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Sep 16, 2021
Majibra is an ecchi comedy manga written by a hentai doujin author, Utamaro. Only 12 chapters published, collected in 2 volumes between 2010-2012. It's one of those unpopular gems that you find from time to time. The manga was made so that it would arouse its readers, the ecchi is not secondary, it's all that matters and it's combined with comedy and supernatural for its shine.

The setting is the most simple and common one the mangaka could write, this series presents the tumultuous life of the Hasuno siblings, living in a regular city, attending your regular school while weird supernatural things happen from time to read more
Sep 9, 2021
The 4th and last volume (for the moment) of Mizukami Satoshi Short Story Collection, the 5 individual chapters were published between 2014-2017. This entry has the same vibe as the author's previous 3 volumes, with the mention that the stories aren't linked as in volume 3 and they aren't as crazy. This work has a more "back to the roots" approach, you can see how Mizukami really crafted his writing to give the readers some cool and fun one-shot chapters.

- How to tell twins apart - Exactly as the title says, a cute heart-warming story about some twin sisters and a boy, no supernatural stuff read more
Sep 8, 2021
Warrior's Dawn is an extra chapter of Claymore manga written by Yagi Norihiro, it's only 8 pages long and it was published right after chapter 125 of the main series. For some reason it wasn't even included in a volume release.

There's nothing really important happening here, just a scene from a past long forgotten in the Claymore universe. We get to see Isley, Rigaldo and Duff from the time when they worked for the Organisation, then a cute Claymore girl appears to seal the deal.

No drama, no tragedy, no action, no secret reveals, just some random talk about some mission.

It's a must read only for read more
Jul 6, 2021
This is the 3rd volume of Mizukami Satoshi's short stories, it appeared in 2012 and contains 7 chapters (the 8th is just an epilogue to Hoshi no Samidare), each one having roughly 30 pages.
I don't have any proof but I think these were written because the author wanted to have fun, it's not like the previous volumes where each story was made in the sense of a possibility of a future serialization. These stories are linked together and we get another Monster Town chapter.

- My Fist - Gurren Lagann style, a guy fighting a giant robot with his fist, lots of shouting.
- Nell, the Artist read more
May 30, 2021
Henshin is a sports ecchi manga written by the author of Sora no Otoshimono, Minazuki Suu, published from 2008 till 2010, completed in 28 kinky chapters (5 volumes long).

It's a serious work about golf and the problems faced by women pro golfers, the plot is very direct and tells the reader upfront what the story is about. We follow Hayama Sonata in her quest to earn large amounts of money from golf in order to pay her debts and all that lame backstory no one cares about. Some random characters appear from time to time and the plot moves forward towards the conclusive ending.

The review read more
May 23, 2021
A set of image videos was exactly what this series needed, released in 2001 (long after the manga ended), this half hour special is a fanservice treat for all Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte fans. Made by the same studio.

This episode has a simple structure: 8 parts, each one with a specific theme or central character, a nice atmospheric song that will make the viewer get into it. It is not a recap of the OVAs (we already have one), just some cool scenes mashed together to form a music video, the characters don't even talk. It's kinda incomprehensible if you didn't pay attention to read more
May 14, 2021
Piyo Piyo is a collection of short stories written by Mizukami Satoshi between 2005 and 2006. The book has 8 chapters (each one being 30 pages aprox) and it's the second installment of Mizukami Satoshi Tanpenshuu (The first is Geko Geko).

The stories are the author's experimental works considering that neither was serialized. Still, I consider these good on their own, the plots are interesting, the supernatural elements (Mizukami style) are entertaining and the characters are fun. If I were the editor, I would've green lit for serialization at least two.
To be fair, not everyone likes this format, the majority of manga readers enjoys long works read more
May 9, 2021
These specials are 2-3 minutes long episodes about random things happening in the world of Mai-Otome (and Mai-Hime too). They aren't important to the overall plot at all.
If you enjoyed the main series and you want more material, this will be a enjoyable watch. All of the important characters appear in comedy skits and we also have some sexy fanservice (but not full nude bodies). Characters from Mai-Hime appearing was a sight for sore eyes for me for I liked them more than their counterparts from Mai-Otome, they don't do much though, only some random talk and 4th wall breaks. Alyssa Searrs (and she has read more
Apr 21, 2021
Nihonmatsu Kyoudai is a 2017 manga written by the well known author Mizukami Satoshi, it's about two siblings living in modern day Japan, trying to help a spirit.The story has supernatural and action elements.

You may have heard of the term "onmyouji" or just call them spirit mediums, diviners etc, this is the occupation of our main characters (brother and sister), they just try to make ends meet and they work in this sort of business because of their powers and because they can't do anything normal in today's society.

The story follows a concrete plot, we have this big case involving Nerine (a spirit) and throughout read more
Apr 9, 2021
This entry is a roughly 2 hour recap movie of the OVAs (1993-1994) with some new scenes here and there, aired in 1995.
I do not recommend it as an alternative to the OVA series, it's true that we get to see all of the important action but the transitioning is very fast and on point. An adult Alice appears walking down the streets of Tokyo reminiscing her past up till the trip to Kyoto, then we get to see the events that transpired. It's a good reminder if you wanna get into the manga or just wanna see our favorite characters again but it'll be read more