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Discord Rules

The following guidelines serve as a reference document for both moderators and general users of the MyAnimeList Discord server, located at myanimelist. They are a supplement to the Site & Forum Guidelines and take precedence in the event of a conflict. The Discord Staff and site administrators reserve the right to make exceptions to these rules whenever they believe it is necessary to do so to maintain proper server decorum.

If you have any questions regarding any of the rules listed below, feel free to message Gilrin.

    I. Behavior
    1. Behave in a clean and civil manner.
    2. Spamming is not allowed.
    3. All spoilers must be given in the following form: ?spoiler "anime title" spoiler text
    ?spoiler "Fairy Tail" Erza is best girl.
    - Make sure the post starts with the command or else it won't work.
    4. Do not abuse/harass/troll others; this includes insults.
    5. Racism and other derogatory language is not tolerated; this includes slurs.
    6. Refrain from backseat modding. This includes telling another user to stop breaking a rule or calling others trolls. However, you are encouraged to use the reporting feature if you believe moderator attention is required.
    7. Do not discuss user mutes and blocks on the channel. They are strictly for the user's own benefit and do not serve as a topic of discussion.
    8. Only use English when speaking in the channel.
    9. Do not discuss MyAnimeList bans on the channel.
    10. Do not discuss warnings/mutes/bans in the channels.
    11. Alt accounts are not allowed and may lead to permabans.
    12. Linking your discord to a MAL account that does not belong to you can lead to bans.

    II. Links & Link Content
    1. Do not post malicious links. This includes links which are intended to steal information from the visitor, transmit malicious software to the visitor's computer and/or otherwise harass the visitor.
    2. All NSFW links must be tagged (i.e. NSFW: <URL>). The < > symbols are required around the URL.
    3. Porn and other extreme images/links may not be posted on the channel for any reason, even if tagged.
    4. Refrain from advertising on the channel.
    5. Providing or requesting links to copyrighted, non-fair use material is not allowed.

    III. Technical Restrictions
    1. Nicknames must:
      a. not contain offensive themes or inflammatory language.
      b. not impersonate MAL staff or other members (e.g. 4na).
      c. consist primarily of latin alphabet characters. Moderators need to be able to recognise and mention your nickname on a standard English keyboard.
    2. Do not use script responders of any kind.
    3. Avatars must not contain NSFW or inappropriate/insensitive imagery.

    IV. Voice Channel
    1. Mute your mic if your background music disrupts the group.
    2. You must not:
      a. monopolize the voice channel; give others a chance to talk.
      b. be rude and interrupt someone speaking.
      c. use a voice volume louder than necessary.
    3. #voice-chat-text exists as a complement to the VC chatroom. This means all text posted should contribute to the voice conversation occuring. If all active voice users become idle or leave the channel, text-based participants should move their conversation to a relevant text channel instead.
    Everything written in the Behavior portion of the guidelines applies to the Voice Channel as well.
LunaJun 20, 2021 9:30 AM
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Dec 2, 2017 10:22 AM
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Ban Policy
    Mute #1: 1 hour
    Ban #1: 1 day
    Ban #2: 3 days
    Ban #3: 1 week
    Ban #4: permanent
Stages may be skipped on moderator discretion if the violation was too severe.

Mute evasion by leaving/re-joining will result in bans. Ban evasion will result in a permanent ban. Ban information and appeals are done by PM on MAL to Gilrin, who will redirect you to the appropriate moderator.
LunaJun 20, 2021 9:30 AM
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