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Jun 20, 2023
Just gonna start off with this is the most healing show I have ever watched.

I've seen over a 1000 anime at this point and I've watched a lot of wholesome series that are really cute, but it wasnt until I watched this that I truely understood what people meant by healing shows. This series is the most wholesome and adorable series I've ever seen and each episode was a precious gift. And this only gets better with each episode. I wouldnt let the synopsis put you off as the whole murder thinking thing doesnt last long at all and is only a part of ...
May 24, 2023
Preliminary (12/? chp)
Just gonna start of with the yuri is very strong in this one.

This is the first R18 yuri series I've read (And first yuri Light Novel) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I finally understand what my friend means when he says R18 scenes in visual novels are good for the story. The R18 scenes I genuinely just enjoyed for how cute they were and how much it showed the main two cared for each other.

Marika and Aya are such a cute pair to watch. I came to the LN from the manga and I'm glad I read this as the manga only goes through ...
Dec 12, 2021
Well, I can safely say this series tricked me a good 3+ times throughout its runtime.

Great Pretender reminds me a lot of my favourite anime School Live in the way it tricks you over and over again and I love it. Its not often I watch an anime that genuinely does plot twists well and its very fitting for a series called "Great Pretender" which is all about tricking and scamming people.

Love the characters in this series. Its nice because throughout the series each arc lets you go into one of the main cast and their backstories and what they've been through. Edamura and ...
Dec 8, 2021
Ok right off the bat I'm just gonna say, you need to watch this series if you like crime thriller anime.

I just came off watching Death Note which is similar to this however this takes it in a different direction with having Moriarty (The villain to Sherlock) and making him like a Robin Hood-style anti-villain that does evil things for a good cause but keeping the rival dynamic that L and Light had. The major difference would be I feel this series was a lot more fun at times compared to Death Note. In Death Note, it's very dark and serious whereas Moriarty The ...
Apr 4, 2021
Just gonna start off and say I absolutely love this series.

It's your typical girl who gets reincarnated to redo her life and change her fate. It's a bit more interesting in this case though as she gets reincarnated to the present day then reincarnated back into her original life. However, the fantasy setting in this is pretty unique as they've merged modern-day stuff into the medieval fantasy era. Like they have surgical equipment and trains but still, use swords and magic. Its a pretty refreshing setting if you're tired of the usual stuff.

As for the romance, it takes a bit to get going but ...
Feb 14, 2021
Black Rock Shooter is a very interesting anime.

Honestly, I first watched this anime back in 2015, and damn I didn't understand a thing but the action was cool. Definitely, the thing that most people will recognize about BRS is the action scenes and amazing character designs. The story is very emotion/psychological focused which I couldn't fully appreciate on my first viewing as this was one of my early anime but after re-watching this I can definitely say it's an interesting series.

The characters are great. Obviously, at times the reactions and character actions were amplified to make the drama more dramatic but it worked well to ...
Jan 1, 2021
Munou na Nana (Anime) add
Talentless Nana was an unexpected gift of last anime season.

Honestly going into Talentless Nana I was immedietly interested by the premise of the MC being the essential villain of the series. Watching Nana go around murdering all these kids was entertainig as hell lol. Nana is just that kind of character that is too cool to hate. (At least for me anyway) By far Nana is the most interesting character Ive seen in anime for a long time and her development in this series especially towards the end is AMAZING!!! I love Nana so much, she's so interesting. I love seeing Nana's evil expressions as ...
Oct 11, 2020
Just came off finishing this series and DAMN IT WAS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly this series was such a unique experience to watch and I loved it from start to finish. The series starts off episodic with the MCs solving individual crimes to help smooth us into the story then it gets to the main plotline later on. The immediate appeal is Daisuke and the whole theme of Balance Unlimited. I never get sick of seeing him throw around money to solve his problems with that smug smile that makes it hard to hate the guy.

Matter of fact Daisuke is now one of my top 3 favourite ...
May 11, 2020
Fragtime (Anime) add
Well, this was really interesting. It was a lot deeper than I thought it would be covering the topics it does of solitude and facing yourself without hiding behind a mask. It's really interesting though. Normally these types of thought-provoking anime just go over my head but I could understand this one.

Now, Im really glad this anime didn't get dark or super dramary since most things involving time magic/powers generally go in a bad direction.

The beginning of the movie was a bit quick and events seem to all happen in a short period but overall it was good. If this movie had a little ...
Apr 7, 2020
DAMMIT ITS OVER!!!!!!! Such a beautiful series has ended this day. *tear* You were like a brother to me!

Ishuzoku Reviewers was honestly one of the best comedies I've ever watched. Its the first ecchi anime I've genuinely enjoyed for its sex jokes and the ecchi isn't unnatural like literally every ecchi anime ever where they forcefully add it to normal circumstances. No, here its a part of the world and culture making it perfect. A lot of the problem with anime that relies on sex jokes for their comedy is they just keep reusing the most generic and average jokes that anyone tells which ...

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