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Poll: Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru Episode 12 Discussion

Aug 27, 2018 4:03 PM

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How can they make a background story in the end, without a purpose. Like I don't see why they did the background story, its not like we needed one because it didn't provide us with valuable information.

As for the Remedius or Zhou saga, that just took an anticlimactic ending. And as for the ring, I didn't get its purpose even towards the end.

Overall it started off great but then it went haywire with unfinished parts of the plot, like why didn't the old man get punished? What's up with the guys saying Cuello was dead but she's seen roaming the streets?

As for Gaysus being the MC was a bad idea, he sucked and never brought the series a memory.

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Mar 14, 9:36 PM

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that's a pretty huge wtf right there.. agree with the OP just about everything, random backstory that didn't even tell the whole story, or any important information, while there's still an ongoing storyline with Remedius..

Feel like the story also skips around way too much.. I am not sure if the Remedius imprisonment / kidnapping was in current time or was a flashback.. then all of the sudden he's captured by another faction along with his little girlfriend and then a lot of terrible shit happened and now he's playing the antagonist role? They definitely skipped a lot of the story there, I couldn't follow all of it. They didn't just skip the part with Remedius, but every other arcs, I don't really get the purpose of all of them..

I also dislike the pretending-to-be-mature sex jokes in the series.. Gayus trying to pipe another girl when he's with Jiv, Cuello dressing like a whore and always seems to be half naked around Gayus just so their romance would take off easier (lazier way of writing) etc.

I like Remedius and Mouldeen(?) from the series though.. the story definitely had potential but 12 episodes is just not enough for a story of this magnitude.. the more the episode goes, the more lost I am.. for the most part, it's still fairly enjoyable but not coherent enough. What a wasted potential.
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Jul 9, 2:56 PM

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they clearly planned for s2, that's why we got background so story can expand in assassin girls arc