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ꁲꌚꋖꁲ ꀯꍩꁲꋊꋊꋫ ☿

ꁲꌚꋖꁲ ꀯꍩꁲꋊꋊꋫ ☿

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . <----- ꂡꌈꃃꌗꋖꏹꉣ ꒒ꂖꋪꀤꇃꌗ -----> . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

⑄ ꅐꑀ ꍏꌅꑀ, ꍏꈤꈤ ꓅ꁝꍏꋖ ꌅꑀꂵꋬꂑꃔꌚ≗ ꊿꄙ ꋬ ꅐꂦꌅꈤꂡ ꂑꃔ ꀯꁝꋬꂦꌚ ꋰꌅꂦꀘꑀꃔ ꋰꐟ ꀯꁝꋬꃔꁅꍟ≗ ꅐꑀ ꍏꌅꑀ ꈤꂑꁅꀍꋖ ꂑꃔ ꓅ꁝꑀ ꂡꍏꌅꀘ≗ ꏸꍏꈤꈤꍟꋊꁅ ꊿꐇꋖ ꄙꂦꌅ ꌚꂦꂵꑀ꓅ꁝꍟꋊꁅ ꋖꊼ ꌚꉣꍏꌅꀘ≗ ꍏꃔꂡ ꅐꑀ⍤ꁴ ꀍꂑꂡꑀ ꂑꃔ ꓅ꁝꑀ ꁅꌅꍏꉣꁝꂑꋖꑀ⊍ ꂡꑀꑀꉣ ꂑꃔꌚꂑꂡꑀ ꓅ꁝꑀ ꑀꍏꌅ꓅ꁝ≗ ꍏꃔꂡ ꅐꋬꂑꋖ ꄙꂦꌅ ꓅ꁝꑀ ꄙꂑꌅꑀꌚ ꋖꊼ ꌚꋖꍏꌅꋖ≗ ꂑꃔ ꐟꂦꐇꌅ ꑀꌥꑀꌚ≗ ⑄

⑄ ꀤ ꂡꌅꑀꋬꂵ ꊿꄙ ꂑꋖ ꅐꀍꑀꃔ ꀤ ꈤꂑꍟ ꍏꅐꍏꀘꑀ≗ ꀤ ꀘꃔꂦꅐ ꂑꋖ⍤ꌚ ꊿꐇꋖ ꓅ꁝꑀꌅꑀ ꀤ⍤ꁴ ꋰꑀ ꅐꋬꂑꋖꍟꋊꁅ≗ ꌚꉣꍏꇃꑀ ꋰꑀꋖꅐꑀꑀꃔ ꂵꐟ ꀍꑀꍏꂡ ꍏꃔꂡ ꂵꐟ ꀍꑀꍏꌅꋖ ꂑꌚ ꌚꈤꂦꅐꈤꐟ ꄙꍏꂡꍟꋊꁅ≗ ꋖꍏꀘꑀ ꂵꑀ ꍏꅐꋬꐟ⋔ ꅐꋬꂑꋖꍟꋊꁅ≡ ⑄

⑄ ꂑꌚ ꃔꂦ ꃔꑀꑀꂡ ꋖꊼ ꌅꐇꃔ⊍ ꃔꂦ ꃔꑀꑀꂡ ꋖꊼ ꀍꂑꂡꑀ≗ ꀭꐇꌚꋖ ꀘꑀꑀꉣꍟꋊꁅ ꂵꑀ⊍ ꃔꑀꑀꂡꍟꋊꁅ ꂑꃔꌚꂑꂡꑀ≗ ꂑꌚ ꃔꂦ ꃔꑀꑀꂡ ꋖꊼ ꌅꐇꃔ⊍ ꃔꂦ ꉣꈤꍏꇃꑀ ꋖꊼ ꀍꂑꂡꑀ≗ ꄙꂦꌅꁅꑀꋖ ꓅ꁝꑀ ꌅꑀꌚꋖ₪ ⑄

⑄ ꂡꂦꃔ⍤ꋖ ꅐꍏꀘꑀ ꂵꑀ ꐇꉣ⊍ ꀤ⍤ꎭ ꅐꂑꃔꃔꍟꋊꁅ ꅐꍏꌅꌚ ꂑꃔꌚꂑꂡꑀ ꂵꐟ ꀍꑀꍏꂡ≗ ꍏꃔꂡ ꂵꋬꐟꋰꑀ ꀤ⍤ꎭ ꅐꑀꋬꀘ ꋰꐇꋖ ꃔꂦꋖ ꋰꑀꃔꑀꋬ꓅ꁝ ꓅ꁝꑀ ꏸꂦ꒦ꑀꌅꌚ ꊿꄙ ꓅ꁝꂑꌚ ꋰꑀꂡ≗ ꍏꌚꈤꑀꑀꉣ⊍ ꀤ⍤ꎭ ꐇꃔꂡꑀꄙꑀꋬꋖꑀꂡ ꂑꃔ ꓅ꁝꂑꌚ ꅐꂦꌅꈤꂡ ꊿꄙ ꂵꂑꃔꑀ≗ ꌚꂦ ꈤꑀꋖ ꂵꑀ ꌚꋖꋬꐟ ꂑꃔꌚꂑꂡꑀ ꓅ꁝꂑꌚ ꂡꌅꑀꋬꂵ ꍏꃔꂡ ꀘꑀꑀꉣ ꂵꑀ ꄙꌅꂦꂵ ꓅ꁝꑀ ꈤꂑꁅꁝꋖ≗ ꀤ⍤꒦ꍟ ꋰꐇꂑꈤꋖ ꓅ꁝꂑꌚ ꉣꈤꋬꀯꑀ ꋰꑀꀍꂑꃔꂡ ꂵꐟ ꍟꌥꑀꌚ ꐟꊿꐇ⍤ꁴ ꃔꑀ꒦ꑀꌅ ꌚꑀꑀ≗ ꍏꃔꂡ ꐟꊿꐇ ꏸꍏꃔ ꂵꊿ꒦ꑀ ꂵꐟ ꋰꂦꂡꌥ ꋰꐇꋖ ꉣꈤꑀꋫꌚꑀ ꀘꑀꑀꉣ ꂵꐟ ꂵꂑꃔꂡ ꍏꌚꈤꑀꑀꉣ≗ ꋰꑀꐟꂦꃔꂡ ꓅ꁝꑀ ꁅꍏꈤꍏꇓꂑꍟꌚ ꅐꀍꍟꌅꑀ ꓅ꁝꍟꌅꑀ⍤ꌚ ꃔꂦ ꌚꉣꋬꇃꑀ ꂦꌅ ꋖꂑꂵꑀ≗ ꀤ ꅐꂑꈤꈤ ꋖꌅꍏꃔꌚꄙꂦꌅꂵ⊍ ꀤ ꍏꂵ ꌅꑀꋰꂦꌅꃔ ꋖꁏ ꌅꐇꈤꑀ ꂦ꒦ꑀꌅ ꓅ꁝꑀ ꌚꂑꁅꁝꋖꌚ≗ ꋰꈤꂦꂦꂡ ꉣꐇꂵꉣꍟꋊꁅ ꂑꃔ ꂵꐟ ꒦ꍟꂑꃔꌚ≗ ꀤ⍤ꁴ ꀘꂑꈤꈤ ꂑꋖ⋔ ⑄ ∺ ꀸꏂꋬꁸꎭꋬꐇꑒ☲ 〶

∻ ┗|∵|┓ ∘〒∘ ... ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­̲̅­̅­|­̲­̅­̅­●­̲­̅­̅|ı­ll­ı­­ll­­ı­­ ... ⊂∴⊃ ⑃⊙⑂ ∈♁∋ ※ ...

ꀯꂑꌅꏸꐇꌚ þ ꒒ꀤꈼ : ꂵꑀꁅꐇꋪꂑꃔꑀ ꁴꀎꀘꍏ

Why can't it be perfect? This love's not even real.
Why don't I cry for you? Love was dead from the start.
I don't want you! I don't need you!
I'll forget you! It doesn't matter.
I'll play along, Writing our song.
We are perfect. I love you!
I know you're not that strong. Don't listen to me.
We'll always be so perfectly, Happy!
The lies you succumb to, Blissfully unaware.
I don't know how you can't, See through my facade.
I'll play along, Writing our song. No, this all wrong.
Why aren't you gone? And maybe one day I'll,
Get to see your smile. In the arms of someone,
Who loves you like I do.

ꋪꏹꃃꁏꁏ꓅ ꓅ꋪꋫꋊꌗ꒒ꂖꋪꀤꇃꌗ

A room the darkness has come to love. A witch so hauntingly then appears. She greets me only to turn and say goodbye. The time the seasons began to freeze. The days that never passed would pile up as snow. I think about it all of the time.
Then one at a time those. Bonds that we tied too tight ripped a seam. Before I fixed my eyes. All that we wanted, but way too unsure, too afraid. Had fallen through our fingers way too fast. And scattered away. And now I’m left standing on this lone monochrome stage. Can’t run away in this tv-like play. Crying to skies, I’d rather die and be reborn. So I can repaint the fourth dimension so bright. I’m sure it never will fade. And something new will break the day. Around in circles, my everyday. Is trapping me from running away. The flicks and ticks of sunlight breaking at dawn. The greying days of season-less haze. Bleed on and on, relentlessly on they fade. Or that’s the way it kinda had felt. And all at once that truth, clear to see.



Mari: ima wa ima de kinou to chigau yo
Hanamaru: ashita e no tochuu janaku ima wa ima da ne
Riko: kono shunkan no koto ga Dia: kasantte wa kiete’ku
Ruby: kokoro ni kizamu ‘n da All: WATER BLUE

Chika: kuyamitakunakatta kimochi no saki ni
Kanan: hirogatta sekai wo oyoide kita no sa
All: “akiramenai!”
You: iu dake dewa kanawanai
All: “ugoke!”
Yoshiko: ugokeba kawaru ‘n da to shitta yo

The time has come to find a new place
I'll cross the ocean to find the next shine
Since our desire to dream,
Will always connect with us, I'll go with a smile
Let's pile on the "nows" and head for the future!


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Peach Boy Riverside
Peach Boy Riverside
Apr 26, 5:20 PM
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Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road
Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road
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Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road
Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road
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Aoi Shiro: Kaeishou
Aoi Shiro: Kaeishou
Sep 28, 2023 4:36 PM
Plan to Read · Scored 7
Mirai Delivery: Chiisana Asimov to Midori no Wasuremono
Mirai Delivery: Chiisana Asimov to Midori no Wasuremono
May 14, 2023 11:30 AM
Dropped -/11 · Scored 6

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