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Poll: Wolverine Episode 12 Discussion

Mar 30, 2011 4:06 AM
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Well I'm glad this ended.I have to say I never gave an anime I've completely watched such a low score in my entire life.The ending also was so bad it actually made me ask myself '' so....whut was the whole point of this series? ''
I really don't know what to say good about this whole thing,but it's not only a let-down as an anime but even a WORSE let -down considering it's WOLVERINE , which I am a fan of.
Mar 30, 2011 4:23 AM

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Quite happy with ending.
Sad what Shingen were so boring character,until the end i hoped he have some hidden motives or something like that.
Mar 30, 2011 7:47 AM

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better than iron man

Mar 30, 2011 2:54 PM
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Boring ****. The hype and potential from the first 2 episodes did not deliver. I'm so tempted to bring the score down to 6/10 but will retain the one extra point being a fan boy.

I hope X-MEN will be much better but still shouldn't keep my hope up too high.
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Mar 30, 2011 3:42 PM

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Yae-hime said:
Well, I suppose you could say had Mariko lived and Logan truly rescued her, it would have been too clichéd for them to run off into the sunset...a sad ending. I totally relate to Logan's grief and despair at the end...what the hell was it all for?

Yup, I agree a happy ending wouldn't fit, and as I never got to like Mamiko I'm fine with this. I'm not happy about Kikyo's development and sacrificing himself though. Stupid ending for a great character.
Overall better than Iron man, but not much.
Mar 30, 2011 9:35 PM

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Logan gets Mariko back, but she ends up being killed. The only part that seemed interesting was at the end when Kikyo and Logan fought, but they didn't even show that and that would've seemed interesting.

Mar 30, 2011 9:36 PM
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Please Madhouse, stop this.
Mar 30, 2011 10:23 PM

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13man18 said:
Logan gets Mariko back, but she ends up being killed. The only part that seemed interesting was at the end when Kikyo and Logan fought, but they didn't even show that and that would've seemed interesting.

I know right?

I bloody well called EVERYTHING on this. Shingen would die, the ninja woman killed Logan's detective friend, we wouldn't see Kikyo fight Wolverine, and Mariko would die. It wasn't even a bittersweet ending.

So damn pissed. My rating's dropping as well. It's better than Iron Man, but not by much.

I am not pleased.
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Mar 31, 2011 3:43 AM

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I wonder why I even bother finishing this. Masochism, I guess? Well, proceeding to X-Men..
Mar 31, 2011 8:08 AM

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Though keeping the concept that Logan's romance stories doesn't really end well, it just doesn't have much of an impact for an ending.
Better than Iron Man but not much.

Mar 31, 2011 10:50 AM

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Haha so obvious ending. I thought at least this will be better than Iron Man with the first few episodes but it just got worse and worse.

It gets 6/10 overall score from me same as Iron Man.
Mar 31, 2011 1:12 PM
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This is one fairy tale that ended in tragedy........poor Logan. On to the next Marvel anime.
Mar 31, 2011 1:51 PM
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Well, I got exactly what I expected. It was definitely worse than Iron Man, but only by a little bit. At least there wasn't any horrible CG, but some of the animation in episode 11 was hilariously bad. 6/10
Also, I found the lolsad ending to be somewhat reminiscent of a certain anime that everyone's been drooling over this season...
Mar 31, 2011 9:29 PM

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HOLY F*** SHI****

I'm A HUGE fan of wolverine, but this show was totaly terrible from ep1

This was so terrible as the iron man anime, sorry, i lost totaly the respect for madhouse
And i dont gona put my hopes on the next anime of madhouse X-men...

Sorry but for me i put the lowest score 2/10, Sharing the place with green green and magikano...

Apr 1, 2011 3:25 AM

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idlezeal said:
I wonder why I even bother finishing this. Masochism, I guess? Well, proceeding to X-Men..
+1 but i think i will skip x-man despite that i am fan but lol this just looks like another failure xD
Apr 1, 2011 5:32 AM

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stupid series !!
what the heck was that ??
is that even worth producing ??
Apr 1, 2011 5:34 AM

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Eh, lets just say I enjoyed it a little better than Iron Man.. It was still fucking horrible though.
Apr 1, 2011 6:45 AM

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Everyone dies ?
been a while since I've seen such an ending
Apr 1, 2011 7:10 AM

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what a load of bull. wolverine happily took his sweet time playing with the old dude, when he could just stab his neck(which he finally did in the end). samurai boy rather take a hit by the dart to get high when he could have sliced it like he did to the bullets of 6 men shooting at once earlier. massive lameness in the ending. at least its way better than iron 'flop plot' man. still a 5.5/10 and a round down to 5.
Apr 1, 2011 2:57 PM

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Well we knew Mariko will die. You can't except Wolverine to sit around with that woman and buy a house with a white fence now do you? Didn't think the other girl would die but hey it wasn't unimaginable since all she cared was vengeance.

The show ended-up being even worse than Iron Man in my book. I'm a Wolverine fan but that wasn't good.

I don't expect the X-Men(my favorite marvel heroes) to be much of a masterpiece after this two anime but it will be a major inability accomplishment if it isn't at least better than this two shows.
I'm saying this because even if they just make it the same way they made Iron Man and this, the show should still be a little better simply because X-Men as a team have multiple characters and ways of acting and fighting that will make it at least better simply for that alone.

Btw, what the hell was all that stupid talk about cutting Wolverine's head and without a head he will die healing abilities or not?
His head can't be cut!!! Adamantium skeleton hello!!!! The writer of the script needs a few biology lessons if he thinks we have no bones connecting our head with our torso.
Apr 1, 2011 3:01 PM

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That ending was bogus as hell. After everything Logan went through she dies and so does Yukio. All I can say is wtf!? I liked the show until the last 2 episodes. It was lackluster at best. Hopefully X-Men will be better but Madhouse has just messed up Marvel's creations >:|
Apr 1, 2011 6:45 PM

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I thought it was just fine personally.

The ending was kinda lame and at the end I almost thought Mariko would live, then I saw the gunshot and was like ... damn.
Apr 1, 2011 8:47 PM

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Mariko dieing was kind of expected since Wolverine never maintains a real relationship with anyone in the comics. It would be unrealistic for him to live happily ever after with her. They also couldn't just say "Two years later things didn't work out between them" since it would basically make everything Wolverine did in this series a waste.

As for everyone else dieing...that was kind of unexpected. I thought at least the ninja girl or the other chick (min I think) would survive somehow lol.
Apr 2, 2011 12:23 PM

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Mariko died in the comics too... not sure why this is surprising.
Apr 3, 2011 3:17 AM

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I consider this anime ''so bad its good'', its too stupid for my liking
Apr 3, 2011 8:52 AM

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The show is called Wolverine and what does Wolverine do in it... fight some monsters and samurai and then everybody dies. There was also some Madripoor power bullshit going on that I could not care less about. Then again, it's not like Wolverine could ever carry an entire show on his own, he needs to be a part of the X-men or have some other allies than that lame Yukio.

This was one of the worst shows I have ever seen, I have no clue who thought this story would be interesting or anything about it compelling and the animation was extremely poor. Every high level creator who worked on it should never be allowed to make anything anime related ever again since it was very clear that they didn't give a shit about it. Either do it properly or not at all.

Such a waste of my and everybody else's time. I'm just not going to bother with the other Marvel adaptations now since they'll no doubt be awful too.
Apr 3, 2011 7:35 PM

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Not sure if this was better than Iron Man or not. I think I'll just settle with "they're both horrible".
Apr 4, 2011 7:57 AM

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I was really sad about Marikos death but still pleased that people still have the balls to end a story that way. I was hoping, as I'm sure everyone was, that they would've shown more of Kikyo and Logan's fight. Oh well, at least now we have X-Men 2011!
Apr 5, 2011 6:57 PM

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Apr 7, 2011 3:21 AM

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Well, I have to consider it a step up from Iron Man since I didn't despise it as much.

5/10. I'm feeling generous since it didn't make me rage like Iron Man did.
Apr 7, 2011 9:36 AM
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Quit sad ending... well was quite good anime 7/10
Apr 7, 2011 3:03 PM

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What a complete let down. The series was building up for such an amazing climax only to have the whole last episode feel rushed and anti-climatic. The fight with Shingen felt far too drawn out, and the end of Kurohagi was an utter disappointment.

To be blunt the last episode felt completely forced, as if the writers had wanted more time to flush out the story, but the editors hacked and slashed, and then sloppily glued the parts the story they wanted to keep back together to make it all fit within the 12 episode frame. Just like with sticking Omega Red into the series, the elements that happened in this episode just didn't fit well together, and severely clashed with the lore of the wolverine comics.

For example, Wolverine's adamantium(sorry if I spelled it wrong), is supposed to cover his whole skeleton, in the series it only accounted for his claws, because somehow Shingen's sword is able to almost completely cut Wolverine in half. Seriously if I hadn't seen the sword break I would have thought Shingen was swinging a beam saber around, or some other such weapon.

If this is any indication of how the Marvel anime series are going to be from now on I am gonna pass and just stick to the normal comics.
Apr 19, 2011 10:56 AM

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Apparently Adamantium isn't worth shit in this anime...and i had a hunch that Yukio killed Asano but didn't expect both her and Mariko to die though but mehhh Logan was never able to have a proper relationship in the comics/cartoons or movies so i guess this proper >.> but really that ending SUCKED what a PIECE OF F**K this whole anime was a waste of time just like Iron Man was, actually WORSE on most parts...

5/10 and I'm being generous, the ending really killed it for me, it was indeed a LITTLE BIT more enjoyable than Iron Man but really, the plot, characters even animation, sound sucked so bad....geez i can go on forever ._.

Lets just hope that X-Men and Blade wont be another disaster like this.
May 9, 2011 7:39 AM

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I knew I should have dropped this anime. Too many obvious things happened. Especially since there shouldn't be a sequal why kill litterally EVERYONE off. O well on to X-Men.

I'm only watching these cause I grew up a huge x-men fan.
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Jun 6, 2011 2:23 PM
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Wolverine was made to look like such a whimpy boy, and the only reason he could win any fight was cause he had some healing powers, he didn't even heal that fast in the comics >.<. Wow this turn into a pile of shit real fast, first 2 eps, pretty dam good.
Jun 8, 2011 12:12 PM
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I expected Mariko to die since she die sin teh comics but why Yukio as well, as far as I'm aware she's alive and well. and they killed of the other girl as well.

does madhouse hate women? will any woman survive a madhouse marvel adaption....will rouge and storm die in the x-men anime to continue the trend?

The fact that the girls all die knocks my score down tae 7, was gonna go with 8 cause I enjoyed it the show for what it was up till Shingen died. but after two tragic ends tae the marvel anime i'm rather disappointed.

and after reading the story synopsis of x-men i'm sure x-men will be just as bloody tragic. Liked teh idea of marvel anime but not if all of them are gonna have crap endings.
Jun 21, 2011 5:25 PM

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I have never read the comics(or seen the movie or anything else related to Wolverine) and never will,so no hard feelings regarding the original story...I watched the animu just because it was on TV.

Anyway,it was pretty boring.I give 6,though...for Kikyo,because long haired guys with katanas makes me happy *shameless*
(but i must add i do not use 1-4 for ranking so 6 is not even near good)

I guess i liked Iron Man better...
Aug 15, 2011 1:46 PM
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I thought the ending of this was terrible. Don't kill me, but ii was like a soap opera. His best friend was killed by the girl that was helping him. AND EVERYONE OF IMPORTANCE DIED.
1. Min
2. Yukio's grandfather
3. Yukio
4. Mariko
5. Shingen
6. Kurohagi
However, the fact that Kikyo was the only one left pissed me off. And we didn't get to see them fight. :-(
Oct 11, 2011 3:29 PM

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Wow. I don't know what to say.

I really liked the episode. Wolverine and Shingens fight was really good and brutal, just how it should be. And it was sweet that Logan let Yukio get the final hit on that guy.

Speaking of which, I actually didn't expect that Yukio was the guy that killed Logan's friend.

The ending, OTOH, was maddening. I mean, i'm glad that it wasn't too cliched, but man! It made me really mad. Sigh, poor Mariko.

Also, the scene after the credits is such a tease.
Bum Bum Dum Dum

Dec 6, 2011 7:29 AM

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I'm a fan of Wolverine (and X-man) but...I don't know what to say about this end...
I should be happy because he's alive and would be unrealistic for a mutant-fighter to live happily with a human, no?
however, for the first time I appreciate a samurai, Kikyo and his honor of fighter

7/10 (no less bcz I'm fan, no more bcz I hate bad ends)
Dec 9, 2011 9:37 PM

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Like all Wolverine stories it ended with tragedy.
Dec 9, 2011 9:42 PM

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qazx3 said:
I'm a fan of Wolverine (and X-man) but...I don't know what to say about this end...
I should be happy because he's alive and would be unrealistic for a mutant-fighter to live happily with a human, no?
however, for the first time I appreciate a samurai, Kikyo and his honor of fighter

7/10 (no less bcz I'm fan, no more bcz I hate bad ends)

If you are a fan then your score should be lower. This weak man who was tossed around by just about everyone is not Wolverine. Apparently in the series Adamantium is just strong metal.

I hope X-Men is better because so far Ironman and Wolverine were bad.