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Jun 29, 2022
Preliminary (3/? chp)
I only read 3 chapters but felt like writing a review just to tell anyone thinking of picking up this manga to do so.

I loved this story, usually idol stories aren't that interesting to me but the humor from the interaction between the main characters is great and i really liked how fresh the way they use the paranormal element feels in this story. It somehow remains a funny story and i think its because the two main characters have so much charm and the dynamic of: ghost that wants to be an idol even after death and guy that would rather die than be ...
Dec 31, 2021
This anime is a perfect example of how a great production team can deliver an amazing product even with the handicap of this being the length of a YouTube video. In 15 minutes this anime gives you a short but sweet look at a girls passion for golf.

The only thing I could compare this to is Master Chef (hang on I know this sounds weird but trust me.) In master chef we sometimes see how skilled people can take random ingredients and make an amazing product out of it, well that’s exactly how I felt with this show. When I saw the people involved ...
Dec 29, 2021
Slow Loop (Manga) add
Preliminary (3/? chp)
This is the definition of a hidden gem! I’m so glad i started reading this to see if the anime would be worth my time, this is quickly turning into one of my favorite slice of life stories. I like this manga because it has a nice balance between SoL and giving the characters personality. Idk why but all the characters feel so full of life i really wasn’t expecting this from a slice of life. Usually this kinda stories are relaxing to me but not compelling but with this one for some reason is so refreshing and not a chore to read at all. ...
Dec 22, 2021
After 12 eps I can tell you that if you’ve seen the poster you know what to expect, it isn’t really Slam Dunk on ice but it also never advertised itself as that. This is aesthetically a “CGDCT” anime which in my opinion isn’t the best match for a story about hockey but it might just be strange enough to work. If the idol part of the show puts you off, first of all don’t worry i understand it but please also understand that it isn’t a bad strategy. This show isn’t made for a tradicional overseas market and seeing the success of Uma Musume ...
Oct 6, 2021
School Zone (Manga) add
Preliminary (89/107 chp)
I don’t know why anyone hasn’t made this comparison already but this manga fells like a spiritual sucesor to nichijou but Yuri. Idk why but the comedic timing and ridiculousness of the skits really reminded me of it.

Overall this is just a lovely yuri romcom, all the pairings are great and it isn’t at all trashy (in case y’all are worried about that) so i would recommend it to any serious Yuri fan that is looking for a good Yuri rom com. The art is great it has this slight emo feel to it and it just makes all the character designs better.

I’m finally up ...
Sep 24, 2021
I’m compelled to write this review because this OVA made me feel something no other OVA has done before and that is a different kind of “fan service”.

When talking about fan service I think we all understand it as just that fan+service something the fans want to see. Usually this involves the characters looking more provocative but sometimes what the fans want to see is a What If narrative that lets fans enjoy for example their favorite characters ending up together. I feel like this kind of fan service is different and personally I had never looked for it or thought I wanted it until ...
Jan 1, 2021
Preliminary (8/25 chp)
Lovely manga so far, if you like your sweet yuri romances like instead of trashy fan service ones you’ll probably love this. So far it isn’t too story heavy and it feels more lighthearted but with a touch of a fantastic element like time travel to keep things interesting. I don’t expect this to be as good Bloom into you but it definitely showed it can be a wholesome and entertaining read.

Only volume 1 is available at the moment but apparently volume 2 comes out March 2021 so hopefully the story will continue to develop nicely, so far I’ve really like it so if you’re ...
Nov 24, 2020
Its sorta kinda like angel beats but very and i mean very very degenerate, this show kept one upping itself it is up there with some H series. This was a complete train wreck it was so bad but by the same token i couldn't take my eyes away from it.

Personally i wouldn't recommend this to anyone looking for a good anime but personally I've been watching so many good shows lately that trying a trashy one felt really refreshing. 7 min is the perfect length for this since that way the show never overstays its welcome, watching one episode was like eating chips ...
Sep 25, 2020
Great show, honestly at first i thought it was just going to be another trashy rom com but i gave it a chance because I saw that Peggies wrote the opening and I’m glad I stuck around.

I hate to see how everyone becomes a harsh critic when there is a character they dislike, News flash: idiots exist in the real world as well, when people are in love or hurt they make irrational choices, this show never advertised itself as a serious romance story I don’t know why everyone acts surprised it had misunderstandings and plot devices in it, what I personally liked about the ...

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