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Mar 30, 2017
Warning: The review will contain spoilers

Here's an update review in YouTube. Don't is still mine and sorry if my voice sound shaky I'm just a poor college student that have no money to buy a mic and used my earphone as a mic....

If not then... Here's the script. Kinda I think....

Well… there’s one place I can put this anime.
Anime that everybody hates but I don’t category.
Story: Is a battle royal anime. The stories are inside the characters and the world itself of the show (For this case is the ziggurat, the world and the nimrod, the weapons). So for the characters stories I'm read more
Mar 2, 2017
With all the popular romance being set in high school. Like, Ao Haru ride, ReLife, I always love you and etc. Is glad we get to see some younger approach for the viewers to felt their first love all over again as WE ALL FELT THAT BEFORE. If you are looking a romances anime that will reminds you of your first love. Then I got 1 for you it will make you feel warm, cozy and felt heart warning as you remember your first love. Here I'm bringing a review from the spring and fall season of 2016, 12 sai chicchan na mune no tokimeki read more
Feb 26, 2017
I'm gonna review ALL 3 parts of the movies in this little review.

Story: Is pretty simple, cut, dry, fantasy stuff. That's some bad guys and they want the chain chronicle book as it symbolize all things good. Which our heroes have to fight back save their friend and the world from the power of darkness with THE POWER OF LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP and... That's about it.

Characters: The only one that is sort of relatable are Phoena, Yuri and Aram. With Phoena, she has the father that have been corrupted by the darkness and have a duty to protect the book. Now for Yuri, read more
Feb 7, 2017
I pick this series up as I saw there is going to be a second season coming in the spring 2017 season and BOY!!! I GLAD THAT I PICK IT UP!!!!

Story: The story is mainly the struggle on how the characters trying to get over the father's (Don't worry their Tanuki) death as he has been cook in a stew. We mostly follow the third son, Yasaburou but I'm glad that we get to see all of the boys struggle. From the shy youngest son, Yashirou to the oldest son, Yaichirou trying to be the leader of the Shimogamo clan and that's basically it. From read more
Jan 17, 2017
Warning: This anime is consider anime that everybody likes but I don't
Warning: For this review I'm going to consider Russian Yuri as Yurio

Story: The story is with Yuri Katsuki a professional ice skater that somehow flop at the final and meet his so-called rival Yurio as well in the journey of getting better in ice skating again with love thrown in as well with his coach Victor. That on paper sounds interesting.... However poorly executed. Why?? Let's find out

Characters: Now the main 3 characters are great. Yuri, Victor and Yurio. Those 3 got the most character development. Yurio start out as a prick but at read more
Jan 7, 2017
Servamp (Anime) add (All reviews)

Story: The story center around Mahiru. As a kid that he grew up after his mother is dead his uncle decide to adopt him as his own and learn the phrase "simple is best". Which is a great phrase... That I should learn.
Hence he adopt a cat and name him Kuro. One day after coming back from school he found a man in his home watching TV and eating some cup noodle.
He warn Mahiru to not to say his name but since this is a shounen anime which I have no idea why this is a shoujo anime. read more
Dec 28, 2016
Before watching this anime: Well after the failure of the summer anime known as amaama to inazuma (sweetness and lightning). I need a slice of life that can fix the void from that failure...
Oh how about this one.

After watching this anime: GOD DAMN THE FEELS

Story: Take barakamon and add a fantasy twist with a raccoon. You would get this really. I just love how poco is slowly but surely changing souta lives around by using the flashback at the end of the episode showing how much his father loves him and you are not alone.
A good slice of life endure you to it's world.
But read more
Nov 26, 2016

Re zero, the anime have went crazy for the past 2 seasons (spring and summer 2016) and once is over everybody is talking about it. So what I think. Well is ok at the best. The main issue that I have with re zero is the story and characters.
So I gotta talk about those thing first.

Story: I'm sorry but after literally finish the series yesterday and spend almost 8 hours in it. I barely remember anything. The main reason is that if you are going to make a series with read more
Nov 4, 2016
I'm going to remember this quote forever.

Cheer danshi is clearly the most underrated anime of the summer 2016 season or possibly the entire year which I don't get it.

KEY: Break being what the characters need to accept about themselves or overcome any difficulty

Story: The story of the show.... Well there isn't any... The true story of the show is within the characters. The characters backstory is the true story of the show where we just want to get up and cheer for those boys that they need to break whatever they need to break in this cheer club.

Characters: read more
Oct 27, 2016
Endride (Anime) add (All reviews)
First thing first, WOW this anime have a lot of hate.
But personally is not too bad.

Story: The story begin in endride a world that is underneath the human world. So basically you all might say is like a trap in a fantasy world anime again right?? You are right. But is different in some way that I some how enjoy it. It have one american movie called narnia feels or if you want to talk more anime-ish, take spider rider or chaotic that air many many years ago. Is those similarities that I found it enjoyable.

Art: Like I say in story part, the read more