Jun 29, 2010
Credulous (All reviews)
Uninspiring and rather dull.

Working!! (please note the two exclamation marks) is a slice of life, comedy show about people who work at a family restaurant, you know, one of those restaurants that serve mediocre food. It is only befitting that this show is as bad as the food presumably served at the mediocre restaurant.

With no plot whatsoever this anime is as episodic as it can possibly be, yet it's not. It's not episodic because in an episodic anime there would be a plot outline for each episode, or for the episodes included in an arc. In Working!! there exist no plot whatsoever. I honestly believed that the male phobia thing that one of the female protagonists suffer from was a gimmick, a passing feature used for some comic relief in an otherwise rather un-comical show. I was mistaken. It's the main focal point of many of the events that take place in many of the episodes in this anime and it's just..., uninspiring.

A few points of interest were to be found though, the supporting character Yamada is the most entertaining character in the show and there is no competition. Most characters were dull and the producers really tried to make them more interesting with some eccentric appealing attributes, it didn't work though. I understand that this anime was supposed to be a bit parodical, a bit sarcastic, a bit funny, but the problem is; it's not. Somewhere along the way of production they got a serious case of carebear flu and decided to take the production seriously.

Halfassed, fake and poor screenplay for the most part with no plot summarizes this stellar production from A-1 Pictures Inc.

Haters gonna hate.