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Digimon Adventure:
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Hataraku Saibou Black (TV)
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LazyBoy-kun Sep 19, 2018 1:58 PM
I think there are many fans out there that liked it as much as I did too. Its just an unpopular anime and not to mention been there for years already. So its not surprising that its out of the talks already. I have to say, for a harem kind of anime its realistically unique.
XAXAWAWA Aug 14, 2018 2:30 PM
Obrigado, ela funciona muito bem para filtrar as pessoas que me adicionam.
FMmatron Aug 14, 2017 3:27 PM
Yes man, the episode was just dowright awesome.

It was about time that Dorothy would get some extra screen time and I was so glad when I realized that this time it will be about her, but I honestly wasn't expecting such an emotional story.

The twists made it also pretty exiting again, my opinion about her dad changed a few times during that episode xD But I was so satisfied that he turned out to be a loving father after all, this way Dorothys last memories about him turned out to be good ones, it's still sad after all :/

Like you said technically the episode was top notch and the visuals were also great. I hope the show keeps that level so that I can give an even higher score.
FMmatron Aug 14, 2017 2:13 PM
PP was pretty good again, right ? :P
FMmatron Aug 7, 2017 12:16 AM
Oh yes, it was actually one of my favorites so far, good idea to give Chise some backround and the action was nice too :D
Freyja-Lilith Jul 26, 2017 5:30 PM
I'm incredibly boring. XD

I'll happily take the cold over the heat. As long as it isn't too cold. :hug:
Freyja-Lilith Jul 24, 2017 2:40 PM
I haven't been up to much.
:hug [if allowed]:
Freyja-Lilith Jul 23, 2017 5:54 PM
Hello Ainosense, how've you been? :)
FMmatron Jul 22, 2017 6:23 PM
Yeah, then Golden Time will surely be for your liking and I would also recomnend Clannad, even tho I'm pretty sure you're already aware of the show.

A Crossover would be the only thing which could save this mess xD

It has to, after showing so much potential this show better get better or at least stay that good, a disappointment would be too much for my poor heart to handle :/ :D
FMmatron Jul 19, 2017 4:18 PM
Ah don't mind, don't mind, I also take my time with replying sometimes, even tho I'm online,watching anime is keeping me busy :D

Yeah, I also didn't get some jokes due to my lack of knowledge about the japanse culture, but well it was ok I guess, still rated it with a 4 cause I expect more from a comedy. Shows like Aho Girl are showing me I can still laugh. I had to finish it due to the challenge, took me about a month, tho. If you don't have a reason, just drop it you won't miss anything the show is going nowhere. I'm just saying that to save some of your time.

Would be cool if you give the show a chance, I would really like to hear your thoughts on it. I'm sure you will like it, it's very fun and like the title is already hinting, you will most likely have a golden time.

xD, yeah the smartphone guy is really something, Kazuma from Konosuba is probably begging for the same fortune.

Really liked the twists, it's nice for a change if show gets a more unpredictable, the surprise factor is raising the tension. If it stays this level it's easily the dark horse of the season.
FMmatron Jul 18, 2017 2:51 PM
Dat second episode of Princess Principal was even better than the first one.
FMmatron Jul 16, 2017 6:24 PM
I rewatched most shows 3-4 years ago during holidays. Amongst others Beyblade, Digimon, Sailor Moon, Yugioh, Kickers and so on, the feeling was there, but dunno if it would have the same effect nowadays.

Well yeah, high score aren't a guarantor for a awesome show. I didn't get the hype about One Punch man at all, for me it was just an ok show. Nichijou was hardly funny, except the scenes with the professor, she's really cute, Zankyou no Terror was also not really good, most of the time too dry for my and when there was action I almost felt nothing , that's poor for a thriller. These are some of the shows where I personally couldn't agree with the majority at all. But most of the other stuff about 8 is usually really good for me. While in the 7er area it's either hit and miss, and below 6 you have to be lucky or pick something with tags you like in general.

That's a nice idea, the anime may be a good adaptation and it covers up the relevant stuff, but the manga goes a little bit more into somw details and it has more slice of life on top, which could be good for you.

It's isn't bait, there is some actual romance and also more focus on what happens during a relationship, which isn't shown by many anime, since others make a cut either after they come together or they ship doesn't sail at all. This is one point I really liked about Golden Time.

Well, Ballroom is definitely worth a shot,it's still sport, tho :/

I also think it wasn't explained, but lucky him, getting reborn in the perfect world for hin. Storywise it's decent, even tho the first episode was pretty rushed. One aspects I really liked about the last episode were the nice CGI animated fight scenes, looked cool.

Ah ok sry, yeah another crazy school anime besides Kakegurui :D

I just hope this season will get somewhere, would appreciate that.

Glad that it turned out shorter this time, tried to my answers as compact as possible.

And was the movie really that sad ?
FMmatron Jul 16, 2017 1:23 PM
I also rewatched many of my childhood shows, mainly to get the nostalgic feeling and like you said, because I didn't really know what was going on. It was quite a shock for me to find out later that Ranma 1/2 was extremely heavy on the fanservice xD

Yeah that would be cool.

I guess it's normal to savour some things for later hehe. I know it's superficial to think a show will be good due to it's score and reputation, but so far none of the acclaimed title which I saved turned out to be a disappontment.

Hmm I always thought I'm pretty easy to please, but that doesn't mean I suck up every shit, a little bit standard has to be there, but I still like to let my emotions take care of the ratings.

I mean I don't get offended by others if they have a different opinion, as long as they don't rub it permanently under my nose I'm fine, there are plenty of other things one can talk about. And about your last point, I think it's not about changing the view of others, rather more about make others understand what you think, even tho I have the feeling some discuss just for the sake of discussion, it's like some kind of competion to them, and how they measure against others. I think I can understand that even if I'm not a fan of it, except for a few areas which aren't related to discussions on AD.

I saw you saying it a lot on the forum :P
Well I can say you just one thing, even if you don't like RL sports, Hajime no Ippo can still be enjoyed for many other aspects, amongst others for the comedy, which is just brilliant. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I laughed tears in some episodes. But also the action, characters and their development, the slice of life parts and the portrayal of the sport(especially in the manga) are top notch. I'm sure that I'm totally biased regarding Ippo, because it was my second anime I looked up myself, but I'm sure it's a show which can be enjoyed by almost anyone. And I never really saw someone talk bad about it so I think that's also a proof for the awesomeness :D So if you ever want to give it a shot, I would really appreciate it, but it's not a must . And yes quality is pretty much constant, same for One Piece. Well I won't blame you, I would also be intimidated by the sheer amount of episodes. I'm lucky since I'm watching it since 2003 when it first aired in german tv, I nevet had problems with catching up, even tho I wouldn't mind marathoning the manga xD I can just say, it would most likely take a bit to grow on the show, but once it's magic reached you it will never let you go. You could also start it slowly a few episodes every week, it would take some time, yet it doesn't run away, you don't have to feel pressured by catching up, just watch in your own pace. I'm saying that in case you are interested, if not forgot what I said I recommend to read the manga. You could also check my other favorites, I'm pretty sure you will love Toradora!, Bakuman, Golden Time and Parasyte, if you want some details don't hesitate to ask.

Stating that you dislike is legit man haha.

Made in Abyss is good so far hope it stays this way.

Koi to Uso could either be a hit or miss for me, but so far it's decent.

I enjoy Isekai Shokudou for now, that said, I'm afraid it might lose it's charm for before we reach end. These shows are hard to rate for me.

For Gamers, I also think it can go any way for me, but I rather tend to think it will be mediocre at best.

Kakegurui is just entertaiment pure and I hope I won't ever grow tired of it. A fest for the eyes.

And yeah, the amount of servants makes this more exiting for me, glad it's double cour too. I'm sure that it will be at least a decent show.

PP surprised me too, it had a very nice first episode with a cool twist. I also like the interesting setting of the show.

The only good show you didn't mention was Ballroom, well it was to be expected, because of sports :D I think it will be my anime of the season. As much as I like Kakegurui and Made in Abyss, I don't think they will turn out to be better Made in Abyss has the chance, but there has to be some expectional development for it to top Ballroom.

I also like Aoyama-kun, Knights & Magic and Nanu Maru San Batsu.
this one looks decent too.

And sequelwise New Games first episode was cute,nothing outstanding, but fun for sure. And there will be also Owari 2.

Man, another long ass reply, next time we should try too keep it bit shorter xD
FMmatron Jul 15, 2017 3:59 AM
Better late than never ^^

That's why I'm gonna binge some shows later when enough time passed,just the ones which I thought were good, but I didn't get all details.Small things can still make a big difference afterwards.

Hmm very likely not gonna read the novels, so my journey with SukaSuka ended already :P

Me too and seeing how popular it is chances are pretty good.

Well, there are still 9 episodes left, enough time to work on the plot concerning the love triangle of Asai, Haruhi and Souma.

That's too bad, I still hope that they somehow could settle for a movie, Kyoto brought also a new Hibike Movie this summer and Chuunibyou movie for 2018 after all.

Ah cool, Maid Dragon was already on my PTW in my mind Rokujouma was unknown for me till now, tho. Will take a look at it.

I don't blame you, Code Geass is pretty amazing when you see it for the first time. You aren't late, you just took your time, that's what I also do with some shows, I put them onhold for bad days xD

Finished Shinsekai recently, ( was one of the onhold shows) and yeah pretty much a masterpiece.

Oddly I just laughed while watching Watamote :D I'm not shy or a social outsider by any means, but I could still relate to some of the situations and some of Tomokos thoughts. The show has such an unique premise and way how it presents iteself, really really liked it. I rated it with an 8 which is a high score for me still I thought it was rather a 9, maybe I should fix that. Well, what I really wanted to say was that the uncomfortable feelings others had wasn't there for me, except in one or two situations, where I thought damn if that would happen to me, I would want to die right there on the spot xD

Sakurasou is also one show I'm savouring for bad times, I dunno why, but I think I'm gonna love it.

We all probably knew what would happen with Isla, that said, knowing she would made it even more tragic to watch, you saw her smiling, giving her best at work, spending time with Tsukasa etc. and knowing that it would eventually come to an end with the last episode was so heartbreaking. And the fact you haven't seen it happen, gave you hope while watching, thinking maybe a miracle will occur at the end. Sadly it didn't happen and all the hope turned into despair, which is way worse than getting surprised by it imo. Have to say the show made a wreck out of me for a couple of days, but on the brighter side it made me also smile and laugh a number of times. I guess if an anime can accomplish one it's given for the other,they're going hand in hand as long as you're attached to the charas. Plastic Memories is also one of my favs hehe.

Shigatsu was a similar case, I watched this one beforehand, the despair was also a factor here. But I also loved the show for the music and the beautiful performances. I was also impressed by Kaori, who basically spend the last year she had giving something back to Kousei, knowing what would happen to hear she stayed strong and never complained. And using the limited time you have for another person to be happy made me admire her so much. I was so glad her struggle wasn't in vain and that her energy reached Kousei.

Nagi no Asukara is also on my PTW.

Just saw a few videos of Fate/Loli and I'm not sure if I will ever watch it, sure if you like it for what it is I won't judge anyone, but seeing a bit of it was enough for me to confirm that I can't gain anything from the show, except to empty my balls I guess, but there are better options for that. Maybe I will still try it if I'm out of cute girls shows, who knows.

Foodwars is just fucking awesome end, I'm still hating my friends who were dropping the show for the nudity, not that it was presented in a sexual way I thought it was rather a funny and creative way to show the delightness people have while eating very delicious food.

I liked Gosick too, not necessarily for the mystery but for the romance subplot and Victorique. Last episode was awesome and bumped the score really up for me.

I also liked both season of Sword Art, the very first arc was still the best I guess, followed by the last arc of season two. I can see why many called an unecessarily drama arc. But for me A-1 nailed it with the feels, for ne they are very good at setting up the atmosphere and the music for tearjerkers.They did it with Shigatsu, Anohana, at parts in Erased.

Wixoss sounds interesting and it's even produced by J.C.,so a must try at least.

Yeah you did, thanks for that and the effort you put in.

I don't mind others having a different taste, tho, you can still get along as long as you don't think of others as inferior due to their taste and while you don't like sports we have still many favs in common, so instead of differences we should go for similarities. You could even absolutely despise Ippo or One Piece I would be fine, assuming you would have your reasons and also because I'm very confident in these shows.

And yes,you should even tho I know how hard it can be to settle for favs hehe :P

Btw before I forget, I know it's still a bit early, but would like to hear your thoughts on this season so far.

Ah and you don't have to force yourself answering to all the points, just the ones you like to.

FMmatron Jul 3, 2017 8:44 AM
Sry for the late reply man, I was already asleep and I just came back from my part time job .

Yeah, there are many infos, but the biggest problem with remembering details is watching it weekly and having many other shows alongside xD

Since Suka Suka was an one cour LN adaptation it was to be expected that we won't get past to a certain point without skipping much content I guess, but I think they managed to do a good job with the final episode, that was pretty good and it bumped the score up to a 7 for me.

Haha, with such a mother it's no surprise that Sagiri became like that, was kinda shocked about the part with the panty licking :D how old was she in the flashback again ? xD

Yeah Aot season 3 is hype, I think chances are good that it will be double cour, the teaser showed a scene from the manga which couldn't be covered with one, it's not safe, but chances are good, let's hope the best.

I think Sakurada is trying too hard to be smart, even though half of the dialogues aren't making sense, I admit it has a good concept and some of the cases had a good script, but it lacks a decent presentation, it appears emotionless and that doesn't refer to the characters alon. That would be my gues what the show is lacking.

CWP was just end stage cancer..

I don't know, wasn't on my PTW this season, it also doesn't look like sonething I would like..maybe I will skip through the first episode to confirm it.

Amaburi is the perfect example of a show to have a good time, it was just fucking entertaining, I liked as good as everything about it, it's also one of my favorite fanatasy/comedy shows dunno in which category I should put it.

I will definitely rewatch it and I would love to see a second season, although it would be hard to think out a plot line, but just some random episodes could also be great I guess.

Unfortunately it doesn't look good for S2 :/
If you know a show similar to Amaburi feel free to recommend it :D

Btw you don't have any favs listed, would like to hear about your top 10 shows.