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Mar 8, 2013
This series is my introduction to the inspired mind of director Kunihiko Ikuhara who is well known for creating the popular fan favourite Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997)

I admittedly am yet to see Utena so apart from the mostly glowingly positive reviews for this series I had no expectations or reservations of what to expect

Now that all is said and done, after finishing Penguindrum I am left asking myself is this a show where style and intention surpasses execution or is this series something that was intentionally created to get you thinking more about its various themes / subtexts long after it’s completion

or does it actually ...
Dec 17, 2012
The Rurouni Kenshin TV series….ahh this was one of my earliest exposures to more longer running anime series…well, somewhat after completing DBZ of course

Ahhh yes I have very fond memories of this series and how it heightened my love for anime in general with it’s compelling storyline and well-crafted characterization.

Anyhow…to begin

After watching the original and highly acclaimed Trust & Betrayal OVA (A MUST WATCH BTW) I was actually somewhat surprised to find out the story of Kenshin Himura continued on as a TV series.


This story is set many years after the events of the T&B OVA. The protagonist Kenshin Himura has been wondering Japan ...
Nov 14, 2012
In all fairness I admit I have not actually read the original LM novel….however, before watching this anime take on LM I had already seen the 1998 movie adaptation which starred Liam Neeson (Taken) & Claire Danes (Romeo + Juliet) and it gives a general idea of the story.

AFTER watching this anime series I watched the 25th anniversary London play which has been confirmed to be 90% faithful to the original novel…so writing this review now I feel I have a good grasp on the material

I did really love that 1998 movie version to death from seeing it YEARS ago and it was actually ...
Oct 21, 2012
This anime is certainly up there as one of the weirdest yet intriguing anime series I have ever seen. In many ways this series showcases how mixing completely different themes and genres and even animation styles has given Japanese animation such a varied and unpredictable pallet.


Our main character is a zany 13 year old orphan girl called Marin who lives in a small town and usually just goes about her day with her head in the clouds delivering newspapers. Suddenly and without warning Marin starts being chased out of nowhere by mechanical monsters. This incident leads her to come across a tiny capsule like bottle ...
Oct 9, 2012
Shaman King (Anime) add
Although 4kids are infamous for the creative butchering of their licenced anime titles I’ve always known one day I would tackle the Sharman King series as I had just seen so much of it on and off on local TV throughout the years.

So to no great surprise to anybody the English dub 4KIDS version was as blundered as I expected it to be… I felt it was only proper for me to go and watch some of the original uncut Japanese episodes to make a fair assessment of the series in its intended form

So now, finally having watched both versions (for the most part) the ...
Sep 12, 2012
Hokuto no Ken (Anime) add
People who usually claim to have seen FOTNS for the most part are actually referring to the 1986 feature length animated movie of the same name and not this particular 109 episode TV series……..and when they become aware of this long running TV version of that movie people may very well assume this series just to be a dragged out gore fest version of the movie.

They may think to themselves how could you make that 109 episodes!?!

Well I’m here to tell you that…yeah….there is a little bit of truth in that line of thinking HOWEVER that movie only scratches the surface of the underlying story ...
Sep 11, 2012
Mixed Feelings
This short series was actually adapted from the Mayonaka no Tantei Night Walker PC game developed by company Tomboy and Arieroof…..yeah, I have never heard of those company’s either lol


Animated by Studio AIC in 1998, I have to say it's not bad for the time it was made and even now in 2012 its passable….nothing special.

The Demons and few battle scenes are pretty average and the same goes for the opening and closing sequences. Character designs have a bit of that clamp-ish girly style…….which should be expected somewhat for this sort of vampire series.


Speaking about the english dubbed version the strongest point for ...
Aug 30, 2012
Toradora! (Anime) add
Hmmm…let’s see….what do we have here, yet another anime romance / drama set in a high school setting…wow…this is sooo original (yawn)…well let’s watch a couple of episodes and see how crappy and un-original this is gonna be… all the rest of em..

After watching entire series...........

Damn….that was actually done really really well…..can’t believe I almost skipped this title..nice


Toradora's story is a somewhat interesting romantic twist that revolves around two classmates Ryūji Takasu & Taiga Aisaka who are both (for different reasons) perceived as school delinquent’s.

After their initial and somewhat violent introduction the two soon find out that each of them have something very peculiar in ...
Aug 24, 2012
I absolutely love the Mind Game movie so when i heard this series was also done by Masaaki Yuasa i was extremely excited to check this out...all-in-all it was quite enjoyable


The overall plot is pretty straightforward in hindsight but starts out somewhat confusing

Each episode canters around our main character Watashi, a university student who is always agonising about how he has wasted the last couple years of his college life on his already chosen club activity.

Looking back on his entrance to university, Watashi declares he could have achieved the rosey coloured college experience full of love, happiness and pure fulfilment that many other people seem ...
Aug 15, 2012
Dennou Coil (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
This is one of the most acclaimed anime series released in the last decade and I’ve been looking forward to watching it for a LONG time so let’s dive right in and see how it holds up


Set in the year 2026, Dennou Coil focuses on a group of young children who use a massively popular new type of technology “computer glasses” that mixes the many technologies but manly the internet with augmented reality to create an intriguing and efficient new way of life.

Seemingly playful at first, the series delves into the various and more serious aspects of the “viewing glasses technology” which leads to ...