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The following guidelines were written as a reference document for both moderators and general users to define a standard for published news articles. For the general user, it should provide an idea of which news submissions will be approved and denied, and what type of news to expect.

Please note these have been written as general guidelines only. The site administrator, database administrators and news moderators reserve the right to append, remove and change the following rules as they see fit to maintain a standard that does not devalue the news feature's purpose.

You are encouraged to submit news articles to the site here.

Section I: General Rules
    1. Absolutely no plagiarism.
      a. Submitted news articles that are merely copy/pastes of other news sites will not be credited. Please put some effort into writing the article yourself.
    2. Ensure the news has not been posted already.
    3. Do your best to avoid spelling and grammatical errors.
    4. Always find and cite the original or primary source, to ensure the source is credible.
      a. News websites often cite unofficial sources and make the story appear to be confirmed or official, so you must verify this.
      b. 2ch posts and private blogs are not acceptable, unless they have scans of the official announcement (magazine/volume jacket).
      c. ANN can be an original source when it's an at-site report of US conventions, interviews done by their staff, or leaked scans of official announcements.

Section II: Newsworthy Articles
    1. Anime
      I. Always newsworthy
        a. New anime announcements, excluding hentai and kids anime.
        #NewAnime #AdaptsManga #LightNovel
        b. Additional information for previously announced anime (primarily upcoming TV series).
        The thread may be updated if information is released within a week of the initial announcement.
        #MoreInfo #Season #PV #OP/ED
        c. Delays or broadcast changes in upcoming or currently airing anime. #Broadcast
      II. Depends on Popularity
        a. BD/DVD release dates of movies for popular franchises. #BD/DVD
        b. Specials bundled with BD/DVD releases, plus other bonuses. #NewAnime #BD/DVD
        c. Announcements of anime being broadcast outside of Japan (e.g. Toonami in the US). #Broadcast
        d. Announcements of anime receiving an English dub. #EnglishDub
    2. Manga & Light Novel
      I. Always newsworthy
        a. New manga/light novel announcements made by known creators. #NewManga #LightNovel
        b. Ending/Suspension of manga/light novel series which meet one of the following: #SeriesEnd #Hiatus
          i. adapted to an anime with 1k+ users.
          ii. in the top 750 popular series
          iii. active chapter discussion threads with an average of 5 replies
          iv. more than 2 reviews
      II. Depends on Popularity
        a. Series that will feature a bonus chapter in an upcoming issue. #SpecialChapter
        b. New one-shots made by popular creators. #NewManga #SpecialChapter #Mangaka
        c. Short suspension and/or regular hiatuses of a manga/light novel (e.g. Hunter x Hunter, Berserk). #Hiatus
        d. Restart of a popular manga series, which have been on hiatus for more than a year. #Hiatus
        e. Manga/light novel adaptations of popular games/visual novels. #NewManga #LightNovel
        f. Speculations of "climax arc" or serialization length for very popular series. #SeriesEnd
    3. People
      I. Always newsworthy
        a. Major life events of people in the Japanese industry (e.g. death, marriage). #LifeEvent
        b. Award winners outside the recurring threads. #Seiyuu #Mangaka #Staff #PeopleAwards
      II. Depends on Popularity
        a. Popular seiyuu or artists to be featured in live-action movies. #Seiyuu #Musician #LiveAction
        b. New radio program announcements. #Seiyuu
        c. Interesting minor events or personal recounts from popular people (e.g. Shinkai's New Years message). #SliceOfLife
    4. Music
      I. Always newsworthy
        a. Anisong musician status announcements (e.g. hiatus, disbandment). #Musician #LifeEvent
        b. Major concerts or tours of anisong artists (e.g. Animelo Summer Live, Lantis Festival, May'n 10th Anniversary). #Musician #Live
      II. Depends on Popularity
        a. Famous band or artist releasing an anime tribute album. #NewSingle
        b. OP/ED singles for live-action adaptations of popular anime, manga, or light novel series. #OP/ED #LiveAction
        c. New singles/albums for popular anisong artists and/or seiyuu. #NewSingle #Seiyuu
    5. Events
      I. Always newsworthy
        a. Industry awards and their events (recurring threads listed in the next section). #___Awards
        b. Line-up announcements made at industry events (e.g. noitaminA). #Convention #NewAnime
        c. Collection posts for seasonal/special events (e.g. April Fools', Setsubun). #Interest
      II. Depends on Popularity
        a. Information about popular anime/industry conventions (e.g. Jump Festa, AX). #Convention
        b. Interesting industry-related occurrences (e.g. A Man Arrested For Threatening to Blast Lucky Star Museum). #Interest
    6. Industry
      I. Always newsworthy
        a. Industry sales, rankings, and licenses (recurring threads listed in the next section). #___Sales #Licenses
        b. Anime studios or manga publishers merging, separating, or creating new divisions, as well as announcing closure. #Companies
        c. New publication or suspension of manga magazines. #Magazines
        d. Hollywood adaptations of anime, manga, or light novels. #LiveAction
      II. Depends on Popularity
        a. Japanese live-action adaptations of a popular anime, manga, or light novel series. #LiveAction
        b. Drama CD announcements for popular manga or light novel series. #DramaCD #Seiyuu
        c. Kickstarter campaigns (e.g. Under the Dog). #Kickstarter #NewAnime
        The campaign must involve a popular work or company/people that are involved in the industry.

Section III: Recurring Threads
    1. Weekly
      a. Oricon Weekly BD/DVD Rankings [Tuesday] #AnimeSales #FirstVolSales
      b. Oricon Weekly CD Rankings [Tuesday] #MusicSales
      c. Oricon Weekly Manga Ranking [Wednesday] #MangaSales
      d. Oricon Weekly LN Ranking [Wednesday] #LNSales
      e. NY Times Best Seller List [Friday] #MangaSales
      f. PV Collection [Sunday] #PV

    2. Monthly
      a. NA Anime & Manga Releases [First Monday] #Licenses
      b. Oricon Monthly Manga/LN Rankings [2nd Thursday] #MangaSales

    3. Quarterly
      a. License announcements; updated [Jan/Apr/July/Oct 1st] #Licenses
      b. Simulcast announcements; updated [~1 week pre-season] #Broadcast #Licenses
      c. Upcoming Season Previews; updated [~2 weeks pre-season] #PV

    4. Annually
      a. Rankings:
        I. Oricon BD/DVD; Half-Year & Yearly #AnimeSales #YearlyRankings
        II. Oricon CD Rankings; Half-Year & Yearly #MusicSales #YearlyRankings
        III. Oricon Manga Rankings; Half-Year & Yearly #MangaSales #YearlyRankings
        IV. Oricon LN Rankings; Half-Year & Yearly #LNSales #YearlyRankings
        V. US Manga Yearly Print Sales [End February] #MusicSales #YearlyRankings
        VI. Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi Rankings [November 20-ish] #KonoSugoi #YearlyRankings
        VII. Kono Manga ga Sugoi Rankings [December 10-ish] #KonoSugoi #YearlyRankings
      b. Anime Awards: #AnimeAwards
        I. Mainichi Film Award (Animation Category) [Mid January]
        II. Tokyo Anime Awards [March 19-ish]
        III. NewType Anime Awards [October 10-ish]
        IV. Japan Media Arts Festival Awards [End November]
        -- Animation Kobe Awards [Mid~End October] -- defunct
      c. Manga Awards: #MangaAwards
        I. Shougakukan Manga Awards [January 21-ish)]
        II. Manga Taisho Award [Mid~End March]
        III. Kodansha Manga Awards [May 9-ish / Nominees Beg April]
        IV. Japan Media Arts Festival Awards [End November]
      d. Seiyuu Awards [End of February] #PeopleAwards
      e. Aniraji Awards (Anime Radio) [End of March] #PeopleAwards
      f. Events:
        I. AnimeJapan [Japan, March 20-ish] #AnimeJapan
        II. Comiket [Japan, August 13-ish / December 28-ish] #Comiket
        III. Wonder Festival [Japan, February 8-ish / July 26-ish] #WonFes
        IV. AnimeExpo [USA, Beg July] #AnimeExpo
        V. Otakon [USA, July/August] #Otakon
        VI. Anime Festival Asia [Singapore, April 30-ish / September 25-ish / November 27-ish (main)] #AnimeFestAsia
        VII. Japan Expo [France, Beg July] #JapanExpo
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Tips for News Articles

Many users who submit news stories will copy/paste the entire article or only leave a source. While news tips are appreciated, this will not give the submitter credit for the article. Below you can find some tips to help you write news articles for credit. Don't worry about meeting all the points on your first try; practice makes perfect.

  • Absolutely NO plagiarism. Please note that this includes paraphrasing another site's news article instead of writing your own from scratch with the information.
  • Do your best to avoid spelling and grammatical errors.
  • All content must be factual. Please refrain from speculating or including your personal opinion.
  • Articles must contain a source. See Section I above for acceptable sources.

  • Make sure to have a clear opening sentence! This is so that the type of news can be identified without any confusion.
  • Articles should be structured in paragraphs, starting with the most relevant information and branching out to give full background of series/people relating to the news.
  • Please link previous news announcements which relate to your article.
  • If the announcement is a new adaptation, try to include a synopsis (and don't forget to source it if it's not your own!)
  • Conduct a bit of research, if you don't know much about the subject. For example, if the source material of an anime adaptation is a visual novel, then try visiting related sites such as
  • Examples of points to address in your background information:
    • Previous anime adaptations in the same franchise.
    • Airing or publishing dates.
    • Relevant magazines and their demographics.
    • Genres of the title. Instead of saying "the series…", you can say "the romantic comedy series…"
    • Number of volumes in print.
    • Past major works of seiyuu and staff members (please do not link).
    • Previous major works of mangaka/creators, preferably ones with anime adaptations (please link).
    • Oricon sales rankings of BD/DVD or manga/LN volumes. Google search: + Japan Weekly Ranking + Title
    • Information on other media adaptations, such as drama CDs or games.
    • Awards the series has won.
    • Any other interesting bits of information that may be relevant to readers.

  • In article titles, the series' name should be in single quotes: 'Anime Title'
  • In article texts, the series' name and all other titles should be in italics: Anime Title.
  • All database entries should be linked on their first mention; this includes anime, manga, and people entries.
  • Article headers (such as Cast, Staff, Synopsis) should not be followed by a colon.
  • Do not hotlink images from other websites (MAL is okay); instead, use an image hosting website such as imgur. Images 225 pixels in width, of high quality, and right-aligned with [img align=right] are preferred.
  • Sources should be linked directly to the article/image, not the website homepage.
  • If you need help with BBCode, visit BBCode help.
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