless! I enjoyed christmas much with my friends and my family (with my cousins primarily; we played switch together and we went out for movies and had a snowball teamdeathmatch at midnight lul it was another worthy memory for me)

how about you? how was your christmas? were your christmas celebration traditional? or casual?

lol you always impress me with the cutest cat pics uwu

MAYOII Dec 25, 2018 6:36 PM
hey ell
sorry for dat lengthy essay comment LOL
its finally that day of the year again! hoorray!
have you done anything special recently for christmas?

merry christmas ell

ho ho ho

MAYOII Oct 31, 2018 11:25 AM
i know most people rate anime based on particular standards of theirs such as enjoyment, depth, overall feelings etc
but i tend to rate different genres of anime with diffeent standards
for Sabage-bu! I already know its a cute girls doing cute things type of anime and I probably wouldn't expect much from it
and definitely, its a show to watch when you are bored or just wishing for something funny and random
hmm but still I would consider auzmanga as one of these too... but it does seem like everything in azumanga are done better and more 'interactive' with the audience
as for academia, I personally like the first and second seasons a lot more than the third season
after the major clash between all might and all for one, i think there aren't anything interesting going on
and yes the fillers are fun to watch but lack content

ahh thats interesting to know!
I have thought halloween must be strongly associated to christianity
back in Taiwan, we don't really celebrate halloween but you still can 'feel' halloween on the street
and I doubt the reasons behind our little celebration are cultural
its more like going along with the rest of the world just to feel the 'fashion' of it
the same can be said to christmas (and yea in Taiwan, christmas is a lot more popular than halloween)
when i was a kid i did dressed up as a vampire and went to each single neighbor's house and rang their bells with my friends XD it was quite a spooky yet joyful memory and the experience was unforgettable
now i'm a lot older and i tend to care less about holidays and festivals (I did helped out my community decorating our town but I wasn't actively participating in the halloween special event since I hate am bad at cosplays haha)
Im always having this picture of houses and streets covered by snow and tempered with ice whenever someones says the word 'nordic' XD
christmas is another thing that Im curious about since it's considered a crucial holiday by the christians and even many non-christians as you can see how people are eager to exchange gifts and put nearly everything on sales respectively (even in many non-english speaking countires christmas is acknowledged to be an important holiday)
as for santa claus he is quite a mystery to me
I have always been questioning his origin (is he from a folklore? fairytale? or maybe religion?)
and people usually would say hes from northpole (which I find kinda weird here but it does make a lot of sense)
I read an article recently about many of those christmas related 'characters' and realized I was horribly wrong all alone especially with the 13 yules
I didn't know much about the 13 yules tbh until a year ago
I did see a lot of decors during christmas and I thought they were faintly based on the dwarves from snowwhite at first glance
and I initially thought they have something to do with dwarves and trolls in fantasy fictions
but I guess they are figures from nordic folklores? perhaps
or maybe even religion to an extent
this explains everything to me along with the article

and it intrigued me that christmas has way more history than I thought (just a 'ritual' to celebrate the birth of jesus christ)
dressing shoes? oh yeah I did see a lot of those in the movies and I thought they are exaggerating the atmosphere along with those colorfully fancy decors and gingerbread houses XD
I did hung many of my socks near my room's window when I was young and magically a lot of sweets and cookies appeared on the next morning!!! (I knew my mom sneaked in my room at midnight lol)
wooh, that sounds delicious you just made me drool :drool:
I've never tasted lamb chops in my life or in general lamps I wonder how they taste like
are they any different than pork or beef?

this is probably how I pictured iceland in my head after reading your post xd

lastly I couldn't think of the temperature there... during winter... :frozen:

to celebrate halloween
black cat this time :)

MAYOII Oct 27, 2018 3:48 PM
I've seen some clips of that anime on yt
it seems like a seinen/josei anime actually and its looks very light hearted and drama-centric
sure I would give it a try if you say so x)
oh so you do watch my heor academia sa well! :wow:
do you like it so far? and do you think it is overrated?
it becomes popular last year I think and the third season even boosts this series' popularity onto another level
I bet most newbie anime fans thesedays are watching it
right not atm I do prefer marathons because I cannot pin down my curiosity when I see something that is interesting and I wanna know what's going to happen next
btw do people in iceland celebrate halloween? and how big/important is christmas in iceland?
is that your cat ? :3

MAYOII Oct 25, 2018 10:48 AM
Im glad you enjoyed it!
9/10 are you sure you aren't doing it just to not letting me down :thinking:
jk lol
thats quite unfortunate
amagami ss's trailer seems quite promising to me

yeah! I did that kind of thing too sometimes like when I saw a funny scene of an anime on youtube I would search it on mal and took a look at it. I never know this anime but since its on your list I put Sabage-bu! onto my list as well since your taste is 👌
yeah anime is more transparent when it comes to characterization and pacing

I watched 2 episodes of goblin slayer and it wasn't as good as I anticipated
another anime I've watched is zombieland saga, which is pretty suitable to watch on the night of halloween x)

how about you? are you watching any seasonals now?

MAYOII Oct 23, 2018 7:34 PM
I just read azumanga last week and it was a sheer nostalgia :3
too bad it doesn't has voice acting in it but I can imagine what they sound like since I've watched the anime already
do you think the manga is better than the anime?
and what anime are you watching or planning to watch this season?
MAYOII Oct 16, 2018 8:35 PM
13 hour workday !? :p
that sounds like a lot of work... you better rest tight then
oh i see you are now watching amagami ss, which is one I don't know much about

i wish yuru camp wouldn't dissapoint you since its one of the comfiest anime i've watched so far in my life xd

sweet dreams!

MAYOII Oct 16, 2018 12:24 PM
i thought you would give me a 10
we are already friends aren't we :'(

btw are you going to watch yuru camp any time soon?