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Aug 2, 7:15 PM
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Just wanted to know as this is a sequel to handa kan
Aug 2, 7:19 PM

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You don't need to watch Handa-kun first, or at all. I personally wouldn't even consider Handa-kun canon, it's all nonsense gags & stuff. Barakamon is serious unlike Handa-kun. However, if you like comedy, I would suggest watching Handa-kun, too, since honestly, Handa-kun is just hilarious.
Aug 2, 8:07 PM

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No, Handa-kun is just a repetitive gag whereas this one is the story focus. No characters apart from the main and 1 other appear in both shows anyway

As for the quality, Handa-kun is ok at best, has a few funny moments but it is a very repetitive comedy.

Barakamon is a more coming of age story and really good of one as well
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Aug 16, 6:28 AM
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No you don't need to watch it at all, it's different from this slice of life story, but you can check it if you want sth comedic, I find the manga funny.
Aug 16, 6:33 AM

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Other way around, Handa-kun is a prequel to this.