Dec 5, 2009
Credulous (All reviews)
Please let me introduce Guu; Guu is a creature of (probably) female gender, possibly of the human species and is perhaps around the age of ten. She is the single most disturbing character in any anime I have ever seen. I kid you not, she is stranger than the entire cast of Baccano combined. It is quite interesting to see how an entire series become worth watching for a single character, though I lie, for Guu to work Hare must exist. They are complete opposites of eachother, Hare being the responsible, level headed, over thinking nice guy while Guu is possibly the devil personified, a creature only true to her own self, doing things randomly and more often than not for her own saddistic pleasure. In many ways she resembles a cat. Cats are not really very nice animals, they don't really care about you as opposed to dogs (which I guess is an animal as good as any other to describe Hare) who are loyal to the brink of the other side of being stupid (which means they passed stupid a long time ago and are now in the twilight zone on the other side of stupidity, many of you must know what it looks like).

As I have blown Guu's horn for a while now, I shall continue to do so, she is boss. I kid you not, you will like her and because of that you will like this series even though the events that take place in this anime and the two before are often parodies of clichés but become clichés themselves which is pretty much a hit and/or miss thing for the viewers, some things are funny others are not.

Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu FINAL is the third increment of the Hare + Guu collection, it is also the best animated one of the three, perhaps KyoAni's involvement had something to do with that, I personally hope KyoAni were used as slaves for various lecherous acitivities during the making of this anime, but chanes are they were just doing key animation (damn) but despite KyoAni's many, many, many flaws, they can infact draw and animate.

The opening for this third increment is not as good as the two beforehand, however the ending theme for Final is simply the best and should be enjoyed after each and every episode.

Thank you for reasing this, I don't really care for opinions unless you agree with me.