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Alternative Titles

English: Wagnaria!!
Synonyms: Working!!
Japanese: ワーキング!!


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2010 to Jun 27, 2010
Premiered: Spring 2010
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Aniplex, Rakuonsha
Licensors: NIS America, Inc.
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: 4-koma manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, RomanceRomance, SeinenSeinen, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.721 (scored by 162233162,233 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #9682
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Popularity: #341
Members: 336,872
Favorites: 2,310
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Jun 29, 2010
setvenx (All reviews)
With the coming of an Anime with just about no plot, one wonders how good something like Working!! can actually be. To my surprise, what was supposed to be a filler series to pass the time for me ended up being one of the most enjoyable of spring 2010.

There isnt much of a story really. Takanashi justs goes to work at a family restaurant full of weird and unique co-workers and takes it from there for the rest of the series. However even with the lack of a real story, Working!! makes up for easily with their characters. Even with the lack of plot, a read more
Dec 15, 2010
Skadi (All reviews)
Working!! is an example of an anime that’s been done countless times before and will be again. Admittedly I was expecting this but was attracted to the series cute looking characters and the slice of life pacing. While the series gets off to a slow start things did manage to improve greatly only to end in the dustbin of history thanks to the douchebaggery of its narcissistic cast of asshats.

The premise of Working!! puts us into the inner workings of a family restaurant. The employees run the gambit of strangeness and mental issues to setup all the outstanding and original comedy read more
Jun 29, 2010
Credulous (All reviews)
Uninspiring and rather dull.

Working!! (please note the two exclamation marks) is a slice of life, comedy show about people who work at a family restaurant, you know, one of those restaurants that serve mediocre food. It is only befitting that this show is as bad as the food presumably served at the mediocre restaurant.

With no plot whatsoever this anime is as episodic as it can possibly be, yet it's not. It's not episodic because in an episodic anime there would be a plot outline for each episode, or for the episodes included in an arc. In Working!! there exist no plot whatsoever. I honestly believed read more
Jun 28, 2010
McRib (All reviews)
Working!, a popular anime adapted from a 4koma which is riding on the "moe" wave was one of the better shows of the Spring 2010 season.

We start off the story with a young man named Souta Takanashi or more commonly known as Shinra or Lelouch. This young man is looking for a job to support his dysfunctional family filled with eccentric women. He is forced to help put food on the table for his underprivileged family and begins working a restaurant called the Wagnaria (Denny's) and meets a large array of hilarious characters. Takanashi needs to support his family because of the troubles at home. read more
May 23, 2010
HalRyder (All reviews)
It's sad how something that started out looking so promising became watching endless eight with slight variations to each episode.

What happens in every episode is as follows:

Takanashi likes something cute, like Taneshima, and goes into trance mode upon seeing it.
Inami resists punching guys, but punches Takanashi anyway.
Taneshima mispronounces Takanashi.
Kyouko sits there waiting for Yachiyo to serve her.
Yachiyo goes gaga over Kyouko, and complains to Satou, who has romantic feelings for Yachyo, and thus gets jealous.
Yachiyo draws her katana and threatens to cut anything that gets in the way of her and Kyouko.
Souma gets dirt on everyone and blackmails them to do his work.

There are read more
Jun 29, 2010
chinoman (All reviews)
Looking at what I should expect for the Spring 2010 anime season through a calendar released by a source I don't know, one particular show had caught my interest. The little plot summary read, "The story is set in a family restaurant named "Wagnaria", in the northern Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido. Sota works part-time there among the restaurant's high-spirited and strange staff." Reading that and looking at the picture of that anime had made me want to watch it. After watching that first episode, I knew that I'd enjoy Working!!

Story: After reading that little plot synopsis, you would think that read more
Mar 8, 2010
HRinka (All reviews)
What would it be like to be suddenly dragged in a diner to work with a 17-year old that seems only 5 feet tall, an asst. manager that has age issues, a girl that carries a katana/sword thingy, two "ordinary" guys and an androphobic girl that makes your everyday life a caution for death?

That's what Souta Takanashi's in for in the start of this "looks promising" anime. Watching the very first episode of read more
Apr 26, 2010
Naiika (All reviews)
Since this is a new anime and only four episodes are out so far, it's a little hard to write a full blown-review. But it's a funny show, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Basically, the only relatively normal characters in the story are Takanashi and Sato, and the other blue-haired guy who's name escapes me. Takanashi is actually very funny to watch, his reactions to the other employees (Such his fear of Yachiyo and his annoyance towards Inami and her brutal ways) is most of the comedy anyway. Taneshima is cute and bubbly and really does remind you of a middle-schooler, which read more
Jun 22, 2010
coldcoal (All reviews)
'Working!!' is flawed. If I had to guess, a lot of people will lose interest and move on after trying a few episodes. This is because your enjoyment of 'Working!!' will almost entirely depend on whether you enjoy seeing its various characters interact. In fact, I'm very glad that the opening song is so damn addictive - because that's the reason I stuck with the show long enough for it to actually begin growing on me.

For better or worse, 'Working!!' introduces its characters slowly and gradually. Better, because getting to know these people feels very organic and natural, and worse, because in the beginning, read more
Mar 8, 2010
Poeticas (All reviews)
Caution: Will Update After More Episodes Are Out.

So i will start of saying that this anime resembles alot like "seitokai no ichizon" but no ecchi as far for now for those who watched that.

Story: Well story is about a Restaurant which has alot of strange people working there and there is our Protagonist Takanashi, Souta who got dragged into this strange restaurant by this high school girl Taneshima, Popura who looks like middle school student in Takanashis eyes shes grade school student even thought she is His Sempai. So apparently Takanashi got dragged into this job because of his affection towards "Cute and Small read more
Jun 27, 2010
cowwart (All reviews)
What do you get when you mix a lolicon, a loli, a violent androphobic (man-phobic), a sadist, a lesbian, a lazy manager, a run away, and a bully( for lack of a better word).

Apparently something really funny, because that's what we get in Working!!, a show about... well these eight characters working at a family restaurant.

Before I get into the rest of the review, a small warning: if you do indeed decide to watch this show, and get specifically annoyed at the interactions between characters, especially Takanashi and Taneshima or Inami, stop. You almost definitely will hate the show.p It's the main source of read more
May 19, 2015
Micsupreeme (All reviews)
~ Work it off! ~

A relaxing anime that attends to the plights of the working lifestyle, by making light of them...

Working!! is an uplifting, quirky, and goofy documentation of everyday working life. It's a
dedicated slice of life anime with no trickery whatsoever, and as such: it embraces a very simple concept.
Contrary to being escapist, everything about Working!! is refreshingly realistic and down-to-earth. It
goes without saying that "minimalist-styled" titles such as Working receive very conflicting responses, as
many fail to/refuse to acknowledge the technical merit within; just because "there's no story": which in itself is a common misconception. Therefore, the audience that can appreciate the relatability aspect read more
Jun 29, 2014
PyraXadon (All reviews)
Slice of life has to me always, always been a rather interesting genre of anime. Since life is comprised up of many aspects, the amount of possible interpretations of life for an anime are almost limitless. Today, i will be reviewing an anime that talks about the high-school part time job, in the most literal title of all time, Working!!

Story (7.00/10): The story of working!! is pretty much how it sounds, working. Our main protagonist Takanashi Souta is stopped on his way from school by a small little girl named Popura (that's how you spell her name in Romaji, don't try read more
Jul 2, 2010
Salsk (All reviews)
This is my first review so please be gentle, take it easy, etc. etc etc.

From the director of both Sketchbook, Kaleido Star and Aria comes Working!!, a story about a relatively normal dude named Takanashi and the crazy shenanigans of his equally crazy co-workers playing out at the family restaurant Wagnaria.
Other than that there's not much to say about the story of this anime; yup, it's just another light-hearted slice-of-life, again.

Presentation-wise Working!! is excellent, A-1 has done a great job with both animation and sound. The music of the show fits like a glove, and the OP is incredibly catchy (WAN WAN), the ED... not read more
May 27, 2020
rotanrotan1 (All reviews)
A true slice-of-life anime, there's really not much plot but the interactions of the cast (though, they just seem to playing around instead of working) make it a enjoyable show.

My first impression was that the cast were trying too hard to be weird. Soon, I hardly notice that they were actually weird. The way they play around made me feel nostalgic about how my friends and I used to play around in high school. The banter, even if it's recurring, seem enjoyable enough.

I especially like the opening and the ending songs. It's so fun to sing along.

For the characters: they are generally enjoyable. I read more
Jan 12, 2015
Rinquin (All reviews)
The story starts with Sota Takanashi, a sixteen-year-old high school student. He is recruited by Popura Taneshima, an adorable but extremely short seventeen-year-old high school student, to work at the family restaurant Wagnaria, hence the American title. Takanashi accepts her request but is dragged into unforeseen working conditions. Wagnaria is just a normal family restaurant, but the employees aren't exactly what he expects them to be.

Wagnaria's employees act as a dysfunctional but comical family. Popura is small enough to be mistaken as an elementary school girl, which is ironic because she was named after the poplar tree so she would grow tall. There's Inami Mahiru read more
Jan 28, 2015
steinspass (All reviews)
Working!! is a rather simple concept anime series. It is grounded on a set amount of characters and their interaction in and outside the workplace. I honestly thought this was going to be one of those more forgettable series as the premise of people working in one place with little plot development didn’t intrigue me. This series however flipped all my expectations around with its shear simplicity and honesty.

Firstly I would say the characters in this series are unique which gives the series its anchor. The interaction between these characters are very naturally presented that it was a pleasure to watch. All characters in read more
Sep 4, 2019
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)
This anime is a lot.

Okay, so Working!! Where do I begin? Well, it's got charm, that's for sure. I really love the art style, though I didn't know that I would at first. There are times where it could be a little more intriguing-- mostly as far as environments and backgrounds go-- but the character designs were nice. The sound as well was a great companion to the anime itself.

That's stuff's boring, though. The story was... right, so this is the kind of anime where there isn't really a story, if that makes sense? There are developments with the characters, but for the most read more
Jul 19, 2015
beelstro (All reviews)
Yes, that OP is stuck in my head and I love it. Working!! was just an anime I came across after searching animes made by A-1 Pictures. I liked A-1 Pictures animes (AnoHana, A.Z (S1 only), Shigatsu, etc.). This anime didn't disappoint me and I actually enjoyed it. To the review!

Story: 7
To cut it short, it has no story or objective whatsoever. The anime was just short clips of the daily lives of employees of Wagnaria!! family restaurant. Although there was no story, as the anime progressed, the relationships between the employees deepened and shows read more
Jan 6, 2012
Lanthanum (All reviews)
Let's cut to the chase: Working!! was definitely an enjoyable watch. Despite lacking a strong plot, Working!! made up with an interesting cast of characters, and plenty of comedy.

Story: 7
Set in a family restaurant, Working!! focuses on the relationships and troubles of the staff working there. Although there is almost no plot, it's obvious that Working!! wasn't created with the intention of providing a gripping story for the viewer. Claustrophobics beware though; most of the story takes place inside Wagnaria.

Art: 8
Colourful and bright, the pallet used gave the anime a warm and happy atmosphere. The character designs complemented the respective personalities and traits of each read more