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May 8, 2018
The Full Metal Panic manga was actually quite light compared to Sigma... To be honest Sigma is a bit too serious when compared to its initial chapters.

Basically revovles around the protection of Chidori, though Sigma focuses on less school and more of actual war. The story is pretty interesting though from time to time it gets pretty confusing and at times even disturbing.

It is confusing for some parts as there were quite a number of unexplained situations and some things are very technical. For the disturbing parts, there were quite a number of plot twists that really stray away from the more light-hearted storyline of ...
Dec 19, 2017
I'm reviewing this from a mostly non-fan point of view (mostly cos I watched Gatchaman S1 but hardly remember it).

Story: 9
Kinda cliched in some areas, but overall quite interesting. There's some plot and mystery here and there, and I'm glad that there are not too much storyline cliches in there. Given that this is a kinda superhero kind of show, the villains are somewhat cliche but overall it is great.

The animation is fluid and simply amazing. It's like watching Gantz: Osaka and the FF series movies, but for 12 episodes, which is pretty amazing. This is not to mention that the animation is really realistic.

Sound: ...
Jul 1, 2017
This series is so great that it moved me to read the manga and light novel halfway through the anime. And I gotta say, for those who really like this series should try the light novel, it has much more detail than the anime.

Just by the anime alone, the storyline deserves a 10. The basic premise of this series is that a professional gamer was forced out of this club, but he decided to start from scratch in the main game in a new server.

This storyline probably doesn't seem much, especially since he is a pro gamer going to a new server where most ...
Jul 1, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Initially, I enjoyed this series since it portrayed a "godly" character and there was undoubtedly a lot of potential, but the last 2 episodes were, if anything, reversing its potential in the earlier episodes.

Well, the story had a few twists along the way, but it's along the way of an adventure and trying to resolve a conflict. Basically it's about a war going on between sorcerors and non-sorcerors and how Zero wishes to find her book, but really, it's kinda cliched and predictable at times.

Kinda standard but smooth animation.

Kinda standard as well.
Sep 17, 2016
Black Clover (Manga) add
Preliminary (78/? chp)
To begin, I am going to write this review after knowing that Black Clover is deemed one of the worst manga for anyone, any age (posted on animenewnetwork).

And... I don't think it feels like Naruto... nope... almost zero.

To be honest, the story has too much similarity to Fairy Tail and Nanatsu na Taizai (no Naruto here, sorry). For example, the beginning of Black Clover is quite similar to Fairy Tail, and all the friendship and combo stuff. Meanwhile, the main character's destiny and main storyline feels similar to Nanatsu na Taizai (since I do not want to put spoilers, I'll just leave it at ...
Dec 15, 2015
Slam Dunk (Manga) add
First of all, I'm not a basketball player so my opinions on this would be from a more non-basketball accuracy manga reader. However, most if not all of the content look really accurate, especially with the manga reader being a long time basketball player.

Let's begin.

As much as the story is realistic, with amazing detail and art, sometimes going frame by frame of how the basketball players play, as well as the story focusing on Sakuragi Hanamichi and the Sohoku team of how they progress, there is still some "too remarkable moments", especially early on.

This is pretty amazing already, given how most sports mangas like to ...
Nov 14, 2015
Sunabouzu (Anime) add
Story: 7

This anime is quite brilliant, especially in the middle part. The story is intriguing with lots of twists, but the first few episodes are quite episodic, and relying a lot on "boobs" jokes, heck, even when there are no large boobs in the episode, Sunabozu would apologise for it.

The middle part, especially those episodes with no "boob" woman, are really good and shows the various aspects of the big picture of the Kanto Desert, though still episodic.

The ending part, particularly ep 18 onwards, is really deep, but the conclusion was quite disappointing and confusing, thus I would only give the story a 7.

Overall for ...
Jan 18, 2015
Fairy Tail (Manga) add
Preliminary (415/549 chp)
This is a review till chapter 415 (somewhat very near the end of the Tartaros arc.

Honestly, I would give the manga a 8 or 9 until chapter 253. Cos after that, the arcs reallly succcck.....

Up until chapter 253, at least the story was more reasonable, and touching, unlike a lot of senseless actions, power-ups, plotholes and missing characters here and there later.

Honestly, Fairy Tail is severely lacking in story. It's not that there's no story. Like Bleach, there is a main villain that keeps popping up, indirectly or directly. But in Fairy Tail's case, there are 2, and incredibly, the way they show up ...
Oct 4, 2014
This is one of the most perfect animes I have seen to date.

There are discrepancies and unexplained matters, including the main characters, but still the whiole series is golden. Honestly, at times the storyline and images are gross and gory, but if you can watch through all that, you will be able to enjoy all this series has got to offer.

The story is amazing and full of surprises, though at times it is kinda sick and inconsistent. But honestly, there is a lot of logic and emotions filled throughout this series so I would say that this is one of the best storylines I have ...
Sep 25, 2014
First of all, let me start by saying this is quite an underrated anime.

Yes, this anime is actually quite slow-paced, and has quite some cliched episodes and moments that you would find in a slice-of-life and romance series, but what really caught on to me, especially in the later episodes, is how compatible the op and ed are with the scenarios in the episodes. It is actually quite interesting to see the many sides of the main 2 characters and see how their relationship progressed.

Story- wise, it's not amazing, and quite cliched at times, but the presentation was well-delivered.

Art-wise, normal.

Sound-wise, I really love and op ...

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