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Days: 336.3
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Mairimashita! Iruma-kun 3rd Season
Mairimashita! Iruma-kun 3rd Season
May 16, 4:09 PM
Completed 21/21 · Scored -
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd Season Part 2
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd Season Part 2
Apr 16, 12:45 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored -
Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! 2nd Season
Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! 2nd Season
Apr 6, 6:43 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored -
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Days: 72.0
Mean Score: 8.26
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  • Chapters12,905
  • Volumes813
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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
Feb 9, 2020 6:47 AM
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Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?
Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?
Sep 22, 2019 5:30 PM
Reading -/98 · Scored -
Jul 17, 2019 5:39 PM
Reading 115/? · Scored -

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KiraoftheWind Dec 19, 2022 1:18 PM
Divine! Heya, friend. Yeah, I just turned in my second book to my editor. We plan to publish it in August. I am working on a third book now. I absolutely love it!!

I played Disco Elysium recently which honestly may have changed me as a person. It was a very deep experience. Still thinking about it, weeks later, LOL.

I keep forgetting there's a new Star Ocean! How is it?
KiraoftheWind Sep 8, 2022 3:08 AM
I got a Steam Deck a few weeks ago and have somewhat been playing Bannerlord. It was fun for a while, but then it suddenly dawned on me that there's actually less to do in it compared to Warband and that made me sad, so I quit playing, lol. I know you weren't much of a PC/Steam gamer, but for me, it's just the easiest thing in my life right now. I don't have a great set-up for playing console games atm. I play Switch games a lot, but do so through the portable part, not on the TV.

Anime-wise, I have a friend (a fellow author in my publishing house) who I watch anime with every week and that has been a fun schedule for us both. We finished Overlord and Kimetsu no Yaiba recently. We're going through Made in Abyss now, which I watched back when it aired, but I wanted her to see it (and I wanted to watch season 2). I finally hit the 100 days of anime mark here on this site, lmao. I remember years ago seeing I was close and thinking I would hit it soon, but then I fell off the anime-watching train. I feel like I was hovering around 95 days for three years. xD
KiraoftheWind May 29, 2022 4:57 AM
What's new, Divine? I published my book since the last time we spoke and I'm close to finishing the second one now. But when I'm not writing, I feel like I have some kind of ADHD or something. It's really hard for me to focus on things lately. I've barely read at all in the last few years.

You been playing anything since we last talked about SMTV? I have just been playing random Steam games.
KiraoftheWind Feb 5, 2022 9:44 PM
I completely forgot SMT V! Wow, shows how out of the video game scene I've been, lol. How was it?

Man, that sounds like a crazy situation you got yourself in! Probably for the best that you both got cold feet if you both rushed into it. Marriage contracts can be such a pain in the ass. Personally, I don't think I ever want to deal with it. I've been with my bf for... I'm not even sure how long now. 13 years? I guess we're common-law married now, if that applies, though I won't ever sign paperwork unless I get some substantial benefit for it.

I guess my stance on things is, if it makes you enough money that you can live comfortably and enjoy yourself, it's worth it. I don't care to make a ton of money. I'm just happy that I have time to write my books and do some other fun things on the side. :)
KiraoftheWind Jan 16, 2022 10:53 AM
I still play video games on occasion, when the mood strikes me, lol. I have been playing Rune Factory 4 and Academagia recently.

Most of my anime watching these day is when I watch with a friend over Discord. We've been watching Bungo Stray Dogs, and just finished season 2. Chuuya is mai husbando. :3

My book comes out on April 8th. I'll let you know when it's available. :)

I got a booster shot on Friday and it knocked me the fuck out for a solid day and a half, lol. I'm only just now recovering from that.
KiraoftheWind Jan 9, 2022 11:48 PM
It's the same for me, man. Last time we spoke, I had just gotten my job, so my life since then has just been a lot of work, and my free time has been spent on my novels. My first book comes out in April. I do still play video games, but again, not as much as I used to. Mostly just Switch and PC games these days since I am rarely in the same room as the TV. I've got excited for Rune Factory 5 to come out and so I've been playing RF4 instead lol. I also got really nostalgic for a text-based game I played a long-ass time ago called Academagia. Installed that last night, realized I forgot how to play, and now I'm looking at guides for it, lol. How about you? What have you been doing these last few years?
KiraoftheWind Dec 30, 2021 9:29 AM
Oh shit! :O Hello Divinity! It's been so long! How are you doing, my friend? I don't watch much anime these days, mostly because I don't have the time for it anymore. I watch every week with a friend of mine, but it's slow going due to not having much time each Saturday. I'm about to become a published author so most of my time is spent on writing my books, but I also have a full time job at a blood bank. Life is just tiring as hell right now.

I basically avoided most of the Covid stuff since I work at night, alone, so I don't really need to worry about masks or random people breathing on me, lol. And I was already very much an introvert who never left the house xD I get all my groceries put straight into my car now, so I rarely go into the store itself, either.
Ezekiel_01 Feb 2, 2021 5:34 PM
Yeah, I play it. Wanna join me?
Ezekiel_01 Feb 2, 2021 7:48 AM
Heard of Epic Seven?
Ezekiel_01 Jan 24, 2021 2:57 AM
Do you play mobile games?
Ezekiel_01 Jul 5, 2020 3:51 AM
Weird on that 1000 anime you don't have a single favorite. Just Asking because usually, people 1000 anime completed somehow have 1 favorite anime. Or you are those like me who like 100 favorite anime but my is too small for that?
Ezekiel_01 May 27, 2020 5:50 AM
Such a big list. How long have you been watching anime?
Ezekiel_01 May 26, 2020 3:39 AM
Hello There! Random Alien Visiting your Profile.

OnlyMyRailgun Nov 18, 2019 8:17 AM
Yeah I don't update as much tbh , it just kind of felt like one massive chore and I don't have malu anymore. Should think about getting it again.

Mostly the same though, working my usual shift, get home watch anime or play some games or join Monster Hunter with Kam and Dim. Occasional hang out with friends with friends but again that's Switch fun or playing games like Detroit/Men of Medan. Story of my life. Haha.
OnlyMyRailgun Nov 11, 2019 11:09 AM
Thanks man. Sorry for lateness, I don't come on as much as I periodically update my list these days.

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