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Mar 21, 2021
First, the obvious: this is a sequel. There is no part of this show that is a remake, and if you haven't read or watched the entirety of the original Higurashi before getting to Gou, you're gonna have a bad time. Get outta here now and go do that. *THIS REVIEW HAS SPOILERS FOR THE ORIGINAL HIGURASHI SERIES SO REALLY, WATCH OUT.*

If you're a Higurashi fan and you're wondering if Gou will ruin your fond memories of the original because of it's low score, know that that score is in large part due to confused first-timers or chumps criticizing it for diverging from the OG.

That ...
Aug 16, 2020
Deca-Dence (Anime) add
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
I don't know about you guys, but the reason I continue to watch anime through the years is because of the creativity. You'll find stories in anime that you won't find anywhere else, concepts that have never been explored in Hollywood, and surprises that make most novels look formulaic. However, as I grow older I find myself becoming more of a grump about airing anime. Most seasons these days don't even have one show that I'll watch to completion, and if I do pick up something new it's almost always from the backlog. What's up with that? Anime's in a bit of a boom: standards ...
Apr 14, 2020
Mixed Feelings
It feels wrong to swing the hammer at a show made by Masaki Yuasa. Everything the distinctive director has been responsible I've enjoyed immensely, and even his messier works like Kaiba and Kemonozume were full of heart and punch.

Eizouken was different though. I had to drag myself to the finish line on this one, forcing myself through the final few episodes. It really shouldn't have been this way. Every PIECE of Eizouken is incredible: the animation is distinctive and evocative, switching styles with a grace that demonstrates great understanding of the medium. The central trio all have powerful, unique personalities not often found in anime--Asakusa, ...
Oct 22, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Anime. Comedy.

For me, those two dreaded words have slowly warped in meaning over the years, once instilling excitement and anticipation and then slowly drying up into a well of disappointment and crushed expectations. As I took recommendation after recommendation I figured that surely, eventually, I would find a show that clicked with my sense of humor and leave me crying tears of sweet mirthful bliss. Comedy is all personal, remember, so I'm not bashing any of these shows for those who enjoyed them, but these were my personal reactions. Noazki-kun didn't quite elicit a confession of love from me. Cromartie High was a little ...
Sep 30, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Right now, as of writing this review, the number-one review for this show is 5 lines long. Look, I understand that being concise is nice, but I think few shows deserve that kind of treatment.

Obviously not every show is for everyone. Not only that, but people are often looking for different shows at different times. For instance, I'm usually into really dark thematic shit like Utena and Madoka, but I recently moved across the country to teach highschool in a culture I know nothing about, and I found that at the end of each insanely stressful day the last thing I wanted was to ...
Sep 28, 2017
It is said that there are seven wonders in this world, but the eighth and most important one that is often forgotten is a series that from start to finish is just a feel-good brain-off hype-fest. I dunno why all the other scores for this show are so low or what kind of no-nonsense all-business attitudes people had while watching this air, but holy crap are you missing out on a fun time if you judge this based on conventional merits.

Let me give you a few tips about watching Symphogear:

1. Get a drink. not a hardcore drink. Nothing with vodka. Just throw some peppermint schnopps ...
Sep 28, 2017
Look, if youv'e gotten this far in the series, you're not gonna be reading reviews to check if you should finish. This review is for people who are wondering if this is a series that will be worth investing in, or for those who just finished the first one or two series and are thinking " this worth it?"

This is a review of Monogatari. The great, sleazy, sprawling empire of Monogatari. With much love and in keeping with the style of the show itself, I'll make sure it's a disorganized disaster area.

It's been a while since I wrote a review, but MONOGATARI IS OVER and ...
Feb 14, 2017
I, like countless others, have been hearing a fairly constant stream of praise and hype for Makoto Shinkai's supposed be-all-end-all of anime. I was never a huge Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood fan, but seeing a movie about teenage romance (at least, so far as I was aware at the time) surpass it handily for the #1 spot on MAL was still a bit of a shock. After that, it was record and awards out the gates for months without so much as a glimmer of the actual product.

Now, finally, I've had the chance to watch it. I went into it obviously expecting it to not be ...
Jul 13, 2016
Aoi Hana (Manga) add
Fun fact: this is the greatest fucking thing ever created.

Okay, let's be real for a moment here. Obviously there's a slight bit of hyperbole in that above statement. What I really mean by that is that this is essentially the absolute best version of exactly what it's trying to be. I don't want to oversell this, guys, but considering how much attention it looks like this has gotten I'd say it's about due time that a few more rave reviews got thrown in its direction. I'm not one to dole out unconditional praise towards any story, but this piece of art has absolutely deserved it ...
Jul 11, 2016
Mayoiga (Anime) add
Yes, I apologize, but I'm going to have to join the Mayoiga debate, since there are apparently a large number of individuals in the anime community who are convinced that this beautiful disaster is somehow entirely unaware of the fact that it's a comedy. Now, I've heard a lot of things said about the matter, and so I would firstly like to clarify that I am not a diehard fan of the show trying to justify it, nor am I attempting to tell anyone that they are somehow stupid or foolish for assuming that Mayoiga is actually just mind-numbingly stupid trash. I don't even consider ...

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