Sep 17, 2016
Dunkjoe (All reviews)
To begin, I am going to write this review after knowing that Black Clover is deemed one of the worst manga for anyone, any age (posted on animenewnetwork).

And... I don't think it feels like Naruto... nope... almost zero.

To be honest, the story has too much similarity to Fairy Tail and Nanatsu na Taizai (no Naruto here, sorry). For example, the beginning of Black Clover is quite similar to Fairy Tail, and all the friendship and combo stuff. Meanwhile, the main character's destiny and main storyline feels similar to Nanatsu na Taizai (since I do not want to put spoilers, I'll just leave it at here.

Anyways, the plot is pretty straightforward, and like most shounens, this manga has a lot of comedy and action. One part that really made me read through to the latest chapter at one go was the way the story was presented. In particularly, it has the One Piece feel thanks to the main character's personality and his "nakama". Another interesting thing about this manga is that while it has a lot of focus on "things you can't do alone without comrades", it does not overly exploit the theme of "friendship can beat everything, even when initially you lost terribly and when you are injured you still can win", like Fairy Tail. This is where it is interesting, as it is less predictable than a lot of shounen manga (which is one reason why I like One Piece so much too).

The art is kinda similar to Nanatsu na Taizai but better, 2 of the more obvious similarities is Asta->Meliodas, and Noelle->Diane.

Kudos to the art especially, since a lot of work seem to have been put into the details seeing how much spells they used. At this I can simply say that the Comic Con voters cannot be trusted to value quality work, since when you say some manga is the worst, it includes all aspects, and it is simply ridiculous.

Well, since the characters seem familiar to other manga, why did I give it a 9?
The MCs Asta and Junos are kinda similar to Natsu and Gray in Fairy Tai and more similarly to Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The irregular at magic high school), which is the despised strong vs the popular strong concept, and the despised MC gets slowly recognised to be popular concept.

And yea, no Naruto feels here, cos if every rivalry makes people think of Naruto, then most shounen manga would be rip-offs (E.g. Meliodas/Ban in Nanatsu, Allen/Kanda in D.Grayman etc.) In fact, Naruto seems like it went for the Talented bad kid/Weak kid gets stronger concept, but in Black Clover, Junos was always on the good side, and Asta was never weak except in the one most treasured area, magic (Shiba Tatsuya anyone?).

Well, aside from all the comparisons, just by itself, the characters are great as most of them complement each other, and there is quite some development not only with Asta, but with other side characters (especially in terms of family background and rivalries). One lacking part though, is regarding Junos. Up to chapter 78, he is still not as developed in terms of character or background as the others, so he is kinda like a side character at this point. Which is a shame, and makes this clearly different from the Natsu/Gray rivalry.

Well, this is one of my favourite shounen thus far, it does not drag out a lot of chapters via one versus one fights, though at some points it reminds me of Zatch Bell and Bleach in fighting scenes. The comedy is mostly funny as well.

Although there are quite a lot of cliched settings here and there, I can't say this is a rip-off of any one manga since I see a lot of references from several manga I mentioned (but not really Naruto). However, the lack of many one versus one battles and the inclusion of some unique concepts made this an excellent shounen manga for me.