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Jan 17, 2018
So far I've read 11 chapters, I liked it, even the political side of the story, what made it interesting is that they're so clueless yet so creative, as the story progresses, I learn more about japanese culture, the samurais and the arts. The politics in the story may be boring but, I adds more depth to the story, why were they doing what they were doing.

The cover is really eye catching right? I love the gritty-ness of the art style, The art compliments the gore, however, it takes time to memorize the characters.

Character development...don't know yet, but the mc is a short guy with read more
Aug 2, 2016
This anime caught my eye because I want to be a DJ, but as soon as I saw how much a table costs, my soul left my body. Anyway, I truly love music whether it's rap or EDM, I go to any kind of music festival/event.

I came across this anime when I got busy and wanted to watch short episodes, I'm so glad I did.
Watching anime or cartoons gave the experience to give ugly art a chance, I guess casual watchers always want something good on the eyes *throws shade at popular plot-less anime*.

It's pace changes per episode, but the only thing missing is what read more
Mar 4, 2016
Overall: Decent

Story is pretty much what you expect, something you could see in just a few pages
Character is also cliche, nerdy girl thinks of a laid back guy as a gangster.
Girl like guy who likes a girl who is liked by another guy who asks for MC's help to separate them.
Art was simple but messy, I felt like I could draw this myself in class.

I had high expectations from the comments on the front page before I read this manga, anyway, I dropped it because the panel arrangements are impossible to read, felt like going through a maze with my eyes, so, sorry wouldn't recommend read more
Feb 19, 2016
Kuroki just graduated from highschool, and his parents confessed that he's adopted, upon learning his biological parents' death, Kuroki discovers it might not be an accident, but a planned murder.
Seeking answers, he applies to the company his father used to work at...

Chapters are too damn short, but I like the pace and development, by chapter 50, it gets better, I wonder how long this manga will go on.
It's clean and detailed, no complaints here.
Dense at first, but gets badass when the thing happened.

there's a little romance and sex scenes, enjoying it but would recommend reading it in the future when it's done.

UPDATE: Now that it's read more
Feb 17, 2016
Tetsuo Sugihara befriended the new transferee Kaede Shiraishi and promised to always stay together, she moved away on middle school but reunited in highschool, Tetsuo has an older brother named Shinya who is better at everything and super popular, one day Tetsuo decided to listen to noise from his brother's room, at finds out, his brother was with his crush and childhood friend Kaede! Crushed and devastated, Tetsuo moves to Tokyo to work as a host, that's where the story truly begins...

The first few chapter really enraged me, but I kept reading since I was bored, alas, after 6 chapters I actually found myself enjoying read more
Feb 5, 2016
A group of people wakes up and finds themselves trapped in school, very original,
I haven't finished reading all of it since it hasn't been translated, so my opinion might change,

The story is pretty good, twists and all that, the pace of it is nice, but it's getting old, if this gets more twisty on chapter 4...ugh
Art is awesome, clean and well thought
Everyone seems to have horror character personality, also, they're only like 12-13, the romance theme is a little to much, one of the character keeps punching the MC, that was over the top,
The monster was creepy, I enjoyed it very much, some of their read more
Feb 2, 2016
Most of the mangas I've read are horror or psychological, this one is around below the top 10,
now, I understand why readers hated it, most of them saying it haunts them,
I just think that readers shouldn't read this if they're not frequent to dark-themed mangas.
Everyone who've read it warned that it was cruel, but I just don't understand why this is rated lowly, It's just annoying that this happens in real life, and some comments sounded like they still reject the idea that human trafficking exists.

-Slight spoilers ahead-
Bradherley no Basha shows the dark side of human morality, which was subtly hinted on the summary, read more
Jan 21, 2016
Hiki (Manga) add (All reviews)
One day, two best friends finds a piece of paper hidden inside his drawers, it was a map drawn by children so they figure they must've drawn it when they were younger, so they proceeded to follow the map because there was an X marked in the middle of the woods, arriving at the opening of the woods, they meet two other friends and entered the forest even though it was barricaded and a sign was posted warning people not to enter, then there's a wooden drawer in the spot where the X was marked...

anyway, it's in the summary, I think this was inspired by read more
Nov 14, 2015
My score is pretty high bec:
although I haven't finished it yet, I read it months ago, and sometimes I randomly remember it and laugh by myself, the story is pretty much the summary, the art is horrible but that's what makes it funny, MC is just an ordinary guy, I definitely recommend this :)

discovered this because the author made Aku no Hana,
the tone of the manga is serious but the series of events happening just makes you giggle,
I think the translators dropped this so, I'm putting this on-hold, and I'll be coming back to rate it again