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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
10 hours ago
Watching 7/13 · Scored 6
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
Yesterday, 9:45 AM
Watching 36/39 · Scored 8
Nazo no Kanojo X
Nazo no Kanojo X
Jul 25, 5:27 AM
Watching 7/13 · Scored 5
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Yesterday, 9:49 AM
Re-reading 13/28 · Scored -
Pandora Hearts
Pandora Hearts
Jul 25, 5:57 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Mai-chan no Nichijou
Mai-chan no Nichijou
Jul 19, 8:24 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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Nashawk 7 hours ago
Very nice, you decided to have ratings that fit you more. I expected it was the reason, and I'm glad it is.
But, really, is it because stupid people told you that you are a "filthy elitist" ? Quite a trend, isn't it ? I hope that it isn't the case and that people will stop coming to your profile (and other "elitist profiles") to tell you that you're conforming. You're not the only one that removed his favorites among the "filthy elitists", and many did it to avoid those boring people. I'm Just askin' if it is the real reason behind the changes you've made.
KyoumaZ 9 hours ago
Ranked as one of the site's top 10 most influential cum-buckets, I bare many acclaimed titles, be it: MAL's resident Negative Bank-Account, beheader of common sense and knowledge, or Founder/Head Priest of the highly-esteemed Inferiority Complex Guild. I'd like to think that I know my way around the underdeveloped cities, so if you're interested in all the different aspects of emigration from Serbia just comment away and I'll be glad to give you advise to end to possibly end this misery, detailed or not. MAL arguments are my reason not to kill myself, part of the ESFP/ESFJ master race. As I do occasionally write abominations, be sure to tell me just how much you enjoyed them to give my non-existent ego at least a glimmer of hope. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated!

Also, Captain220, be sure to remember 1914 before saying something bad about Austria ever again. We can raise hell to you once again, whenever we so fucking please to. Expect us, motherfucker. Expect us.

Nashawk Yesterday, 5:53 PM
I'm not sure about it, but it seems you changed quite a lot of your ratings: Lain, Texhnolyze, Haibane Renmei, Death Note... You also removed your favorite animes too.
I was wondering what made you change those ratings, because you seemed to be a great fan of Texhnolyze, for example.
KyoumaZ Yesterday, 2:20 PM
too scared to show your full favourites because of the Hei-roasting you received?
Someone_Random Yesterday, 1:55 PM
kako to mislis 5? Ima ih 20 -30
Someone_Random Yesterday, 11:13 AM
Pazi ovo
Nashawk Yesterday, 11:00 AM
Hey, what happened to your anime list ? Why did you make these changes ? I'm curious, just want to know about it.
You're now one of the people who think that Lain > Texhnolyze, that's cool !
sunfukung Yesterday, 10:15 AM
sunfukung Jul 25, 2:32 PM
punpun or the Golden age arc
OnTheShore Jul 25, 1:36 PM
You best be sorry about misspelling Shaun. Tsk, americanising the UK's greatest cultural achievement. :O i like Shaun the sheep as much as the next rational person, but it doesn't quite beat "a Hungarian man walking for a long time and then stares at a dead whale: The movie". I noticed that "old man has a bad back and eats a potato for two hours: The movie" is also on the BBC's list :) Maybe just stick Shaun in instead of Spring Breakers or Moulin Rouge and i'll be happy. Pulp is definitely the superior film in terms of actual film making, Reservoir just works better for me. May have something to do that it was the first tarantino film i watched. I really need to re-watch it again. I think it recently had a cinema re-release to commemorate its 25th anniversary. All i remember from the first 30 minutes of Kill Bill was lots (and lots) of close up shots of Uma Thurman's feet. The rest of it is just homage after homage of martial arts/samurai films. For a film with so much action, i find it ridiculously boring. That's a good analogy for the users of Letterboxd and IMDB users. So many positive reviews on Letterboxd for films i hate where the reviewer loves "innovative" camera techniques that are just god-awful editing in the most recent Resident evil film (the positive reviews for that mess of a film upset me greatly). I've seen a few of Stuckmann's reviews. He seems like an alright guy, but we have far too different standards with regards to films to make me go back to his reviews frequently.

I imagine a lot of the superfluous fluff that i had a problem with were among the things that were cut for the theatrical release. The whole time i was watching the 5+ hour version it felt to me there was a great film in there if it was just trimmed a little. The longer version of Fanny and Alexander was made for television, so maybe watching it in a syndicated format over a period of a few days (rather than in one sitting) may have been a better option. I honestly can't remember the albino scene you mention, i'll have to flick through the film again and see it. I remember not caring much for the "ghosts" in the story. Were they in the theatrical cut? Lol yeh Fanny does bugger all it seems. Should have been called The priest and Alexander if you ask me. I like Liv Ullmann as an actor, but Bibi Andersson (another frequent collaborator) was a lot easier on the eye. Ewa Fröling is lovely to look at as well. I think it's only The Seventh Seal that we have the same score for with Bergman's films. His films can be a bit marmite-y I remember Hour of the Wolf losing me quite a bit whilst watching it. I love the cinematography and locations filmed as i found them quite eerie, the plot on the other hand I'm not so sure about.

Alcohol is the nectar of the gods and makes us pacifists like the illustrious Yang (because we're to drunk to bother waging in trivial things like war). I couldn't really find any enjoyment in the so bad it's good vain with Dracula 3000. Maybe if Tommy Wiseau directed it, it would have been comedy gold. I'm too old now to comprehend this fad known as "fun" you youngsters seem to dabble in :( I'm starting to get a few grey hairs which seem to inhibit my liking of DDDD. In all seriousness i do quite like DDDD, just the last few chapters seem to be in a bit of a lull with regards to story development. Hoping it will pick up again in the next few chapters. I will say that I'm really enjoying what i have read of Nana so far. When i finish it i may watch the anime soon after. Although me knowing of it not having a definitive conclusion is a little sad to know. Godfather 2 is another film, along with Blade Runner, that springs to mind where people were indifferent with it (at best) upon initial release before coming to highly regard it. Maybe in 10-20 years time Eyes wide shut will have the same level of recognition. I think Kubrick died before the film's official release, quite sad really. At least he didn't have to see the muted response to a film he clearly held dear. Had a look at that interview, quite interesting (probably more interesting than the film that follows lol). I was only just a few weeks ago listening to Hybrid Theory (it was the second album i ever bought). Can't say i care much for Linkin Park nowadays, but still sad to hear about his death.
sunfukung Jul 25, 10:10 AM
punpun or the Golden age arc
sunfukung Jul 25, 9:47 AM
tomorrow i ll read
sunfukung Jul 25, 9:24 AM
what is the worst thing in akame ga kill for you
sunfukung Jul 25, 8:39 AM
i plan to do after a few months if i got a foreign girl friend to rewatch it with me
sunfukung Jul 25, 7:57 AM
how are you helpfully that you re better than me