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Zidanenvy Jul 14, 6:24 AM
Both of them are quite Underrated Characters
Nosma Jul 12, 1:45 PM
For your writeup. As for what I meant, it doesn't really matter.
bioeffect2 Jul 12, 12:55 PM
Yeah I already do I Love the guy's stuff joe rogan not only provides inciteful messages and conversations through himself and his guest interviews but he manages to do that with great humour as well. What are your favourite podcasts that he has had personally I like the times when he and his guests take on and destroy the entire the concepts of sjws, feminists and cultural appropriation there not only great on the intellectual level but at the same time comedic and grim as well. Since you have ashita no joe as one of your favourites what do you suggest to someone who's had the series on his plan to watch list for a while do like what do you recommend do I watch the anime or read the manga which one would you say is the better experience the manga most certainly is a faster way of finishing it?
RainFTW Jul 8, 1:24 PM
amazing favorites list
bioeffect2 Jul 8, 7:18 AM
That's one fucking amazing video you got there had me laughing my ass off the whole time.
Nosma Jul 5, 5:18 PM
Nosma Jul 1, 10:14 PM
Please don't be a bad person, Captain-sama. I was doubtful about my last message, and it seems not in the wrong to be so.

Quite incosiderate on my part to be so forward, how have you been? I was eavesdropping and heard about you having rewatched Eva. How was it? It dawned on me, how meticulously crafted its universe is, how realistic its drama feels. It really is a series that grows on people.
SunlitSonata Jul 1, 1:58 PM
Like check this out. Someone had the BRILLIANT idea of deciding to smash Anohana and Sword Art Online, then calling it a day. Airing this season.
SunlitSonata Jul 1, 5:22 AM
And the funny thing is that I’ve never actually watched Naruto. It seemed too long and filler-y. If there’s anything of the Big Three I’d get behind reading it’s One Piece.

Well, partly because at that time when I made the username I’d seen significantly less anime and had been growing enthused to the medium from Western Cartoons. Whereas after watching say, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, I’d grown out of that phase and wanted something that rolled off the tongue better than animeiscool561 with a picture to suit. A friend also recommended I change the name

Well, yes. Something that puts in effort but doesn’t greatly succeed stands above something that fails to try and is successful by entirely trend-bandwagoning. And in the case of Light Novels, it is isekai style fantasies and magic battle high schools. It probably helped that the season Rokka was in was REALLY dry. If we’re going technically I’d argue the focus actually makes Rokka less generic than say Re:Zero. Summer 2015 where a lot of the most popular stuff was pandering BS or farcically bad execution wise.

Though Jojo and Rakugo are great at what they do. Part 5 baby, woah!
Zidanenvy Jul 1, 12:08 AM
Wow you really love Evangelion......... well my favorite characters in EVA franchise, is Misato, Ritsuko, Gendo Ikari & Asuka
Zidanenvy Jun 29, 2:06 AM
Did you watch any anime so far, or you stop watch it, since MAL sit was shutdown
SunlitSonata Jun 28, 12:10 PM
I did change my name and profile since then so that probably played a factor. MAL shutdown was crazy.

That’s fair, even I consider RnY on its own to be merely OK, but think it set foundation in its setting, characters and storytelling style that did help. At least you found its attempt at something different respectable despite its flaws, which puts it above the many modern anime aiming for the lowest common denominator. I'd much rather more Rokkas aiming for interesting attempts in spite of their flaws, than more SAO clones or magic battle harem highschools.

Just know that later down the road, it mixes somewhat strategic action scenes implementing all its characters with paranoid thriller elements, while also slowly revealing character backstory and worldbuilding. There’s also a devious chessmaster villain who is not of the poorly written “CRAAAAAAZY” type/idiot type but rather a schemer with a whole host of gambits.

No no, Mari Okada is the writer behind (note that some of these are for anime adaptations):
Toradora, Anohana, Pet Girl, Nagi No Asukura, Kiznaiver, Iron Blooded Orphans, Blast of Tempest, Gosick, Black Butler I and II, Fate 2006, Wandering Son, Hanasaku Iroha, Caanan, and True Tears. She did actually help Aria’s as well, but wasn’t its author and had no part in Amanchu.

She’s got the infamous reputation of being the queen of melodrama. Yet Hisone to Maso-tan, in spite of drama, is extremely creative, funny and adorable. It’s basically How to Plane Your Dragon, where young girls are recruited by a military base to pilot cartooney dragons, doing so by being swallowed by them and presenting them like planes.
SunlitSonata Jun 27, 10:19 PM
Jeez it had been forever since I last heard from ya. Something something melodrama? If you want to see a series that's probably one of if not my favorite one form Mari Okada, this season's Hisone to Maso-tan is precious and wonderful and creative and charmingly blunt despite the whimsicality.

I also started reading the Rokka no Yuusha novels past where the anime ended, noting how you saying ending it on a cliffhanger was the worst thing. Several decisions made make a lot more sense. Give it this: it tried to be something different as an action show with paranoid thriller elements, different from the JRPG worlds, battle high schools, "we-all-get-along-like-fated-buddies" thing of any shounen and black hole focus protagonists that plague LNs. Despite not having the best production (CGI why?) and being like a prologue to a greater story, I can at the very least respect it for not aiming below the bleachers. Unfortunately it tanked in sales losing money for the studio when they needed Citrus and DxD 4 to stay alive.....
Nosma Jun 27, 5:06 PM
Sunfukung wants you to see this.

KyoumaZ Jun 24, 4:38 AM
As every list rn. Stalking impossible :(