Dec 25, 2010
Credulous (All reviews)
Yes, of course I watched this because it's bad. One must watch bad shows from time to time, otherwise good shows lose their worth. Of course I watched it so that I could bash on it afterwards, it is simply entertaining to me. You would be surprised to know that I almost dropped it around five times though, I had to battle myself every time to ensure that I could finish it!

I want to start out by saying that I feel sorry for Ono Daisuke, I know a job is a job and that everyone's got to eat, but I'd live off of porridge as my three meals a day for a month rather than involve myself with something like this.

By no means is this anime in any way original. Fanboys of harem have seen it numerous times before. Since the vampire theme, unfortunately, is all the rage at the present time they've decided to incorporate it in this schoolbook harem that I'd frankly hoped they would stop producing for the sake of the anime industry. The vampire theme has become something so common that we don't really think it's strange anymore, neither do the characters in the anime when they find out about the existence of vampires so it's all good really. Therefore the vampire theme in this anime became a gimmick, it could just as well have been left out and the show would probably have been better for it (not really).

Characters, character interaction, script, screenplay, storyboard, art and animation were all sub par in this production. Being a harem characters especially were abominable, but really, noone should ever expect good characters in a harem. This anime could never have become good, the concept would never allow it, nor would the stellar production company Zexcs, which probably is the worst production company in the industry.

It has been a misfortune to have watched Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku.