Sep 27, 2013
Dhraiauvessillus (All reviews)
Monsuno is absolutely awesome! It's one of my most favourite animes ever.

It's a straightforward, well written, anime.

It's actually more like older anime and western cartoons in a way.
In that the villains have real threat and there is real danger. Like on the levels of 80s cartoons.

The villains have real threat to them. If they say they will do something, they do it and mean it. They do horrible things.

The leads are awesome, all well written and very straightforward.
They are all brave and clever, and well rounded.
They are relatable.

Bren is especially relatable. He's not the bravest or strongest or smartest, but he does his best.

Jinja is one of the best females ever! She is one of my most favourite characters ever. She is a total badass and awesome. She wins some fights by her martial prowess, not monsuno.
She a straightforward, strong, character.

Chase is a awesome leader, and he is badass and brave. Very enthusiastic and willing to go into dangerous situations, to the point he's reckless. But not too reckless.

Dax is awesome and not what he seems at first.

Beyal is very sweet, and can fight well. Beyals adorable. He's one of my most favourite characters ever.

Jon Ace is one of the best characters ever! He is one of my most favourite characters ever. He's pure awesome. He's a hardcore, understated, soldier, whos extremely strong and tough.
He looks awesome and handsome too.

The villains are awesome. Some of the best villains ever.
They vary from ruthless and awesome, to various kinds of crazy.
So, like all good villains, you end up cheering for them sometimes.

Commandant Marshall Charlemagne is pure awesome. One of the best female characters ever! One of my most favourite characters ever.

The combat is realistic, and the monsuno use the area to fight.
They collapse buildings, throw enemies into them, etc.

The toys and anime tie in excellantly. Sometimes it can jar, like with the atrocious Bakugan, but the combat and monsuno cores, etc, in the anime and the toys are very close or identical.

The monsuno are awesome and unique. They are made from diferent animals, elements, etc.
A unique thing is, they all look like the faction that made them. They have the faction colours. And their core is faction coloured.

The story is awesome. It has many, many, surprises. And it can go dark.
What happens to Jon Ace at one point is surprising and sad.

The monsuno themselves have a unusual and sad secret. There's a very surprising and sad twist as to the monsuno essence.

The art style, designs, and animation, is excellant and looks good.
They all have realistic shapes. Like wide and realistic looking hips, and tall and broad figures.

The characters all look and sound like the age they are. The leads look like older teenagers. They look like they could travel and do the things they do.

If a childs a child, it looks and sounds like a child. If it's a teenager, it looks and sounds like a teenager. If a persons a adult, they look and sound like adult.

The english voice actors are all awesome. There are regional accents and diferent races.

The clothes are good and always age appropriate.
They wear practical clothes, with flat or low heels. If they have high heels, they can walk on them.

The children dress like children, which is very good.
And team coretech, and other teenagers, wear clothes befitting a older teenager, that cover up everything that should be covered up or cover them completely.

Most of the characters are very covered up. Apart from one, who would dress like that anyway, so it does'nt jar. And it's still practical clothes.

The clothes also work in most weather. But sometimes they change them, and wear diferent things.

The world is futuristic and well done.
With lots of diferent places.

One faction, S.T.O.R.M, is in control, and they have awesome vehicles and massive militery bases about.

It has some awesome vehicles. Ranging from high tech trains, S.T.O.R.Ms many militery vehicles, to huge ships.

Jeredys train is especially awesome.

The theme tunes are absolutely awesome. Some of the best ever.
The theme tunes for series 1, Monsuno World Master, are pure awesome. It is by the group, Far East Movement. And it will make you want to watch the anime and listen to the themetunes, again and again.
Monsuno Combat Chaos' theme tunes,are nowere near as good, but are still awesome.

You should definately watch this anime. :)