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Mar 17, 2019
With an upcoming adaptation, I'd thought I read, and ultimately review this short Shoujo Ai (Girls love) manga. What greatly differentiates this series from others of its genre is its sci-fi premise. The protagonist is overtly shy and through her sheer will of panicking under pressure has conjured up the ability to stop time. The catch is she only has three minutes out of a day to utilize it. This is her alone time where she is allowed to roam freely with no anxiety. She exploits her power by looking under the skirt of Haruka, the most popular girl in class and is shocked to read more
Apr 1, 2013
Anime Review: Baccano!

Every now and then, out of all the generic harem anime coming out, we get one anime that sticks out more than a white guy in an NWA concert. For 2007, we get Baccano! An anime that feels like it has everything an anime should have. Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Fantasy, and don't forget Comedy. With all this in mind, this anime will have you hooked all the way till the last episode.

Story (9): Baccano has multiple individual storylines, all of which intervene into a larger story. The story is not told in order, so the first episode is actually the last episode, while read more