Dec 19, 2017
I'm reviewing this from a mostly non-fan point of view (mostly cos I watched Gatchaman S1 but hardly remember it).

Story: 9
Kinda cliched in some areas, but overall quite interesting. There's some plot and mystery here and there, and I'm glad that there are not too much storyline cliches in there. Given that this is a kinda superhero kind of show, the villains are somewhat cliche but overall it is great.

The animation is fluid and simply amazing. It's like watching Gantz: Osaka and the FF series movies, but for 12 episodes, which is pretty amazing. This is not to mention that the animation is really realistic.

Sound: 9

To be honest, the characters are kinda 2 dimensional at times. It seems that the main differentiating factor between all the characters (including the villains) is their abilities, and more attention are drawn towards Ken and Emi rather than the others. More importantly, not much is touched on any character, thus all the characters seem rather shallow. One good point about the characters though, is that they all have some kind of background story that leads them to their actions (which is much better than seeming to be random).

A definite 10, the animation and some plot lines are simply amazing.

Easily one of the best anime series I have watched based on animation, and with quite a good plot to back it up with. I would recommend anyone who like great 3D CGI shows to watch this.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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