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Sep 28, 2018
Ares no Tenbin is an incredibly strong comeback for the series.

A lot of the context for this review is back in my Inazuma Eleven Reloaded review, so don’t forget to check that one out too.

The series mainly revolves around Inanuki Raimon, a team of transfer students that have been brought in the replace the separated Raimon. As far as standout characters go, none of them really do, it’s always been one of the curses of the series where the characters from the first part of any iteration are destined to be replaced for more likable and established characters as it goes on. One thing ...
May 14, 2018
IE Reloaded feels like a very flimsy foundation to build this new series on.

With the story wanting to get rid of the alien orphaned anime boys powered by a magical space rock, it retcons all of that and sets up to go down the route of seperating everyone to raise up Japan's skill level as a whole rather than assembling a ragtag team of really good players.

Initially, this could come off as an interesting idea, the possibilities that can be born out of implanting an already established character into a completely new circle and using them as springboards to build the new ones that ...
Mar 27, 2018
Mikako-san (Manga) add
Mikako-san is incredibly bittersweet.

What the story boils down to is essentially a teen drama about relationships and finding one's place in the world, but it's the author's understated and poetic way of laying it all out and conveying what the characters are feeling that makes it so special. Through out the series are sprinkled symbols meant to relate to certain characters, colors like red for Mikako and green for Midorikawa, objects like the former's tube of candy or the latter's pencils. They're used incredibly effectively the first time, but even more so the fifth, it keeps referring back to these symbols in order to show ...
Feb 12, 2018
Children Record is a pretty solid prologue.

Having the colossal task of setting up for the subsequent 20 music videos, it's amazing just how much it manages to do in the 3 minutes it has. Its opening group shot and subsequent pan across each of the key actors works well in giving the viewer unique visual traits to remember each of them by, it also helps how, including the following parts where they were shown off as an ensemble, they are grouped in ways that give an idea of which ones are closer to others and what kind of relationship they might have. The frames where ...
Dec 14, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Mazinger-Z vs General of Darkness is a pretty good passing of the torch.

Mazinger Z is an undeniably iconic figure when it comes to the history of anime, one of the first pilotable mecha, cementing and popularizing many of the tropes that are still used 40 years after its inception, the way it was introduced in-series goes to show just how powerful the unit was by it being this unstoppable demon. Now imagine if this titan of power and fame gets absolutely demolished.

The forces of the General of Darkness destroying the cities that Kouji worked so hard to protect sets up well just how helpless the ...
Oct 11, 2017
Last Game is a failure of a finale to the series.

Just to get it out of the way: it's fair to call it a finale because it calls itself last game, as opposed to its manga counterpart that just called itself extra game, which was much more harder to be harsh on it for that reason.

The best part of the movie was seeing how the Generation of Miracles were no longer bloodthirsty psychopaths who'd stab someone with scissors. Seeing them as normal, chill teens was pretty refreshing. Them having retconned Kagami wanting to be an NBA player is also an appreciated touch, it filled in ...
Oct 2, 2017
Episode of Jupiter is a wonderful way for fans to go from idol girls to idol boys.

A lot of what makes this prologue so compelling is evidently Jupiter: The work they're willing to put into making their fans happy and alleviate the burden of the staff that help them. Them striving to prove that they have worth and can make it on their own is a solid method of utilizing the goodwill they have garnered because of the aftermath surrounding 961 in the original anime and builds a solid base for Side M, considering they'll probably play a prominent role in that show.

The interview scene ...
Sep 24, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Knight’s & Magic is pure escapism for the kind of people that find giant robots cool.

The easiest way to know if the show is the kind the viewer will enjoy is to have them watch the first 3 episodes, they are designed in a way to go through all the appealing aspect the show has and will get as it goes on.

The first episode establishes the world it’s set in: although a fairly standard one, it heavily goes into pushing the robots and how magic is involved when it comes to piloting them but keeps the specifcs regarding the engine as such a surprise for ...
Sep 11, 2017
The Mahoutsukai no Yome’s a neat little side story.

The main appeal of the ova is essentially seeing how everything is presented rather than the actual narrative elements themselves. The anime doesn’t try and get you interested in Chise by telling you she’s an orphan hated by everyone for being weird, it wants you to get invested in her through scenes like her not being able to go to bed because there is literally a monster inside her futon or her talking about how happy she feels when she finishes a book. The story never asks you to doubt that it’s all going to work out ...
Apr 2, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Schoolgirl Strikers is kinda fun at times.

Its inherent appeal lies in just how typically "anime" it is: its all female cast of highschoolers who fight depth-less monsters from other worlds in their skin-tight and revealing uniforms and different weapons. Yui Ogura taking her usual high-pitched voice and elevating it even further is somewhat symbolic of what kind of feeling this show is going for.

The rest of the main cast also deliver performances with the same kind of idea behind them, especially the standout ones: Miyuki Sawashiro talks in her normal mature sounding voice that just happens to feel very iconic of what anime voice acting ...

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