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Jan 12, 2014
MD Geist Deathforce is absolutely awesome.

It follows on from MD Geist.

It is very unusual, dark, and nihalistic.
Nothing is what it seems.

It is the opposite of most anime and most stories.

The lead is MD Geist, a man who like killing and nothing else.

And the opponents are MD Krauser and his army, who run a moving citadel and helps people.
Not for altruistic reasons all the time. But people are helped.

And you want MD Geist and Eagle to win.

After the events of MD Geist, the Deathforce have overun the planet.
And they eat the people to make more of them.

It's a bit more gorey. Especially when the read more
Nov 2, 2013
GaoGaiGar FINAL is awesome. But not as awesome as the original series.

It's a bit less awesome.

It comes down to, it lacks some of the charm of GGG.

GGG is a universal, but child safe show.
GGG F got to be more adult, but it lost some of the charm of the original.
The more adult things don't work in it's favour.
Being a childs show forced GGG into focusing on the writing. It could'nt be lazy.
GGG F got lazy. Fanservice, bigger breasts, more nudity. It does'nt help it.

The villains are not as good.

3 of the first villains of GGG were neutrel and innocent things.
A motorbike ballerina, a read more
Oct 29, 2013
This anime is ok.
It also is a definition of 'crap got wierd'.
One of the weirdest animes I ever saw.

I saw the english dub.
The english dub is good. Casshans voice is very good.

The story is all over the place. It does't explain some things well. Or at all.
A lot of the time, you sit there going, WTH?!
Some of it is cheesey.
The end is not explained well.

It takes a turn into mad science with how Casshan becomes a cyborg.
Seriously, there is a machine that looks like the teleporter from The Fly!

Luna is one of the worst dressed characters in anything!
She looks like a freaking clown. Or read more
Oct 12, 2013
It's okay. It's not got a particularly good story. But it's ok.
There's far better anime out there, but there's much, much, worse, also.

The way John Stalker transforms is good and unusal. The cyber demon form, good.

The art and animation is good quality.

It ends well.

The detective has epic facial hair.

Watch it for some light viewing.
Sep 27, 2013
Monsuno is absolutely awesome! It's one of my most favourite animes ever.

It's a straightforward, well written, anime.

It's actually more like older anime and western cartoons in a way.
In that the villains have real threat and there is real danger. Like on the levels of 80s cartoons.

The villains have real threat to them. If they say they will do something, they do it and mean it. They do horrible things.

The leads are awesome, all well written and very straightforward.
They are all brave and clever, and well rounded.
They are relatable.

Bren is especially relatable. He's not the bravest or strongest or smartest, but he does his best. read more
Sep 27, 2013
A very awesome anime!

It's very straightforward and has a simple story. But is well written.
It's very metal. Always good. A fun film.

It's very manly and straight to the point.

The male leads are awesome and extremely badass.
The girls awesome.

If they made a anime series after this, starring those leads, I'd watch it!

Awesome robot! Kaiser is pure awesome! Wingle is also awesome.
The robot designs are all good.
Good female robot designs.

It's so metal, the island is like a mix of all things metal.

With a toga clad lady group, road warrior group and a samurai warrior group.
And they are all equally strong and capable.

Despite read more
Sep 18, 2013
GaoGaiGar is absolutely awesome!

It is one the best animes ever. It has one of the best intros ever.
It's got a unique style and designs. And it's really fun and well written.
It does things other animes don't. It is always surprising.

It makes you feel happy watching it. And you always care about the characters.

They are all straightforward, enthusiastic, characters. They all do what they are meant to. And if it's a happy thing, they look happy to do it.

Cyborg Guy/Guy Shishio is very enthusiastic, brave and heroic. He is a handsome, likable, lead. Willing to fight to the death to protect people.

The female and male characters read more
Sep 18, 2013
MD Geist is awesome! It's a unique film.

MD Geist is a very unusal lead. He is one of my most favourite characters ever in anime.

MD Geist has a fairly simple, straightforward, story, and works well because of it.
There is no need to be overcomplex, when you can have a badass lead and well written, but straightforward, characters.
It's nihalistic, dark, and straightforward.

MD Geist is the complete opposite of wussy boy anime males. The total and utter opposite. Handsome, powerful, and masculine.
He does nothing you might expect, including when it comes to the female lead.
He likes killing, and nothing diverts him from it.
You'll never think read more