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Oct 30, 2019
Ok just got back from finishing the game and decided to re-watch the anime after years from last seeing it and OH GOD!

I actually thought this anime was really good when I originally saw it. Where did I go wrong. It literally took some plot points and pretty much every bad end in the game and shoved them together hoping for a good result.

Seiko and Naomi who were my favourite characters were absolutely betrayed in this anime adaptation and all of their diologue and good moments were ruined with the super rushed nature of the anime. They even outright changed some of the scenes so read more
Oct 20, 2019
Carol & Tuesday is the new precedent when looking at music anime.

Honestly went into Carol & Tuesday randomly and I'm so glad I decided to pick it up. The story of underdog singers climbing up through the industry is really well done. The bond between Carol & Tuesday is great to experience and seeing them work together to create absolutely beautiful songs is sooo good. The series story gets surprisingly serious for a series about girls making songs but they manage to make it both serious and fun when need be and it doesn't ruin the experience but raises the stakes and it kept me read more
Oct 11, 2019
Is the Order a Rabbit is back and as wholesome and lovable as ever!

This OVA focuses on Chino and her role of doing a solo song and Oh my god is it done beautifully. Its so wholesome to the point of bring tears and the entire cast of lovable waifus are back.

We get to see the absolutely beautiful sister relationship with Cocoa and Chino again which I oh so missed. Every interaction between these two is adorable and makes me want more. The rest of the cast are the same as ever and its just as great as before.

We are really being spoiled with this read more
Sep 28, 2019

Senki Zesshou Symphogear the final season, XV. If I had to describe this season in one word it would be disappointing.

I came into the 5th and final season of XV very excited as the advertisement and teasers made it seem like it would be this amazing new season that broke the norm for Symphogear and deliver an epically told story. With Miku also having an obvious focus in this season I was really excited because she's been neglected since season 2. However all my hopes we're quickly and utterly crushed. The HibiMiku we were promised and the HibiMiku read more
Sep 19, 2019
Dumbbell is one of the best comedies I've ever watched in anime with a perfect mix of teaching and laughing.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? is the only anime to date to actually motivate me to do the thing they were advertising, in this case exercising. I haven't exercised in over 4 years and when I saw the first episode to this anime I immediately went out for a jog which I now do on a weekly basis thanks to this anime. It has such a powerful way of making exercise fun and enjoyable and the anime perfectly teaches you so many ways to exercise in its read more
Sep 2, 2019

The amazing Youjo Senki series is finally back with our lovely Tanya Degurechaff being calculating and evil as ever. If you thought the series was epic and bombastic then the movie doubles that easily. The action, explosions and emotions are tripled, giving an amazing experience of war and destruction.

I find it really interesting how many of the battles of Youjo Senki have clear similarities to real life battles that occurred in world war 2. I'm really happy Youjo Senki has this setting as so little anime actually explore war and the world war so getting a sequel to the series is a read more
Aug 18, 2019
This manga is one of the best yuri manga I've ever read.

I absolutely love the story that revolves around a young cute girl being taken in and loved by an older woman. I love healing stories like this where the main girl has had a rough past but opens up.

Both of the main characters in this manga are so adorable and their every interaction is a yuri fans dream. Mel is so fluffy and cute that you cant not fall in love with her the second you see her along with her adorable smile that constantly has me praising how cute she is. The read more
Aug 7, 2019
Absolutely loved it!

This is probably my favorite Fate series out of the entire franchise since Fate/Zero. Fate/Apocrypha has parts of all the best Fate series and combines them. The epic action from Fate/Zero, the nice character bonds from Fate/Kalied and the amazing art that you see from many of the series.

I love the way this series is personally for me an absolute improvement from the rest of them. Instead of giving us the same old Fate battle royal that we always see and have had to death instead we get to see battles that never would have happened in the other series such as large read more
Jun 26, 2019
The Rising of the Shield Hero is a pretty good Isekai that gives an interesting premise to the genre.

If you're not a fan of isekai anime this might interest you as it has a slightly different concept but I doubt this will change your mind on the genre.

The concept and story of shield hero is really interesting with the four hero's being summoned and Naofumi being framed which gives him a very pessimistic and angry which is why I found Naofumi really interesting during the first half of the series. Sadly as the series goes on my biggest complaint with Shield Hero is that it read more
Jun 23, 2019
Hitoribocchi is the newest level of wholesome and adorable that I never knew existed.

The whole concept of a shy girl who over reacts to everything in itself is a great premise and its beautiful here. The series has my kind of comedy in which it gives a lot of quick reactions like "huh" and "Eh" with a pause which I find hilarious especially in Bocchi's case where she freezes because something makes her happy as she passes out.

The characters are funny as hell especially Bocchi who's always giving priceless reactions to every moment someone even slightly acknowledges her with one of the best being her read more