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Aug 24, 2018
Mixed Feelings
*Note: This review is prior to watching the "prequel" OVA series Submarine 707R that aired 6 years after this OVA. This may or may not be subject to updating after watching the 707R OVA series.*

Successful anime are often contingent on a variety of factors, notably how well it is adapted from the original source, the quality of the storytelling, the art, relatable characters, and in some cases the popularity of the manga beforehand. When it comes time to adapt an anime, studios will either approve a full-blown series, a short series (generally OVA/ONA format), or a one-shot (a film or pilot episode depending on the ...
Mar 18, 2018
*Note: This song is actually the ending theme for the series. Ignore this note if it has been changed on the MAL synopsis for the page.


Finally, the legend himself has made yet another appearance in the realm of anime. Marty friggin' Friedman, one of the instrumental forces behind Dave Mustaine's Megadeth as well as notably Cacophany and a solo career. The man, now a native of Japan since 2003, is also known for multiple collaborations with Japanese bands of multiple genres and covers of anime songs notably with the band Animetal USA with their DBZ and NGE theme's respectively.

As for the other two if ...
Mar 7, 2018
Mixed Feelings
*Note: As of this time I have not seen the 12 ep series that was produced 2 years after this OVA and this review will be strictly in regards to the OVA*

To give the viewer context for what they will watch, this OVA was a special bundle release with the Play Station 2 release of the video game series by Nitroplus that bears the same name. Both of these were based off of a 2003 eroge novel that combined Lovecraftian fictional elements with a futuristic mecha environment. Despite the interesting concept of the original source, we are left with what essentially is a 24 ...
Feb 10, 2018
Stories about the damsel in distress adventure are a hackneyed staple in the realm of storytelling across all mediums. However, whenever done correctly, will always result as a source of enjoyment for its audience. Such is the case for the film Apfelland Monogatari, a surprising gem from the early 90s period. The film does not fail to entertain the viewer, packing in an intricate plot, wonderful characters, and colorful visuals to keep one entranced by the story.

Set in an alternate early 20th century Europe at a time of nation-building and old feuds, the film manages to incorporate a realistic sense of the historic era ...
Aug 2, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Here is another wonderful work of Kenzou Masaoka. With our main protagonist Tora-chan, this 10 minute short delivers all the aspects of a children's drama.

This is one of 2-3 short films involving anthropomorphic felines in their day to day adventures, the others being Tora-chan to Hanayome and Suteneko Tora-chan. The animation for such an early set of shorts is very fluid and characteristic to the Disney shorts of the same era. The story concerns itself more with the characters' goofiness than with consistency, but being targeted towards children audiences its no surprise. The sound quality was average, however depending on which source you use it ...
Aug 1, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Tora-chan to Hanayome is one of two or three short anime involving our kitten duo that was created by Kenzou Masaoka, among one of his last works before retiring. Due to the shortness of this animation I'll be brief with my review.

The anime makes itself out to be and by all means is intended for a children's audience, hence all the characters and the story are straight forward, slightly goofy, and basic. That being said, for a 1948 anime the animation quality is very much fluid, and to many may be reminiscent of an old Disney short from the same era. The sound quality is ...