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Dec 18, 2014
In the end we even got a Big Bang.

Is the Doctor Who of anime a good anime? Yes.

I am not going to waste time writing a synopsis, summary or any other time wasting bullshit. I am simply going to tell you why this anime is fabulous.

Space Dandy is a concoction of episodes directed by many, many different episode directors under, I assume, the watchful eye of one of my personal heroes in the anime industry.

What we have in Space Dandy that makes it fabulous is organised chaos. Some rules and cliches have been followed but not many. This makes it an anime that asks things ...
Dec 25, 2010
Yes, of course I watched this because it's bad. One must watch bad shows from time to time, otherwise good shows lose their worth. Of course I watched it so that I could bash on it afterwards, it is simply entertaining to me. You would be surprised to know that I almost dropped it around five times though, I had to battle myself every time to ensure that I could finish it!

I want to start out by saying that I feel sorry for Ono Daisuke, I know a job is a job and that everyone's got to eat, but I'd live off of porridge as ...
Sep 16, 2010
K-On!! (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (24/26 eps)
Ah K-on!!

I decided to watch this because I had seen the first season and thought I'd watch something I could bash on when it ended, because it's ended now, yes sure, there are two more episodes, but these are just extra helpings of moe for all you fanboys out there.

At first it was everything I'd expected, it was moe, it was silly, nothing substantial about the anime whatsoever, neither storyboard nor any real screenplay, but then something happened, something that started to happen during the first season yet didn't fully evolve into this feeling I felt after having watched the second season; it grew on ...
Jun 29, 2010
Working!! (Anime) add
Uninspiring and rather dull.

Working!! (please note the two exclamation marks) is a slice of life, comedy show about people who work at a family restaurant, you know, one of those restaurants that serve mediocre food. It is only befitting that this show is as bad as the food presumably served at the mediocre restaurant.

With no plot whatsoever this anime is as episodic as it can possibly be, yet it's not. It's not episodic because in an episodic anime there would be a plot outline for each episode, or for the episodes included in an arc. In Working!! there exist no plot whatsoever. I honestly believed ...
Mar 20, 2010
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (11/12 eps)
Let's talk about mundane stuff! Why only a 6? What is Hidamari Sketch?

I have watched all the previous seasons of Hidamari Sketch for one reason; SHAFT made it. That's it, that's the only reason I have. When I first started watching the first season of Hidamari Sketch I actually dropped it because it was too trivial and tedious for me, but when I then started over 6 months later I found it slightly alluring and quite charming to tell you the truth. I don't know why, none of the seasons or ova's are any different, they're all about the exact same stuff with some slight ...
Dec 26, 2009

This anime embodies what I hate the most about anime, which is anime that do not know what to be, where it belongs, what it wants to portray or tell the viewer. This is a prime example of this and the fault lies entirely with the producers, because they need to deliver what fanboys want, they do not want to make good anime.

The result is something like this, and of course many others, but since this is a review, or perhaps a bit of a... mm... discussional block of text(?) I will confine myself to this production known as Seitokai no Ichizon. An anime about ...
Dec 18, 2009
Nyan Koi! (Anime) add
Mmmm, I see quite a few of Nyan Koi! reviews being presented at this present moment, and to be fair, if you want to read a well written review; read Archaeon's review. My review will not be as fluffy, nor as well written.

Now let's start with Nyan Koi!'s biggest problem; it's a harem. Apart from harem fanboys, are there actually people that watch anime fairly objectively who enjoy harem anime? No, probably not. You know there's this thing about harem, mmm,..... what's it called? Generic? Ah yes, generic. This anime is no exception, it's generic, has a weak storyboard and try to save this already ...
Dec 5, 2009
Please let me introduce Guu; Guu is a creature of (probably) female gender, possibly of the human species and is perhaps around the age of ten. She is the single most disturbing character in any anime I have ever seen. I kid you not, she is stranger than the entire cast of Baccano combined. It is quite interesting to see how an entire series become worth watching for a single character, though I lie, for Guu to work Hare must exist. They are complete opposites of eachother, Hare being the responsible, level headed, over thinking nice guy while Guu is possibly the devil personified, a ...
Oct 30, 2009
This is the second best anime ever made.

I never thought that this would happen, I really didn't, but I actually found a harem that turned out to be the best anime (TV) that I have ever seen. There are two main factors that contributed to this, one is the fact that the producers have found perfect harmony between storyboard and screenplay, it was simply beautiful. Secondly was the main character. He wasn't stereotypical at all, which is a first when it comes to harem. Usually harem main protagonists are guys with no redeeming traits nor any extraordinary attributes. Here we have a different type of ...
Sep 9, 2009
To Heart 2 (Anime) add
One can ask oneself the simple question; why?

Why did I watch this? Why did I decide on writing a review when it is clear it is at the bottom of the ladder that all anime try to climb. I can honestly say I don't know. Maybe it's because I watched the original To Heart which was bad and I wanted to relive sitting through incredibly agonizing episodes filled with generic story, characters and screenplay. Most likely I watched it because I've been watching some good anime lately and I decided it's time for some balance.

I don't really know if I actually want to write a ...

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