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Poll: Big Order (TV) Episode 10 Discussion

Nov 23, 2017 5:10 PM
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Wtf this ending? At start i though it was amazing series but ending was so f*****g bad! And wtf Rin is so much alike Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki (Future Diary). I don't know what more to say but i'm glad this series is short. (Sorry for english btw)
Feb 7, 2018 12:54 PM

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So, in the new world Eiji gets to screw his sister, Iyo and Rin? LOL!!
Mar 5, 2018 9:44 PM

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Im going to assume the manga is nowhere near anything of the animes ending. and it sucks because the manga isnt fully translated but its over.

Interesting anime. the successor to mirai nikki.

Anime started off well but man for 10 eps def rushed. I hope theres a 3rd series because from what i read the manga ending isnt that great either. :(
Jul 12, 3:47 PM
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Fuck sena she makes me want to kms every time she talks
Sep 7, 9:31 AM
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stupid siscon anime.fuck his own sister.
eiji trying save sena without thinking and many time make himeself and his comrade fall in danger,..
aahh.. if eiji just little using his mind and dont act with emotion this anime would be interesting..
this all because the MC is too weak.. and daisy the girl reverse floating and just can see the eye just vr disturbing for my mind..
the eiji order power was very great power but if he an use it wisely its will be good but no..

last episode .. eiji father tryin to open the mental gate that make all the human wish become reality,, and make the alternatif world (actually the concept is realy look like tsuki no me project)
and eji reject that all because he belive that all just falsehood and think to save sena and make her happy..
then eiji using his full power and control the world and make wish to make sena happy but i didnt understan why this wish can pullback the realgod..
wtf the ending is i cannot understan and unlogical.. and at last the order was gone from the world only just the power,, and eiji become hero who save the world..
th world back to peace as eiji wish and at last scene they celebarating sena 14th birthday.. i wondering about sena time left, if she back to normal healt or the countdown is still running? hmm

ok overal the anime concept is really good and i enjoy the grapich. story battle and character,, but the ending i hust fell nahh..

Oct 18, 2:06 AM
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lul. that last episode. when the budget is low and the anime turns into manga art. 90% of episode 10 was black and white and there was barely to none animation. felt more like a slideshow. i actually liked the whole idea of the anime, like.. bearing his sister's sind and stuff. they exaggarted with the powers. too strong, to op. everything could have been turned around with only one whistle. but of course none of the characters did that. besides everything felt like too rushed, especially the last episode. his father can control minds and he died by the power of a bullet. lol.
and its not like both fraction killed each other all the time, but in the end of course they delayed giving the final blow, so tables turned andejis father died instead. xD
is the manga the same btw?

btw, there were some memory parts in this episode (or maybe the previous episode) which made me wonder: did eiji have lewd moments with his sister? wtf xD
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