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Kurenai no Buta
Kurenai no Buta
Feb 2, 2018 3:25 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Kaguya-hime no Monogatari
Kaguya-hime no Monogatari
Feb 1, 2018 6:18 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 9
Gedo Senki
Gedo Senki
Feb 1, 2018 4:19 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
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Manga History Last Manga Updates
Dec 11, 2018 8:32 PM
Completed 383/383 · Scored 10
Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
Dec 11, 2018 8:32 PM
Completed 549/549 · Scored 9
Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland
Dec 11, 2018 8:32 PM
Completed 58/58 · Scored 7


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Kerosknight Aug 26, 2014 4:44 PM
Kerosknight Feb 15, 2014 6:35 PM
I give credit to the one song which started my craze for Nagi Supercell: Melt 3M

It's not her best song but it's the first song I fell in love with. I think it's also the one that got ryo interested in her. I've also been listening to her songs with Maeda Jun. Owari no Sekai Kara and Flower Garden are really top notch.

I can't really compare the two. Koeda has got a wild, funky side to her that I have somehow grown to really really like. Have you heard their new album? ZigaExperientia? Some songs feel really unlike supercell, but the best two are hyakukaime no kiss and jikan ressha. Incidentally, the cover art for both are by Atsuya Uki, the character designer of Tsuritama and the creator of Cencoroll.
Kerosknight Feb 11, 2014 9:55 AM
Thanks Bobby! My friend got me this for my birthday:

my reaction was priceless. Have you been watching Nisekoi?
Straw Dec 27, 2013 2:23 PM
Hm, the manga isn't really all that dark though. And besides, the manga has all those lighthearted and comedy moments as well, with the exact same artstyle. And the elements that can be considered as such are much more present in that which S2 is currently adapting.

That's a pity, any reason why you lose interest? Haha, damn Bobby, that's a bad habit you have there. Although I once did it myself with Fairy Tail so I suppose it's possible. But still, with Bleach you must have skipped at least 300 chapters then?
Straw Dec 22, 2013 3:43 PM
Haha, I can relate to how you feel about Naruto! The pinnacle of retardation has to be the tug of war part, I couldn't believe what I was reading. This has been the second time an entire chapter was wasted on Madara wrecking the tailed beast, and it will probably happen again if he returns to full power. I just want it to end already, but sadly I know that this Madara thing and Sasuke and Orochimaru afterwards can drag this manga out for at least one year and in the worst case two years. The setup for the arcs in Fairy Tail is indeed same old same old, which is what makes it so bad. It's gotten so repetitive. The arcs and enemies haven't been interesting anymore since god knows when and Mashima has been trying his hardest to turn every female character in a slut lately. I really don't care what happens anymore, but I can't bring myself to drop something I've invested so much time in.

The CGI completely butchers every action scene in Kingdom, and there are a lot. An intense battle between two important characters lost every impact it had when CGI was applied. The characters start moving unnatural and every sense of detail is lost. And this was when I compared the manga to S2, which had a HUGE budget upgrade. The art of S2 looks pretty great actually, but while the CGI definitely looks better, it's still shit. The day I look back at S1 is the day I stab my own eyes out. Art wise it's an underwhelming experience to the manga, and it ruins many aspects of it. There's a lot of censoring too. Story wise it's almost identical, but it skips one arc (one volume) with character development of one of the main characters, which is a shame as it was a great volume. The main character comes off as a lot more obnoxious in the anime, actually, the entire anime comes off as a poorly written shounen for the most part rather than a good seinen with a few shounen elements here and there. The manga has neat little stories at the end of each volume (some of which are animated) and the author's afterwords are a great read. I loved the anime when I first watched it so maybe you will too, but if you ever plan on reading the manga then you will realize the mistake you made by not experiencing the story for the first time in its superior format.

Magi's adaption wasn't that bad, was it? When I started reading it from the scratch I was surprised with how similar it was to the anime (with the exception of the ending), of course it was still a superior version though. Season 2 of Magi has been a fantastic adaption so far, actually.

That title thing seems pretty cool, so I'll keep my eyes open for it. I've heard many rumors about the famous backgrounds of Bleach, but holy damn, there's almost never any detail in the backgrounds (I started reading Bleach). I like the art of the characters though, the way they are drawn and their facial expressions in particular, so I suppose that makes up for it. The comedy elements are nice. Setting and story wise it has been fairly unoriginal so far, but I'm wiser to judge a shounen before the story takes off.
Kerosknight Dec 22, 2013 2:15 PM
My jaw already dropped when Nadeko said she knew Kaiki was deceiving her...

I've got a lot of expectations for Nisekoi, namely head tilts.
Kerosknight Dec 21, 2013 8:43 PM
It was so sad. so very sad.
Yeah, I pretty much love everyone in Monogatari, except for Gaen Izuko. I don't like people who say they know everything xDD
And yes, I am so hyped for Chuuni-Ni (lol). I heard there's one or two new girls! Can't wait to see their weapons!
Kerosknight Dec 21, 2013 12:05 PM
Also did you just make all of the monogatari cast your favorite characters? Because if you did, I completely agree with you xD
Kerosknight Dec 21, 2013 11:56 AM
You did that... on purpose... TwT
Straw Dec 20, 2013 1:34 PM
You've got to give credit where credit's due. Oda's really amazing for having the patience to spend more than 500+ chapters on slowly but surely building a world with many seperate threads before giving those the spotlight. And just think Bobby, we're barely halfway!

Yeah, caught up a few weeks ago. This arc is crazy. In all honesty, Toriko is incredibly fun to read, but the writing feels somewhat childish at times; with dead people being alive again and Komatsu being some sort of food Jesus.The world building phenomenal though. And IGO is so fucked right now I can't possibly imagine what's going to happen. Maybe Toriko and co is going to team up with Midora and Starjun to beat NEO? Naruto is shit but it's still somewhat bearable one chapter a week. Plus it could always be worse, like Fairy Tail.

Oh, it's ending!? I've been thinking about reading it but I saw people saying it's a blast to marathon it, but a pain to read it weekly, so I figured I'd wait till it's ended. How close to the ending is it actually? I mean, is it like Naruto that was in its last phase one and a half year ago but could still go on for another year?

Seeing you go on about these shounen make me think you'd probably like Kingdom. It has a rought start, but the wars are absolutely fantastic filled with tense battles, well thought out tactics and interesting characters. The art is gorgeous too, you would never guess it's a weekly series if you look at it. Avoid the anime though, it's an underwhelming experience compared to the manga. Actually, I believe you were one of the people who dropped the anime 30 seconds in because of its cancerous art, haha.
Straw Dec 13, 2013 2:37 PM
Get to updating your MAL. If you postpone it, it will only become work for you! And I'm switching to MAL because I wouldn't want to spoil the people who are following me on there.
Iron Nov 29, 2013 5:45 PM
>IronShrapnel | 04-20-13, 12:31 AM
Iron Apr 19, 2013 10:31 PM
3.0 in a few days!
Straw Apr 13, 2013 6:44 AM
Oh my God it's like we're made for each other! <3 <3 <3
We must achieve 100% compatibility! <3
-Mordred- Feb 11, 2013 5:23 PM
Mikoto = Best king. <3

I so can't wait. xD