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Dec 27, 2009
Mixed Feelings
One of the reasons why anime has become jaded and bland is the same reason series like this anime get released. It’s not so bad to have anime clichés in your anime, it’s how you use them. This series uses them in the most boring manner imaginable.

The anime plot is pretty basic. Girl saves boy, girl is alien, girl and guy get in to wacky adventures, guy wants to pork said alien. Shocker, the boy is a fucking otaku and the girl is a walking doormat. Narue is the alien and Kazuto is the bitch, I mean boy. There are no plot twists and ...
Jul 27, 2009
What really goes on in the mind of mangaka when they draw manga? That is the premise of Super Cruel and Terrible Tales of Mangaka, Terrible Tales for short.

This manga doesn't follow a specific plotline, but rather an episodic, short stories that detail what goes on in the lives of mangaka. The chapters really dffer from a mangaka that just had a baby to the terrible, and dark lives of horror mangaka. It seems that there might be some actual truth behind this joke and does a good job of causing you to cut some slack on the mangaka for not doing a good job ...
Jun 12, 2009
Before I start, I'd like to tell you that this is neither an OVA or an anime special, but a music video. Since you can't actually review a music video based on certain things, I'm just gonna tell you how this plays.

This is a really good PV. No matter how you look at it. Let's take a look at the animation. Despite it being littered with fan-service and pointless scenes, the artwork is clean, crisp, and looks very great. I admit some angles look pigish and tend to not make sense, they can be ignored. There is some great color in this music video ...
Apr 30, 2009
Aoki Honoo (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Ryuuichi is sleeping his way to the top. Cool. This isn't a hentai FYI.

This anime revolves around Ryuuichi, a misogynist who sleeps with women to get to the top. However this OVA does nothing to prove that he reaches his goals, or does anything other than look like a total douche. Honestly, he's a male whore. Women beg to sex him. There is no story and I just told you all about it. This is definitely a woman repelant and this type of story would make a woman cringe at the sight of it. This is a fairly novel concept since it's post-OVA boom but ...
Apr 28, 2009
Ushio to Tora (Anime) add
How does one adapt 33 volumes of manga into 10 OVA's? You can't. Especially something from the post-yokai boom.

Ushio and Tora is one of those series that is so shonen it's amazing. I personally found it to be quite bland, Ushio finds a beast in his basement, Tora helps him against his will to fight beasts, blah, blah, blah, but it was so from back in the day that I liked it. It reminded me of Inuyasha. Or, the other way around. There is no plot line in this anime. It's just a series of "yokai of the week" episodes, but that's what ...
Apr 14, 2009
This is just a simple prequel to the first School Rumble.

By the title School Rumble you know if you should watch or not. This is a prequel to School Rumble. It follows the crazy antics of Tenma, Yakumo, Harima and everyone else but mostly the first three. Honestly this anime is built on gags and there isn't really a story so I believe I'm grading the story based on the humor. The gags are somewhat funny. The best one being the Prehistoric Rumble gag. Otherwise, the rest of the OVA is....blargh. There really isn't much of the laugh-out-loud comedy that ...
Apr 11, 2009
Megazone 23 (Anime) add
Preliminary (1/4 eps)
Thank God for the OVA boom that was single handedly started by Megazone 23 (pronounced Megazone 2 3). The story by the way the title is based on what Japan was called back in WW2.

The story is pretty hard to get into, but once you get it it's there. Here's a sentence to sum it up: The main character, Shogo finds a bike, a bike that's top secret to an organization. Oh, and the world is only Tokyo and they live in a spaceship that people aren't aware of.Not very novel, right? Wanna know why? Because Megazone started it. The story was originally ...
Apr 1, 2009
Here's a riddle. What's an anime without fan service, chibis, colored hair, comedy, mystical weapons and cat girls? Not Human Crossing. What is an anime with stern old Japanese society with people having midlife crisis? Human Crossing.

There isn't a plot line to Human Crossing (Human Scramble). It's a series of short stories of normal people living, Japan. These stories vary from a boxer trying to fix his strained relationship with his mom to a woman being reunited with her deadbeat father, to the girl in a juvie camp who's trying to change her ways. Most of these vignettes deal mainly with issues you would ...
Mar 30, 2009
Mixed Feelings
No awards for this anime anytime soon, so hey if you like obsucrity this is it.

This story's plotline is a very sturdy, but boring. After the "Hammer of Eden" hit in this anime's world the world became flooded. The world seems at peace until the Ulyses begins to strike the small island that Isla and Keel, the main characters, live in. The thing about this anime is that it's just a military drama. It's just too boring. Nothing ever really happens and when it does it's at the very end of the episode. The whole "world is split up into alliances" bit is ...
Mar 29, 2009
Tokyo Tribe 2 (Anime) add
Ah, Inoue Santa you tagger manga-ka you!

This anime's story starts off about four episodes in, so the first few episodes are passable but it's still great to watch them. The story begins where the boss of Buppa's , the big gang boss above all of Tokyo's Tribes, son dies during a betrayal by Mera. The story originally revolves around Kai, the somewhat-not-really leader of the Saru's when his friend Tera is decapitated by Mera, another old friend of Kai's. The story from here sets off into the deepness of Tokyo's underground. From here on it turns into a somewhat WW2-esque story, I'd tell ...

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