Sep 18, 2013
Dhraiauvessillus (All reviews)
MD Geist is awesome! It's a unique film.

MD Geist is a very unusal lead. He is one of my most favourite characters ever in anime.

MD Geist has a fairly simple, straightforward, story, and works well because of it.
There is no need to be overcomplex, when you can have a badass lead and well written, but straightforward, characters.
It's nihalistic, dark, and straightforward.

MD Geist is the complete opposite of wussy boy anime males. The total and utter opposite. Handsome, powerful, and masculine.
He does nothing you might expect, including when it comes to the female lead.
He likes killing, and nothing diverts him from it.
You'll never think of combat knives in the same way again, once you watch it.

Nothing is what it seems.
The female lead, Vaiya, is not what she seems.

Even the 3 bandits she works with are unusual. At one point they display uncommon good sense. You think they're going to be meatshield fodder. and they do the exact opposite.

The twist at the end is surprising, and good.

The music absolutely awesome! I love the music. It's some of the best music in any anime, ever.

You should definately watch this anime. It's awesome!