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TV Anime 'Dance with Devils' Gets Movie Adaptation

by tsubasalover
Jan 29, 1:10 AM | 20 Comments
The official Twitter of Dance with Devils has announced that the original musical anime from Rejet will get a movie adaptation. Titled Dance With Devils: Fortuna, it will premiere in Fall 2017. The staff and cast members will reprise their roles from TV anime series. It was also announced during "Dance with Devils Special Concert Double Curtain Call," which was held today.

Dance with Devil is an original musical TV anime series by Rejet x Element Garden. The anime is about a girl named Ritsuka Tachibana getting involved with an incident involving two species: devils and vampires. The TV anime aired in Fall 2015, and it also received other adaptations such as musical, game, and drama CDs after the TV anime series ended.


Official site:

Source: Nijimen

Dance with Devils: Fortuna on MAL

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Jek then Nesta-sama in chara page I'm crying Fujiwara Keiji please.

Jul 11, 12:56 PM by Shadow-Chan

@NanDemoNai_ Yes he is the masked one. His eyes

Jun 5, 12:37 PM by Shadow-Chan

At first I was like, that's a lot of songs for one movie, but shouldn't it be around a normal amount for a musical? I just hope the songs are good, I wonder if Mage is gonna get another rap song xD That was such a surprise lol Nice to see Toshiyuki cast, wonder if he'll be using his low or high singing voice, I'm leaning towards low, he's the white-haired guy in the teaser?

Jun 5, 8:00 AM by NanDemoNai_

I so want to think that's the same ED joker kill me. I needed white/silver-haired and Jek back omg.

Jun 5, 5:54 AM by Shadow-Chan

tsubasalover said:
Marius: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Teaser PV on db.

New key visual also revealed

12 songs total. w. "Sweet Grimoire! (スイート・グリモワール!)" by all main guys including new cast announced.

November 4, 2017 premiere.

12 SONGS?? XD that's awesome. But that's too much, I hope the movie will be long.

Jun 5, 4:30 AM by Yaoi-Senpai

Marius: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Teaser PV on db.

New key visual also revealed

12 songs total. w. "Sweet Grimoire! (スイート・グリモワール!)" by all main guys including new cast announced.

November 4, 2017 premiere.

Jun 5, 2:16 AM by tsubasalover

I miss Shiki them already I could die I wish they would give me S2 next. I can't wait for movie story everything.

Feb 2, 12:39 PM by Shadow-Chan

I'm going to enjoy the characters bursting into song again!

Jan 30, 9:39 PM by Daisuki

A otome game and now a movie. How am I not hyped for the movie!
Rem better not appear I really want Lindo and Ritsuka together D:

Jan 29, 1:16 PM by Amulet_Miki

That's awesome!!!! <3 My Ren is back!!!
Just hope it will be a sequel and not some kind of summary...

Jan 29, 10:48 AM by random_Z

Not sure if i'm gonna watch this. I thought the series was just ok.
But i'll probably end up watching the movie anyway.

Jan 29, 8:22 AM by Chibi-Alice

I'm still listening to the OP and ED song this day today and I can't get enough of them!! (Especially the OP)


I hope it will continue where the TV Series left off

Jan 29, 7:51 AM by xFaithy

Well I hope it's a sequel and not recap but judging from the title it should be the former. I'll probably be able to watch it better now without cringing really hard at the random break out into song, I still can't forget Mage's rapping lol XD

Jan 29, 7:42 AM by NanDemoNai_

Kinda surprised this is getting a movie wasnt really that much of a good seller or even popular.

Jan 29, 7:13 AM by KurumiNightmare

Yay at least a movie :) I hope they get more songs i need more Kon-chan T_T

Jan 29, 5:32 AM by Mirika

HELL YES. More "Dance with Devils" served for dessert is always welcomed by me.

Jan 29, 4:11 AM by yuliyana29

1. Movie should be a musical as well.
2. Keep Jouji Nakata as Maksis.
3. Give him a song.

Jan 29, 3:17 AM by AntonKutovoi

My friend is going to be happy. I think I should watch it.

Jan 29, 1:42 AM by Yaoi-Senpai

We all know who she ended up with in the anime and I didn't like so unless this isn't following that ending, I won't watch it.

Jan 29, 1:32 AM by phoenixalia

I thought this was mostly average or just there, but I quite enjoyed the TV series. Let's see what this will have though (well, at least it was mediocre xD better than just bad so)

Jan 29, 1:18 AM by Wasshio

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