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Nov 28, 2023
A must watch if you enjoyed the shenanigans of the main anime, the special has all the cast we love put in the same weird and sexy situations, here more than before.

Credit given to this episode for using surreal comedy, stuff we barely had prior to it, now it's full absurdity after absurdity which creates a hot and spicy ecchi scenario and laughter. The "drama" of the temple is forgotten or just not mentioned, think of it like it's funny segment from the daily lives of our characters.

The only thing I will complain is the use of censorship, I'm talking about stickers covering the important ...
Sep 30, 2023
A basic normal 20 so minutes length recap of the first 8 episodes of Bleach TYBW Ketsubetsu-tan season, airing a week after episode 8 in order to ease overall production.
It has all the hype battle scenes till then with some dialogue for context, no extra narration, no ED.
Some cool small touches are:
- Some OST change here and there
- a poem added at the end (if you remember correctly, the tv version of episode 8 ended with a Bambies card)

I recommend it to die hard Bleach fans or to people who for some reason forgot about the first half of this season or to battle fanatics, ...
Jun 28, 2023
Seisei Doudou is a doujin manga written by Hiroyuki in 2019. I imagine it got a lot of positive responses because it got a full manga serialization later in 2020 as Kanojo mo Kanojo which lasted for 16 volumes.

The premise, as stupid as it sounds, it treats exactly that - "the consequences of having a harem" but in a funny and absurd way, keep in mind that this work's whole purpose is to make people laugh. We get 10 short chapters about the main guy character being caught in shenanigans in this new relationship with two girls.

The comedy is explosive, characters shout a lot, faces ...
Jun 19, 2023
If you finished Grenadier and want more material, you can easily watch this special. Each episode is one minute and a few seconds, it's animated and presents some funny scenarios from the main show. Some scenes here are parodies of the anime and I can say that I found it hilarious.
Have no worries because we have some sexy scenes also, nothing too extreme though, just the right amount of ecchi with Rushuna and the other girls.
I recommend to be watched after the TV anime because it has inside jokes from episode 12. Overall, a very fun watch and I enjoyed it, unfortunately it's too short ...
May 22, 2023
A 46 minutes summary of all 48 episodes of Kimagure Orange Road which aired on TV just after the show ended. It was made to promote Moeru Oniisan, the new anime made by the same studio which will take its time slot.

The way it promotes it is by showing scenes of the unreleased episode 1, also the opening song and some other random scenes to hype the potential viewers. The VAs of Kimagure talk about Oniisan while recapping their own show. We can say it's a big promotional video for two anime series, Kimagure sure was supposed to end but the manga popularity meant new ...
Apr 30, 2023
This entry is made out of two half length episodes (same as the tv show) that adapt some manga chapters that were skipped. No worries here for it has the same quality but if I had to talk about specifics:
- pool episode
- Pochita and Karen school festival date

These filled with the usual ecchi and sexiness, the important girls being Karen, Tsukishiro and Nekotani. As expected we get to see nudity, sexy close up shots and some other sexual and disgustingly arousing scenes, if you watched the main show you know what you're going to see and this is as good as it gets, the ecchi ...
Apr 26, 2023
Another recap entry for this franchize, it aired one month before Seikai no Senki III which tells me that it was simply made to remind the fans and hype them for the new anime.
It covers the entire SnS II, as in the events on planet Lobnas II, in 92 minutes. It's the same issue like with the first recap, fast pace, no flow in scenes, weird cuts, it was like I was watching a bullet list of important scenes in anime form.

There are some new scenes at the end of the special but nothing major, not even worth mentioning.

Unfortunately I can't recommend this to people ...
Feb 2, 2023
Shadow Walker is a cross-over between Ga-rei and Tokyo ESP written by the man himself, Segawa Hajime. It's a cool fanservice manga that blends both of the works' characters into one action story of supernatural.

I think it was made to increase Tokyo ESP's popularity, for this was published in 2014 when the manga was in part 2 and Rinka barely appeared. It has some sort of a story, the creator tries to make sense of the spin-off tying some plot elements together, the setting is same ol' Tokyo and the characters meet up somehow, then this encounter triggers an event that they must resolve it ...
Feb 1, 2023
Another special for this franchize recapping Seikai no Senki.
Compared to the previous recap that didn't work as a stand alone, this one is longer by 30 minutes which may sound weird because SnS was basically 13 episodes of space battles, the producers could have easily made a one hour special revisiting the important moments in preparation for SnS II. But doing it this way we actually got an interesting movie, scenes tie up together, the pacing is very good and it feels that you're following the story develop from point A to point B naturally and not forced.

I didn't analyze it so much as to ...
Jan 7, 2023
Segawa Hajime's latest installment that didn't come out good. Shikabane Gatana is a zombie apocalypse survival manga with an abrupt end, it was most likely axed for being unpopular (just like Raise Kamika), since then, the author is doing art for some isekai manga, you can draw your own conclusions.

Technically speaking, the story is decent and simple for the most part, boy meets girl, some hidden supernatural powers here and there, zombies, mysteries, destruction, the whole plot revolves around Tsutsuki trying to find his twin sister and the dangers and the friends that come along the way. It's basically Highschool of the Dead without ecchi ...

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