Nov 4, 2016
88expert (All reviews)
I'm going to remember this quote forever.

Cheer danshi is clearly the most underrated anime of the summer 2016 season or possibly the entire year which I don't get it.

KEY: Break being what the characters need to accept about themselves or overcome any difficulty

Story: The story of the show.... Well there isn't any... The true story of the show is within the characters. The characters backstory is the true story of the show where we just want to get up and cheer for those boys that they need to break whatever they need to break in this cheer club.

Characters: When you look at the opening of the song. I bet you one question... How is the series gonna fit all 16 characters into the series. Well to sum up your answer They were introduce indirectly in episode 5 and in episode 5.5, yes the recap episode was not a full recap episode. It was only a recap for the first 19 mins. While the last 3 mins being ending credits and Haru explaining after their debut new members just keep coming in none stop hence in episode 6 we get to see the other 7 characters introduces into the series. That is a smart way in term of progression. Let's take something useless and make it into a plot driven episode.
Each characters have enough screen time that we just want to cheer for them. I say the characters that have the least amount of screen time is chen (Chinese dude) but since his basic purpose in the group is to improve on his Japanese. So... we don't need a lot of screen time with him. Each characters have enough character development. Like, Haru being overcoming his fear of heights and growing some balls in this cheerleading team. Ton learn to overcome his self doubts, Mizoguchi learning to use his own words and not use famous quotation,Kazu to make people smile he needs to first smile on the inside and out. Sho able to move forward in life and become their base in the cheerleading team. Gen learn to stop comparing to Ichiro and just compare to his past selves. Ichiro learn to stop showing off. Hissahi learn that people are different from him his reason to cheer is different from one another. Sakuma always think that having a small body is a problem in life as he isn't that strong but thanks to his small body he is able to a flyer. Takumi, Gen and Doh learn to be independent as their big brother is gonna leave the team. Kin though being a man must be a bad boy and cause trouble. I already talk about Chen as his basic purpose is to improve on his Japanese his getting there as he used some hard Japanese words as his confronting Domino. Takuya being a worry puss on his younger brother learn to stop worry about him as spoil him is spoiling himself. Takeru learn that to have patience and guts to actually become a real man as he is scared when the flyer fall and he isn't able to catch them on time but the flyer are even more scared as the base didn't catch them on time. But we all can thank one person the coach. Thanks to her those boys are able to grow so much.
Now when you look at it all the problem that the characters faces are all relatable. Even Haruko (Haru sister) aslo need to understand and able to break and accept that her brother doesn't want to do judo anymore. From Haru's fear of heights to Kin though that being a man must be a bad boy, We all relate to those boys

Art and animation: A lot of people did complain about being dull and the colors aren't that bright but personally it works as they used 1 thing that no other anime uses DUST. There's dust in the air, When I watch other anime I always wonder how the hell they can fire a beam of light straight without dust interrupting. The show also got an addition bonus to the characters design as they look like real human beings where they look like us. So we can't really say characters face are of model as we make some weird ass faces before in our life.

OP, ED and OST: The OP (opening song) is literally OP (over-powerful) as the characters start something new into their life as well as changing their lives one by one. Also the song is sung by luck life which also bring me to bungou stray dogs ed. Which I also love. The OST is THE OST is amazing just want me to get up and cheer for those boys. I need it... right now... The ed... is well.. cute. IS THE BREAKERS DURING A MINI PERFORMANCES... ISN'T IT CUTE?!

Enjoyment: I'm glad they decided to stick on the basics of what is cheerleading and what is a cheerleader, some moves so the characters are able to shine brighter than the sun. Unlike another sports anime that I'm gonna review next. *cough* *cough* yuri on ice *cough* *cough*.

Recommendation: Simply put watch it. Cheer danshi is the show that is able to make me laugh, smile, cry and feels as I watch my boys overcome their difficulties in this male cheerleading squad. A lot of people are actually disappointed with the ending as we didn't get to see the full performances and they didn't mention a winner but when you think about it does it matter... I mean since when cheerleading is about winning or losing?? Cheerleading is suppose to support people, motivate them and make them smile. That is the role of a cheerleader. Now for the full performances part it would make sense to place some past animated scene to see how much those boys grew both as an individual and as a group in this cheerleading team. Also, don't you guys want to know what is in their notebook?? It has been killing me what is in those notebook.

Other recommendation include the obvious pretty boys show free!! and not a sports anime... in-fact is about music to save their school love live with the same perspective of characters breaking and accepting what they need to accept about themselves.

So overall 9.6/10. Now you why not a staright 10/10?? simple, Haru x chihiro didn't happen. WHY!!! TON WHY!!! POOR HARU