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Oct 21, 2022
The title of this manga translates literally to "Third Year Funny Face Gang" and it's the perfect explanation about the "plot". The extreme comedy Kimengumi was serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump from 1980 till 1982 (6 volumes, meaning 78 chapters + once extra chapter) and then it just changed its name and continued to be published for another 20 volumes in the same magazine because why not, let's enhance the comical.

The most important thing that the eventual reader has to understand is that this manga was made in order to make people laugh, the mangaka provided a high school setting, he populated it with some ...
Oct 1, 2022
This is your usual recap that summarizes the first 12 episodes of Hoshi no Samidare.
It doesn't have any new scenes, everything here is cut straight from the anime, it's only addition is Noi's narration, don't expect any long monologues, just simple and to the point emphasizing the key moments in the show. Another new thing would be the end card with the next episode title.

You can watch this only if you had a long break between the anime parts and want to refresh your memory, otherwise I see no point to it, maybe if you're a big fan and want to see/read all of this ...
Sep 30, 2022
Tsuina no Shou is a 4 chapters long manga serialized while the publication of Ga-Rei was still on going and at its peak popularity (2007-2008). It serves as an extra story about the characters that appear in the latter part of the main manga, Tsuina and Mikado. In simple words, it's Tsuina's coming of age short story and exorcist origin.

It's 100% canon, written and illustrated by Segawa Hajime and it has the same feeling as Ga-Rei early chapters, a simple adventure with one girl trying to exorcise spirits in Tokyo, she is helped in her quest by other people, most notably being Mikado and our ...
Sep 8, 2022
It's Levis' backstory but now in official full color, if you read the normal black and white manga you know what this work is all about. The only thing that this has are 6 extra chapters (a prologue and 5 side stories) telling some funny miss adventures of Levi, Isabel and Furlan from before they joined the scouts and after.

The art is spectacular, nothing to complain, it's like reading a more beautiful version of Attack on Titan and the colors match the gritty setting of the manga. To note that Isabel's hair is a powerful red that gets in your eyes, makes her cuter than ...
Sep 6, 2022
In order to please the fans, the creators of Queen's Blade gave us these 2 specials, both full of sexy and arousing ecchi with Alleyne and Siggy.

We all know there's a story to Queen's Blade but now we'll focus on watching Alleyne stretching, moaning, doing some push ups, sweating and talking smack towards to watcher. We get to see all the good angles and shots, close-ups too and if you missed it, have no problems, we'll get to see it again cause "repetition is the mother of learning".
It's the same in Siggy's case, she shows off her holy poses and we get to see them ...
Jul 1, 2022
A weird and unnecessary entry in the Sailor Moon franchise, this "Hero Club" project is comprised of 3 weak recap episodes of Sailor Stars (the last arc) which aired in a TV time slot alongside other recaps like this from 1996 till 1997.

Because it aired almost in the same time as Stars, I'm guessing it was made to promote the show by showing us how good it is but it actually fails as a recap. The first episode show the defeat of Nehellenia but without the battle part (the most important), it shows some random dialogue and narration by some characters but it really doesn't ...
Apr 11, 2022
A short anime with super deformed characters (chibi) of Shingeki no Kyojin Final Season, totaling 10 minutes.
These specials were included on the BDs when they were released in 2021.
The creators handpicked 16 scenes (one from each episode) from the main show and decided to make comedy skits out of those, even the glorious scenes got the parody treatment.
As a big fan myself, I couldn't skip this entry, I love SnK and I am always prepared for anything.
If you you watched the former seasons' chibi anime released, you will definitely know what to expect, it's in the same art style with little to no changes than ...
Dec 12, 2021
Arion (Manga) add
A blast from the past from one of the most influential men behind Gundam, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. He wrote this manga from 1979 till 1984 (his peak creativity period), a saga which blends Greek mythology, revenge, war and tragic love, telling the story of Arion in 5 volumes.

Calling it a historical fiction manga is a big stretch considering that the gods of ancient Greece existed only in myths yet the journey of our main character throughout the land, meeting people, going to well known cities, climbing famous mountains might make us readers question what is fiction and what is reality. Do you know those people who ...
Dec 9, 2021
Koibito Sengen is the second part of the Nine trilogy, it aired on TV in December 1983, that's why it was made in 4:3 ratio, so I guess it's sort of a downgrade from Original-ban visually wise. Do we even have enough time in one hour to explore the love triangles and baseball rivalries set in the first movie? Of course not, that's why we have the third special but this part definitely answers some questions.

In the first movie we met our characters, we found out about their goals, we got entangled in some complicated love triangles, Seishu didn't go to Koushien and Yukimi doesn't ...
Sep 16, 2021
Maji Bura!? (Manga) add
Majibra is an ecchi comedy manga written by a hentai doujin author, Utamaro. Only 12 chapters published, collected in 2 volumes between 2010-2012. It's one of those unpopular gems that you find from time to time. The manga was made so that it would arouse its readers, the ecchi is not secondary, it's all that matters and it's combined with comedy and supernatural for its shine.

The setting is the most simple and common one the mangaka could write, this series presents the tumultuous life of the Hasuno siblings, living in a regular city, attending your regular school while weird supernatural things happen from time to ...