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Wenexe Jul 19, 2021 11:33 AM
Back from the dead
WishIhadaName Oct 16, 2017 8:24 PM
Hey there : )
You profile pic got my attention so I came here to ask who exactly is the character in the image ( if you don't mind )
Kurt_Irving Feb 10, 2015 9:34 PM
Hello, so how long have you been into HxH? I do want to watch it, but I got other shounen on hold.
Sanguis Aug 1, 2014 9:54 AM
Happy birthday! I got you a card.
Sanguis Jun 18, 2014 4:31 PM
I know the feel all too well man. Sorry for the late reply, but I had final exams to study for. Busting my ass for these dumb tests and you know what happens? All the final exams got cancelled this year. I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

They probably said something because they are afraid. Afraid of your destructive nature. You could break metal while looking at it? Who knows what you could do with human flesh and bone! You must take this chance now before you lose it, take their fear and become their overlord.

>Cave Story is about robots
I'm sold. Dude, if you must know anything about me, you must know that whenever robots are involved I shall not be far behind. Because robots are life, robots are the reason I keep living in this world. Ahem, I just really like robots. I'll get Suikoden Tierkreis for free because I am the scum of the earth and I use emulators whoops. Duly noted about Suikoden 4, but quite frankly I am drowning in video games right now. There's just too many of them and I keep adding more and more games on my list to play. This kills a man.

The beginning of Bravely Default was a little... iffy if anything. I mean you meet Tiz and why, he's just a happy farmer in a happy village with his happy brother and then DOOM AND DESTRUCTION SHALL REIGN ON YOUR VILLAGE and then poof his whole village and brother is dead. This isn't even a spoiler this happens in the first 10 goddamn minutes of the game. I'm sorry but it was hilarious.
I'll get back on Tales of Innocence... sooner or later. It's just I have to do a lot of grinding apparently, and I simply don't feel like it. I mean, I don't remember being that case for Tales of the Abyss? I played it on the 3DS and finished it without half the trouble I had with Tales of Innocence. Ay, I know what you mean Persona 3: FES is.... special. And the Answer is just Grinding: The Video Game, if they didn't have glorious character development for Aigis I would have rage quit too. Ah, the matador... Don't worry friend your I understand your pain and suffering all too well.

>. I actually accidentally killed the thief with the lolipop because I didn't know how to recruit him.
You know what, that's exactly what happened to me too. Did the tutorial never tell us how to recruit new soldiers? Sure doesn't help when it's your first FE game too. Dude, Awakening was my first 3DS game, I finished it months and months ago haha. I'd like new FE characters for smash bros but it's Ike and Marth again. I've nothing against of course but I feel like replacing those two with Lucina and Ike would make more sense considering those Ike and Marth are outdated protagonists if anything. Thanks to Awakening I've played Shadow Dragon, Heroes of Light and Shadow, Sword of Seals and The Sacred Stones. I guess I can be considered a Fire Emblem fan now, eh?
Please, the only time my family ever shows any dedication to anything is when video games are involved. Do not underestimate the power video games have on us.
August 29'th, I was hoping it'd come this summer but at least it's something! Totally cannot wait, this is gonna be the best thing ever.
I actually don't mind how the localization of AA goes. Personally I like to imagine AA being set in an alternate universe and I like how the localization team changes things up a bit to make things more understandable for a Western audience. It makes sense. That being said, I've no idea what to think about the AA6 though. I just wish localization was something like that for Persona 4. I mean the game can stay set in Japan but good god, whenever I try to cook something in that game it tells me to cook stuff like "daigoku-imo" and asks me what the do. How the in the hell am I supposed to know? I get it's set in Japan but at least try to make things more understandable for me, I'm not fucking Japanese!

Also the new Zelda Wii U looks great~!

The protagonist of Persona 5 will stumble across the bodies of the Persona 4 protagonists. Cause of death? Overexertion from working on more spinoffs than other games in the SMT franchise for over 20 goddamn years. Let it die, Atlus, let it die.

Transistor! Ahh, how I wish I could buy the game. I've played Bastion which is made by the same people, and woo boy was it a fun game. Really pretty game too, total eye candy. Can't say I can relate to your predicament with your job because I've yet to have one because I'm a broke high school student. Well I do tutor kids but it's volunteer work but they sure do work me to the bone. Your job does sound... tedious if anything, hope things go better for you if they haven't already.

I guess it's safe to say animals aren't safe in a Jojo series. I literally gasped when the dog got beheaded because killing dogs is a big no no for me. Also, when attacking your enemy involves kicking sand at a kid’s face, you know you’re watching a good battle.

Oh no. Avdol. Oh dear. My favourite character. How could you do this to me. Never more shall I listen to Avdol’s fantastic witty retorts where other characters have to tell him its his turn to try say something tough and funny. Avdol say something. Say something. Why won’t you say something Avdol? Why is there blood pouring out out of gaping wounds in your body? Why are you bleeding to death rather than saying something? You can’t leave this show. What will we do without you.

Nah you weren't boring. I was boring, maybe we both were boring. Feel free to message me whenever I'm online since it's summer vacation, I don't really have anything else to do.
Sanguis May 15, 2014 9:04 PM
This is completely random but this video is of high importance my friend.

Anyway where was I?
Ah yes, breaking metal when it falls to the flo-- Woah, wait, what? You break things when you glance at it, and managed to bend metal to its knees? Sounds like you've got the makings to be a fully fledged Marvel hero. Move over Amazing Spiderman, we've got an object destroyer. So terrifying him even looking at you will make you want to kill yourself!

Cave Story! Ugh I've been seeing that game everywhere on the web. I've no idea what its about but I know you play as a robot of some kind. And, as you should know, but robots make everything better. They make the world go round. So yeah I'm interested in Cave Story, is it good? Well I know I can definitely get Suikoden Tierkreis, but that seems to be about it. Never mind that most of the games were never really localized, but that'd be like freakin' impossible to get won't they?
Ah no Bravely Default did not go to shit, if it does I have not gotten to that part. It's on hold because I literally can't play it now. I'm letting my friend borrow my 2DS so I can borrow his PSVita. If anything Bravely Default might end up becoming my current favourite 2DS game as I have already decided I will buy its sequel. Tales of Innocence is in English, but not officially. There's a fan translation. It astounds me to no end honestly, most Fire Emblem games were translated into English by fans. Just how dedicated do you need to be to do that? I salute you, fan translators. Speaking of Tales of Innocence, it's also on hold because it's the hardest fucking game ever. You ever playing a video game and die in such a bullshit way that you need to go lie down for a few hours to recover? That's Tales of Innocence in a nutshell.
Haha, I just could never get myself into Animal Crossing. Too busy playing FE: Awakening. I'll probably end up appreciating Animal Crossing's simplicity once I run out of games to play. Also, when I gave AC to my brother, he ended up getting a village with like three cats. And he really likes cats, but his village had the same fruit as his friend, so he restarted the game but he didn't have his beloved cats. So like he tries his darnest to get rid of all the villagers to replace them with cats. He ended up getting his favourite cat, but then his friend visited and she moved to his friend's village. They're not a friends anymore. T'is the tale of woe of my brother.

I do want AA5, but more than anything I want, no, need Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright. The very idea of those two interacting gives me life.
Athena looks like a total cutie though.
Feudal California. That time when emperor George Washington invented the burger, god bless.

Persona 4 The golden anime will suck. It will because they're making it just to include Marie, everyones favorite tsundere, half-goddess scene kid mary sue. In the future, there will be a new P4 anime and it will be called Persona 4 arena ultra suplex hold the anime: the animation. You ready to see Persona 4 again, again... again??? WELL GOOD FOR YOU IT'S THE NEVERENDING STORY: PERSONA 4 EDITION. WHILE THERE ARE OTHER SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI GAMES THAT DESERVE RECOGNITION YOU CAN JUST PLAY VARIOUS SPIN OFFS OF PERSONA, A DANCING GAME TOO

Atlus must atone for their sins.
Yu Narukami must face termination. Digital Devil Saga spinoff where they fucking eat Yu Narukami. No more spinoffs for the p4 kids.

Well it's not like you're missing out on anything. Hannibal's second season has needlessly obtuse dialogue with characters speaking so un-human that they sound like horse ebooks. The secret of watching things consistently to is literally block out everything else in existence. Sit at your computer for about 13 hours a day. Go on. It'll be fun.
Ah yes I haven't been watching any anime either. Honestly I am a little bit too preoccupied with the video games. Too many video games. This can't be healthy.

There's like literally snow all year round in the really Northern parts of Canada, it's an interesting place to live in. You get paid more for simple jobs and after living there for five years the government gives you enough money to take work off for an entire year.
Birdemic was definitely about global warming. You had tree huggers and some guy who protected a bridge that said the swine flu virus was because of global warming. The sequel, Birdemic 2: Resurrection was an entirely.... different matter....
Dio getting flustered and angry while JoJo hugs him into his broad, mighty chest. Moe.jpg.
Even after getting decapitated, Dio's got eye lasers and neck tentacles! I don’t remember vampires having eye lasers before now; this secures Dio’s position as the World’s Greatest Vampire. I just hope the anime gets enough dough to animate Stone Ocean. Stone Ocean gives me life, I need to be animated in all its glory.

Rightio, I'mma add you!
Sanguis May 9, 2014 9:05 PM
Oh yeah I totally forgot to ask you, but do you have a skype? I figured it would be more efficient it talk on there as well on MAL or whatever.
Sanguis May 9, 2014 8:53 PM
The guilt I feel at the moment is unparalleled. I think we can both agree where there's been instances where we felt we the quite possible the worst conversational partner EVER! This is ridiculous, but I can sympathize with your computer predicament. Computers are strange things that shouldn't be trifled with. I should know because I've gotten the blue screen of death more times than I'd like to admit. I am not good with technology. Speaking of technical failures I once managed to blow up my microwave.

In terms of gaming, I've finished SMT4, Fire Emblem Awakening, Tales of the Abyss, Soul Hackers, Bravely Default is on hold, I'm playing Tales of Innocence and I found this incredible site. Seriously look at that site. It's a godsend. I can play SNES and GBA games online, fully, and not have to download the game? What kind of angel created this site? Who are they, they must be protected at all costs. Oh yeah, I also got Animal Crossing, a game everyone likes. Turns out it's far from my type of game, so I sold it to my brother in the first week I bought it. My regrets are nigh. My friend is letting me borrow her DS, which has all the Ace Attorney games, Ghost Trick, 999 and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon on it. It's going to be a busy summer.... Ace Attorney I will be a blast since it's basically about lawyers doing interpretative dances for their client or least seeing who can shout the most. Might end up buying AA5 for myself.
Oh yeah, seen Ace Attorney 6 yet? Also, Professor Layon versus Ace Attorney is going to be goddamn game of the year, you hear me!
And on a slightly unrelated note Persona 4 is getting a new anime. I can't really remember if you know about the Persona franchise?? Buuuut like I have this hilarious (I'd like to think it's funny because I'm, of course, hilarious) rant about it because Persona 4 has had like 54967354975 spin offs but I guess I can save that for a later time.

Suikoden is on my list of things to play now, looks a JRPG I can wrap my head around and it's for the Playstation, something I have an emulator of. The problem is that I'm literally drowning in games I want to play, so many games and so little time... But I value your opinion so I'll take your word for it!

>I also absolutely promise to watch it before the second season started, and if I don't by lets say, March, you can just spoil all of it in a comment.
So, uh, you've seen it yet? I can go off on a tangent and just write about everything, although it'll be strongly worded if anything because I'm quite torn on Hannibal's second season haha. If you're cousin's still into spooky stuff they can watch a show called Salem which recently started to air, it's about, uh, witches in Salem. Also it's an unwritten rule for horror buffs to watch American Horror Story.

Well I don't live in Northern Canada, it's Winter all year round there. (although honesty I do plan on living there one day) But at this point I'm like, "My! what a lovely Winter we're having this Spring!" because the sun barely comes out. Inb4 people start to blame global warming. Speaking of global warming, have you heard of movie called Birdemic? It's the best worst thing ever.

Alright! Let's do this reply-in-two-weeks thing! Let's! *clap* go! *clap* do! *clap* this! I'm sure we've both had our hiatuses' haha. So, how's Jojo been treating ya? It's like the best thing ever, it makes me feel like such a little kid. Who knew men with muscles the size of Eurasia could strike such fabulous poses!
Allen_ST Mar 25, 2014 7:26 AM
Hello there!. I like how you are harsh with scores, like me, particularly towards shonen. I didn't think anyone did that anymore, haha. If you are looking for something short and interesting to read, I recommend you to take a look at "Harukana Machi-E". It's short but pretty amazing. I hope you enjoy it if you do take a look and maybe later we can talk about other stuff too, you know...if you want to, lol.
IciBurn Dec 31, 2013 9:13 PM
Happy new Year DUDE!
Sanguis Oct 26, 2013 6:01 PM
Ah yes, MAL did have a problem with a hacker again (which happens, like, every year or so) so I guess that was after effects of whatever the hacker did to the site. Apparently worse has happened so...
Ah yes, the age old problem of not being able to defeat a boss and having to relive their smug looks of victory every time you had to watch their bloody entrance cutscene over and over again... Sometimes I've thrown my controller across the room and pace around the room, haha! I hear that Shin Megami Tensei IV is a whole new level of hard, as in you have to die at least three times before you can unlock the easy level, get humiliated by the NPC's who say you're not strong enough and tauntingly ask you "Would you like an easier level, master?" and waste all your money on the god of death to revive you. It's a harsh game, man. I feel as if that maybe I should be ashamed for not knowing the games you mentioned. Ah, the joys of playing zilch amount of games. #plebeian

The pampering system is like a dream come true. But now since the game has actually been released there has been an influx of screenshots of people poking their pokemon in the crotch areas and whatnot. People are amazing. Meanwhile I'm sobbing in the "I don't have a 3DS" corner.
You can also customize yourself in the game, it's like it's The Sims and Nintendogs, haha. For some reason X and Y reminds me of Animal Crossing even though I've never actually played the game. I am glad Nintendo is doing some changes, albeit some rather small ones. They always seem far too comfortable with doing one thing and not trying anything particularly different. Fairies are stronger than dragons... All I imagine is Tinker Bell beating the shit out of Smaug from The Hobbit. An... interesting site at best. Looks your cousin will need some more strategic techniques than just using dragons now, haha! Also, there's new mega evolutions! Apparently you can only use a mega evolution once in a battle and afterwards your pokemon reverts back to their original form. And Charizard has two mega evolution, one for each game whereas the mega Charizard from X is Dragon and Fire and the one from Y is Fire and Flying.... X is much better than Y... I can't quite tell why that is.
And in other news, Espurr looks like it witnessed something horrifying.

Well, he is sure to die at one point, along with the rest of the Lannisters. I'd love for it to be Ayra, because that poor girl should have none of his shit. She's turned into a real creepy child, according to Tv Tropes. Or maybe Sansa, because damn girl. You really need to get out of there. That alone gives me solace. The new seasons for Game of Thrones and Hannibal are gonna come out in early 2014. I'm exicteeeeeed~! I suppose the only thing I can thank Joffrey for is being able to let this into existence:
Hannibal is only 13 episodes, although marathon'ing the show may just give you insomnia. It was originally planned to have only 1 season, but for some reason they decided to make a second season. The show itself wasn't that popular.
I'm just so worried that Watch_Dogs will be too easy and not very rewarding like Assassin's Creed. Although if it comes down to that I guess I have something pretty to look at. It almost seems like one of those games where there'll more cutscenes than gameplay because the creators are so damn proud of themselves for making such a good looking game, haha. Apparently there's a demo you can download on the official site, maybe you can check it out?
The powers and equipment in Dishonored are not essential and don't detract from the story, but served as optional bonuses in levels that can be completed with creativity and cleverness. I guess your ultimate prize from completing was a sense of achievement, which I guess pales in comparison when you get a fancy gadget to destroy a bunch of stuff like a mad man. Bethesda says they plan on making Dishonored into a series of games, so maybe with future installments they fix that little irritation?
Getting 750 million dollars on kickstarter almost seems like an urban legend... Aw man Megaman is actually kicking the bucket? Seeing how it was such an influential series I can see how that would be such a downer. I would expect Capcom would have been a lot more appreciative of it and keep it alive, make it something of a high priority game for them... At least Magaman is in the new Super Smash Brawl, it's better than nothing, and it's certainly better than getting a sequel devoid of that intelligent writing you've (as fans) have become accustomed to from the general series itself, and having it feel almost as if they market it towards an entirely audience, right? Also, in other news I learned that the longest piece of literature in the world is A SSBB fanfic. This fanfic is a door stopping 3,548,675 words.
If you're going by single story, I think The Wheel of Time is even longer, at 4,056,130 - but that's over 13 books.
Harry potter clocks in at 1,084,170 for the whole series.
Fallout Equestria has around 600 000 words, and Project Horizons has (last time I checked) over 1.2 million words, larger than Proust's "In Search of Lost Time".
What a time to be alive.

Halloween isn't celebrated in South Africa, but it is in Canada which is where I currently reside in. I only went trick or treating once in my life time, haha. But yeah, I know what Halloween is. I'm actually participating in Shocktober, which involves me watching a horror movie from October 1'st to October 31'st. Needless to say I've discovered some... interesting Japanese horror flicks.
Fun fact: I was making a blog post which is a list of all the horror movies I've seen, with links and everything, I was almost done with it and I had over 100 movies listed but I accidentally clicked on something else and I lost all my data. To which I'm like... god fucking dammit.
The name of the game I mentioned was Where Am I. I can recommend you some other scary games. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is pretty much essential to play if you want a horror game, The House and Hotel 626 are good ones too. Other ones from the top of my head is Fran Bow, Maere: When Lights Die, Suicide Mouse, Nyctophobia, Which, Exmortis, Train, Limbo, Grimindn and Purgatorium. That should keep your cousin busy!

The Spice and Wolf translations are actually finished now, now if only I had to motivation to read all 12 volumes of it. Unfortunately, Durarara's translations are all over the damn place. But you can go here to see what has and hasn't been translated. Vamp! has a neat little directory here. Enjoy. :)

Man your cousin seems to have some interesting tastes at best. Tbh this is all you need to know about Valvrave. As much as I hate the damn thing, I've downloaded all the available episodes of it because I promised a friend I'd watch it with them on Livestream. And by god I'm gonna keep my damn promise!
I could probably write a 5 paragraph essay on why Seiji Kishi is a shit director and how he ruins everything he touches but eh... Your cousin is entitled to his opinion. Seiji Kishi makes me so mad you have no idea GOD
Angel Beats was subpar at best for me. The plot was really just convoluted and messy, the best thing it really had going for it was its humor.
Haven't played Animal Crossing, but it's like a universal opinion that the game is god's gift to men. I am interesting in it.

Sanguis Aug 16, 2013 9:40 PM

Sanguis Aug 16, 2013 7:28 PM
Well then now would be a good time to disregard everything I said about my computer, because as it turns out it can take a fair share of games. Mostly old titles like Black and White and Titan Quest. At least I can garner some entertainment with those games. I'm not entirely sure what emulators it can take now actually, but 99% of the time I will screw something up and it won't work. And please there's no need to apologize, you weren't pushy at all!

I must admit I don't know what this "Pokemonime" is. I feel like a failure for looking it up getting nothing, haha.

Yay, more evolutions! But at the same time I'm kinda confused about them. I mean yeah these seem like they would fit quite nicely for a pokemon game but I really do have to wonder in what exactly is the point in introducing a new evolution stage. Oh well. I'm particularly excited to finally walk diagonally in this game. Like wowza I can finally walk properly! What a joyous day indeed!
As far as I was aware of, dragons never had a weakness did they? They were pretty powerful pokemon, so fairies are very much welcomed for me!

They must be how they're so bloody rich then. They waged a bet where they said they can live and still be complete dickwads. I guess they won that bet. They are elusive buggers. I really just want Joffrey to die, Jaime got off my "people who need to die" list after season 3 because he actually managed to become tolerable. I'll blame Brienne for that. I'm praying that season 4 will give a Lannister death of some kind because goddamn. Their numbers need to decrease. Yeah Joffrey's actor did a pretty swell job although now he shall be forever known as "that son of a bitch from Game of Thrones". It's either a blessing or a curse, poor guy. I'm seriously hoping there's some timeskip in the books so Daenerys so she isn't thirteen the entire time. Because some of the scenes she's in... Yeah I really hope she isn't thirteen afterall hahah.
Well if you ever do get the time to watch Hannibal, it is very artistically gory. Hannibal is a chef afterall, he likes to make his meals look pretty.

Yeah down here spiders do get to the size of your hand. So it's only natural for me to freak out about them every once and a while haha. I like to think Australia was created during God's adolescent goth phase.
Yeah I've heard of good old SCP. I've watched some youtubers play it and lose their pants, funny how they freak out about. Surely it can't be that frightening
I'm not playing the game. Nope nope nope you can't make me! Fine I'll try it, first I'll have to see if I can get the thing to work on my computer in the first place.
There was another horror game I found that was by the same creators, but the name escapes. It had you walk around a dark building, whereas the more you went into the more static-y the game would get, and sounds would appear randomly. It was a psychological game, but I wish I knew the naaame.

Baccano only really gets good by the fifth book, well, at least for me. So hopefully reading by a snail's pace won't be too bad because it appears you'll on the first few books for a while. Durarara is actually pretty great, I read volumes 3-6 on a roadtrip, and boy, the ending to volume 6 left my jaw hanging from my mouth for a while. Absolutely fantastic ending, I wish I could tell you about it. Of course you'll need to know the anime considering volume 2-3 aren't translated, but they were adapted in the anime so that's why translators aren't interested with it. Vamp! is pretty damn good in it's own right, although I found the first volume to have been kind of weak. However right now, in volume 3, it sure is on hell of a ride. It's clear as day it'll never get an anime adaption, it's gory as hell. (You thought Baccano's anime was gory?! Well you haven't seen anything yet!) Spice and Wolf's translations are hush hush because Spice and Wolf is licensed by Yen Press. Translating the novels is actually illegal right now. So yeah, I guess you could say it's suspicious.

Nintendo always plays it safe. They don't do anything particular exciting at stuff like E3. Oh wells. Yeah, Ubisoft is kind of notorious for making their games so easy it's laughable. There's, like, no difficulties. Their games are just easy. Not a challenge at all. So yeah that could be worrisome. Watch Dogs' biggest selling point is its stealth factor, and if sneaking around ends up being too easy it will be the game's downfall. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Also, apparently Ubisoft wants to make Assassin's Creed into the new COD or something by releasing a new each year. Not too sure how I feel about that...
No I didn't actually catch a glimpse of Pearl, I just saw Edgeworth smirking like the bastard he is and seeing the new girl in a highschool uniform. (oh no...) Does the game have a set release? Also I can't remember if Layton has any significance to you, but Layton vs. Phoenix Wright is going to be released to NA! Excited!

Valvrave was an utter disgrace. I hate it every fiber of my being, my hatred is palpable. It seethes through my pores. Safe to say I ain't watching any of the second season.
Yeah this season was kind of disappointing afterall. Dangan Ronpa's anime (A game I so very much adore) sucked. Surprise surprise, Seiji Kishi is a shit director.
Next season does look like it's gonna be the strongest one I've seen in a while. But I'll be putting off like 90% of the shows in hopes for an English dub or something. this is probably a bad idea, haha. Game wise, yes it does look good. Mainly because I'm getting myself a DS, so I can just buy some old games or something and chillax.
koyuki Aug 16, 2013 4:19 AM
Your Ookami Kodomo Ame to Yuki review was very true to heart and described the movie excellently. :)
Fourteenthangel Aug 10, 2013 4:15 AM
Great review on the Fullmetal Alchemist manga! That is all I had to say really.
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