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Poll: Basquash! Episode 26 Discussion

Oct 1, 2009 8:59 PM
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Well, it's finally over. As a huge fan of Iceman, I couldn't have asked for a more awesome ending.
Oct 2, 2009 6:32 AM

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It's over. The ending was dumb as a dull tree, but at least it was a little better than the last handful of episodes. Overall, this series was a big disappointment to me. I still wish that I had stopped watching it after episode 9. Oh well, another 13 1/2 hours of my life that I wish I could have back.
Oct 2, 2009 6:27 PM

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So I heard this ending was crap?
Oct 3, 2009 10:42 AM

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It's a yaoi ending with Dan X Iceman. :)
Oct 4, 2009 5:05 AM
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man, the series started out great
but then they ran out of steam in the
middle and just crawled to the end, the
ending wasnt what i was hoping for, i mean
the rap up everything but what the heck is with
dan playing basquash with iceman. he should have
at least been playing with rouge in the end.
Oct 10, 2009 1:55 AM

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onone said:
what the heck is with
dan playing basquash with iceman. he should have
at least been playing with rouge in the end.

This. The series started good but it goes down a bit. The ending was decent. Yaoi ending = do not want
Oct 10, 2009 3:15 AM

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I didn't know I was watching Yaoi this whole time. I am sorry myself.

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Oct 10, 2009 3:29 AM

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All they had to do was to do a decent match. But no. They kept shouting bullcrap and everyone was wtfbbq-struggling. Around the time Navi flew to the moon with butterfly heels I had to stop the video to take a deep breath. Similar with Citron random singing, and "oh i see, the stones are alive. why haven't i thought of that". The endless Nike advertisements were the necessary evil, that we all got used to.

I don't know what to say. This was really shockingly bad.

This show could be a dictionary example on how to dig your own grave. The first 10 or so eps were so surprisingly good (as I expected nothing from a mecha basketball anime), it had energy and atmosphere. The hell happened to all that.
Sigh. This just got more painful to watch with each ep. I'm not even sure how to rate it but it won't be that 8 i previously planned. I give it 5/10 for the time being.

Did i mention it was bad?
Oct 10, 2009 3:36 AM

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Kvakond said:
The endless Nike advertisements were the necessary evil, that we all got used to.

Think of it this way, only Nike would be stupid enough to make shoes that large for a very niche market... And without them, Dan wouldn't of been able to make the final Basquash... So ultimately, Nike saved the world. JUST DO IT!
Oct 10, 2009 5:34 AM

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I didn't liked the ending..

Overall i would give this anime 6/10 ..
Oct 10, 2009 7:03 AM

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llamaben said:
Hell yeah!
Well that was weird. The whole Anime was. But at leat it wasn't boring.
I really, really liked the first few episodes so... 7/10
Oct 10, 2009 7:43 AM

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I liked the ending. Anime kept me pumped throughout the series ( mostly )
Overall weird plot: basket ball wakes up the stones that push the earth and moon back into place.

Why do you guys think it's yaoi?
It started with Iceman and Dan so it makes sense to end it that way.
Besides Rouge and Dan are obviously together.
Oct 10, 2009 11:09 AM

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Kvakond said it all, but I just want to underscore my distaste with loading the episode with as many cliche's as possible, from Yan's face to Thousand's "Oops, my bad." and Slash not dying.

The only thing good and consistent about the show was the placement of the music, but not necessarily the music itself.

Oct 10, 2009 12:06 PM
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the show started out great and i thought yh i can watch this, the moment they went to that underground city everything changed and it never really got back the pace it used to have so i'll have to say
6/10 as the beginning was great
Oct 10, 2009 12:51 PM

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The first 9 episodes or something like that were great and full of energy, then suddenly giants and legends and butteflies and living ruins and whatever. It had a lot of potential really.. Too bad they fucked it up.
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Oct 10, 2009 12:56 PM

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This ending was gay but i did like the series 7/10
Oct 10, 2009 1:45 PM

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Oct 10, 2009 2:27 PM

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so turns out they needed the power of everyone. and the world, and the moon is saved, thanks to... BASQUASH!
plus coco got her legs back, which kind of started the whole series
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Oct 10, 2009 2:31 PM

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Like we all know the first 9 eps made this show, but the other 17 still kept me a little entertained so 7/10 for me.

Oct 10, 2009 2:55 PM
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Err, hmm, it was...better than I thought it would be? I'm not entirely sure what I think of everything. I liked the idea behind everyones contribution to the legend, but there were just too many people. On top of that, the characters I did care about were, just as I predicted, downplayed during the match. "Oh no, my power!" "Oh no, my other power!" "Oh no, my dead father and not dead giant hunk of man meat!" "Oh no, I'm an opponent and can't possibly do anything significant!". Throw that in Thousand's way out of character "Oh, silly me" and Citron randomly singing...yeah...

I did like the epilogue, almost everyone felt appropriate. Coco you ignorant slut, you've been on the moon how long, and it took you till now to fix your legs? God I hate her. I'm not gonna lie though. Adorable Slash is adorable.

Series on a whole, easily a 9/10 for the first part, and probably a 5/10 for the rest. 7/10 overall. Can finally put this train wreck away and be done with it.
Oct 10, 2009 4:12 PM

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Well... that was disappointing. I really enjoyed the (sorta) twist they pulled with Dan's failure and despair, but they pulled out of it way too quick. I would have liked Slash/Ascend to pull a heroic sacrifice, but he survives, by Rouge (miraculously) saving him. The way they directed it looked, to me, like he was carried off by the bullet, but maybe I wasn't paying attention.

Felt the combo dunk would have been better with Rouge instead of Iceman, but I pretty much feel that Rouge should have gotten more screentime in general. Hell, Violette too, since they hint at her thing with Slash maybe, three times? Although, that's about as much as we get for Citron/Iceman, too.

I'm giving the entire thing a 9. It may have been cliche, power levels, etc., but I really enjoyed it, for a series about mecha basketball.
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Oct 10, 2009 6:16 PM

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The ending was ... okay

Oct 10, 2009 6:25 PM

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this show wasnt that bad , 8/10

Awesome Sig by Lailide
Oct 10, 2009 6:57 PM

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look at that, Coco looked up in the sky and finally walked, even though her nerves down in her legs are destroyed completely, it seems Basquash can cure everything >.<

it was good then the ending was lame :\. The worlds going to end and everyone starts playing basketball woot(?).
Oct 10, 2009 8:15 PM

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Not the best of endings, but tolerable. Some likable characters, some good scenes. All this...plagued by inconsistency and execution with the plot, 7/10
Oct 10, 2009 8:16 PM

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Mediocre at its best, good start, bad development of the history and thus, bad ending.
Oct 10, 2009 10:33 PM

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I came in expecting little more than good animation, got more than what I thought I'd get. All the character and plot stuff probably sounded silly to everyone else, but, I guess I'm just good at what everyone else calls "lowering your expectations" and I say is "getting into an anime". The start-off was quite original, once they left the city I thought they wanted to broaden the scope. Kinda like the game Okami, how the plot just grows and grows and grows until, like this anime, it engulfs the planet and then some.

My only complaint with the ending was the sudden change from chubby Bel to skinny Bel, I guess he cut back on eating because he's at the camp? The minor whining would just be that some of the lesser-lesser characters I would've liked to see montaged together (the bar, Pryce, minor-minor in that sense~) Citron's strongly into singing, so seeing her there at the end as an idol again was neat. Violette's savior moment and Falcon's save brought both characters up, the dual jumping around of Sela and Navi I enjoyed, Rouge being alone but happy seemed to be a statement of her determination more than anything, Coco's back up--does that mean she could play again~? And Flora's whole distant out-in-the-wild traveler look was quite cool, I liked it the best out of all the "endings" for the characters.

Oh, wait. There was that normal-voiced Slash baby at the end. That threw me, and had me laughing for a while.

Guess I'm just one of those people who is easily impressed, 9/10. ^^~

Oct 10, 2009 11:16 PM

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well this was weird, but enjoyable and without a dude the best mecha-basquetball in otherwolds anime....well the only one but you get the point...
and oh yeah, ill give them a point for making nike the superhero of 2 wolds.,
im still not sure why did the the same canon with the same force send dan-tachi back so easily and not the ball/bullet....dont tell me is because the stones were alive.....
i thing its wrong that coco could walk, just because yes, they dont have doctors in the moon, or is it a new way to cure illneses and destroyed nerves to blay basquetball on mechas...?

whit all that said i still enjoyed this animevery much and since i think it deserves it i´ll give it a 9/10

still lavi flying w/his butterfly shoes was too much....
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Oct 11, 2009 1:52 AM

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Did Slash actually try and set up a story for a second season? OH PLEASE GOD NO
Oct 11, 2009 3:07 AM

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Zero_r2 said:
1) im still not sure why did the the same canon with the same force send dan-tachi back so easily and not the ball/bullet....dont tell me is because the stones were alive.....

2) they dont have doctors in the moon

1) It was the moon's defense system that knocked Dan and them back, not the cannon's fault.
2) Why not? The point of Dan wanting to go to the moon was because they have the technology to cure Coco's legs.
Oct 11, 2009 4:21 PM

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Kvakond QFT.

That was just horribad... I wanted to give it a 4 but it got a 5 because of the rather strong first 10 episodes or so. I was so horribly bored during these last 6 episodes but couldn't convince myself to drop it; I had already invested too much time into this shit show.

I hope all the people involved in the plot/direction/editing/storyboards/etc. get fired and never work in anime again, they obviously have no idea how to make an entertaining show. The only decent staff on this show were the VAs and the animators. Nike was cool too.

tl;dr: 5/10.

Screw it, it gets a 4 after all.
Oct 12, 2009 12:13 AM
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I actually enjoyed it and found it quite a brilliant way to conclude an anime. The animation is some of the best I have ever seen and was for the lack of a better world, spectacular.

Basquash! was a show that never really figured out what it wanted to be but I was still able to enjoy it. I found the ending somewhat unpredictable and at the same time fascinating. I didn't expect much if anything from Basquash! but it delivered much more than I expected and left me at the end of each episode dying for more. I admit it was a little cheesy and cliched but I found it easy to look past that and see an original anime with brilliant visuals and original characters.

I enjoyed the part were the whole gang dunk three basketballs at the same time at view it as a highlight of all the anime I have ever watched. Basquash! was a breath of fresh air for me after watching countless generic anime. It amused me episode after episode. I give the show 9/10 and the episode 10/10.

I took a risk to watch Basquash! and it payed off. I watched it for the visuals and the action but I ended up getting so much more.
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Oct 12, 2009 7:21 PM

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Nothing more to add concerning this potentially great show that went downhill. 5/10 because the first half was pretty good, but even then, I'm overrating it.
Oct 12, 2009 11:22 PM

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With Iceman....Are you kidding me...

Nothing to see here folks just wasted potential.
Oct 12, 2009 11:37 PM

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When discussing this anime with my friends I maintained that it was a brilliant troll anime in the first couple of episodes. There were so many great things being parodied and subverted -- it was like Gurren Lagann, only the hot-blooded hero couldn't do anything right; they were planning on challenging the gods through a silly sport rather than more serious combat like Evangelion; the robots actually moved fairly slowly and awkwardly in general; and most of all several voice actors were cast well outside of some of their more famous or celebrated previous roles. In regards to that last point I made particular note of the fact that Rie Kugimiya was actually playing not a tsundere but a princess who looked like she stepped out of PreCure, and that Hiro Shimono was not playing a mild-mannered teen boy like Jin in Kannagi but instead the aforementioned hot-blooded hero.

Judging by the responses to these last couple episodes I have never been closer in my predictions, and I'm usually pretty good about these things. They have apparently trolled you all quite well and I'm amused at the fact that everyone is trying to take this series too seriously.

One of my greater fears as I was watching the episode count creep higher and higher was that the storyline here seemed to be made of a bunch of disparate threads that didn't always necessarily fit together and I was worried that unlike like a scarf -- or for that matter the little graphic near the end of this ep. -- the frayed edges of these various subplots wouldn't be able to properly combine into a single resolution and conclusion, that ultimately we would have a cliffhanger ending which wouldn't resolve itself.

I was as disappointed as anyone else at the hit in the art quality that occurred pretty much concurrently with the change in directors; what was once an honestly top-notch example of combinations of traditional and CGI animation became instead mostly mediocre. Indeed, this is clearly par for the course with many anime -- another good example that has been airing concurrently that comes to mind that I've continued to enjoy as a picture drama if nothing else is of course Bakemonogatari -- and I suspect will be at least marginally improved in later DVD/Blu-Ray releases. Of course as the subgroups probably won't be touching them I probably won't know, nor does it really matter enough to me to care. (Now consider the fact that the animation was the main reason I watched it up through the touted first 12 or so episodes!)

However in terms of the storyline I feel a lot of the people here had trouble, oddly enough, seeing the trees for the forest. (Perhaps it's appropriate for an anime that seems to be all about breaking the rules both in the rebellious characters and in its general design itself that I sum up the response to it with an aphorism reversed.) When a bunch of small bits of side-story and development of minor characters are shown within a single episode without much to connect them to the main plot is dismissed out of hand suddenly a certain layer of the entire narrative is lost. For example, if we look at the revelation that Slash is actually the prince of the moon aged by the power of the stones, something I recall in some of the more recent threads as being dismissed as mostly irrelevant, we lose out on the realization that he has basically been nurturing Dan's talents from the sidelines as a coach for pretty much his entire life, that perhaps he actually recognized Dan's status as the legend from even very early in his life.

Much of the way the anime has been in telling the story thus far is to actually hide as much information about the characters' motives and consequences as possible from the viewer as possible at any given time. It's vaguely like a classic detective mystery story, only instead of trying to give the reader clues about the culprit, the various elements of the narrative try to hint at a resolution, one the viewer probably isn't expecting. For those who haven't been paying attention pretty much every single one of these revelations seems to come out of left field, but for those who have some of it actually seems to almost make sense. Of course, not all of it does -- as I had been suggesting from the start, I felt the point of the anime was to highlight how silly some of these cliches are.

I do think that the combining of disparate pieces of narrative into a single cohesive, coherent story has been done better in other places (again depending on how coherent you require the story to be in order to suspend disbelief), but I happened to like the fact that they attempted it and did it at least reasonably well. Obviously, like a joke that needs to be explained (since most of you don't share in this opinion), it wasn't as cleverly done as it could have been.

However, given the response of many of these other commenters, there are two things that strike me as being particularly appropriate for the anime. First of all is Harris's ideology and actions, which is based around the fact that nothing in this universe seems to make sense and that instead of actually paying attention to important matters, all the populace wants to do is watch more basketball. He's basically a crazy radical whose attempts at civil disobedience, done to try to shake awake a seeming population of crazy sheep who can't even be counted on to care about their basic survival in any but the bleakest of times, taking too many things for granted, has gone so far that he's almost lost sight of his goal, instead making it about the acts of destruction itself. Compare this to the relatively tame acts that Dan JD as Dunk Mask performed at the start of the anime in order to wake up the populace into developing what might seem a tired cultural and artistic landscape. Given how many people complained about how the anime seemed to lose direction, this juxtaposition almost feels like the staff's meta-commentary on the development of the series as a whole. Who knows; perhaps they really did feel like making it into little more than a paycheck -- the art department certainly seemed to.

The second thing that amused me was the slight twist ending. It turns out that in fact being able to throw a ball harder and faster than anyone else is not much of a marketable skill, and turning to celebrity, expecting them to somehow save the world is a foolish and misguided effort and is likely to make things worse. Then the resolution obviously goes and subverts that, because, hey, if they played against every audience expectation they'd be just as predictable. I mean, I was honestly not expecting such a clean resolution but instead one where the turmoil of the events was highlighted more, that the problems that arose wouldn't be easily solved. That's not that there wouldn't be hope that things would never get fixed, of course. (Basically it's the same idea as the ending behind Silent Mobius, which was actually a pretty fun series and you all should go watch that.)

Ultimately, no, it's certainly not a masterpiece, but I do think it's better than most of you are giving it credit for. 8/10, as a series.
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Oct 13, 2009 7:35 AM

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So basically you're giving it credit for being dumb and aimless, overthinking every loose thread into some sort of parody of the genre despite its lack of a tongue-in-cheek nature. And every mistake that the show made just reinforced your opinions.

Just like Gurren-Lagaan, I think Basquash took itself very seriously while being over the top, and Satelight thought that it would achieve mass recognition because of that. As I said, Basquash failed to do anything consistent to make viewers feel like it was in fact going anywhere, and once we got to the last few episodes, they just decided to tie things up and throw away almost all the conventions of the show for it.

I think this is a problem with a lot of people that get indoctrinated into anime as a medium. People start wanting to place shows on pedestals just because. Akikan was a terrible piece of shit on all accounts? Hilarious troll anime made to point out the idiocy in blind harem followers. Haruhi 2 is a stinker? Genius troll on Kyo/Kadokawa's part to make the viewer feel as bad as Yuki (despite many of the creators' apologies). Basquash doesn't make any sense? Master troll to subvert the masses and shine a mirror on the industry.

Could it be that Satelight thought they had a great marketable show, and with the added glitz of a Nike sponsorship, decided to make a shiny shounen, forgetting that there needed to be some sense of something in the world of the show? No. I guess that would be too simple.

I'll say again that it's a shame that a show like this got to waste an exorbitant budget, and Guin Saga clearly did more with disturbingly less.
Oct 13, 2009 8:45 PM

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Another thought--- with anime like these, Nike won't even think about sponsoring another one in a long time. The merchandising might not end in a good way...

ps: or maybe they will, considering the final veredict of the overall view of Basquash.
Oct 14, 2009 6:50 AM

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saviour_91 said:
Nothing to see here folks just wasted potential.

Yup, I agree. I was looking forward to some epic mecha basketball matches but all it gave me was an ending that was almost ripped right out of any other generic mecha anime.

At least the mecha matches at the end were shiny.
Oct 14, 2009 4:53 PM

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It was an Ok series...
Oct 18, 2009 1:59 AM

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this show had the most random plot turns i think i have ever seen...but despite the rather illogical sequence of things it was very entertaining and i always looked forward to this show. i wish more off the wall shows like this would come around more often.
Oct 18, 2009 3:01 PM

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Well, couldn't be gayer, you'd die.

In fact it was terrible, though I still love the graphics c:
Oct 20, 2009 7:38 PM

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Well, like everyone, this anime show WAS AWESOME! . . . Until they decided to fire the producer, and from episode 10 on-wards (for me) this show kept getting worse, and worse.

I rarely drop anime, but the last 5 episodes were so bad, I considered dropping it, but I stuck with it . . . but I was just wasting my time, but the ending turned out to be a bit depressing for me since this is definatly one of the biggest disappointments of the summer season, especially when the first 8 episodes was exciting and awesome.
Oct 21, 2009 4:51 PM

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Quite an explosive ending there.

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Oct 24, 2009 10:44 PM

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Lolol Dan and Iceman. Even I didn't expect that after every messy turn this series took, but as was mentioned first... it ended where it started at least, at least in terms of the ghey~ w0000t.
7/10 here.
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Nov 14, 2009 4:04 AM

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Finally succumbed to my OCD and finished the last episode.

Ending was weird to say the least. Dan going gay with Ice-Man, Slash becoming an infant sized human being and hinting on another coming of the disaster'm forgetting something..bah, probably not important anyways.

Overall, a forgettable advertisement anime that just went on a progressive downhill decline from the first episode onwards.
Dec 2, 2009 6:18 PM

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I quit enjoyed it really.
It was entertaining but as of expected from Shouji being a director/co-director, I know that the starting will be really good and the rest crap. :/ Characters would be shallow-ish with only one or two having proper development. (LOL Macross F)

The last episode could've been better, but it wasn't as hyped as it could've been.
Basquash was a show with potential... but they didn't use the potential properly.

I also like the way they did the letters and numbers in the show. :D

Overall, it was pretty entertaining and was on the the more interesting shows of that season. 7/10

Also, can anyone figure out what the text says on the basketball on the final screen? I got "Basquashers your something"
Dec 8, 2009 3:04 AM
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i got one little insert to put here.
its about the whole legend thingy
and that dan is not "the one" well
in my opinion, dan is better than the
legend. he gathered all the legendary
class players, but in terms of that description
they got going throughout the series, id say
that the legend is either iceman or dan
Jan 5, 2010 12:03 AM

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I don't really understand everyone's issues with the last bunch of episodes. Yes, it would have made more sense to continue the bball matches plot. But in a way, that woulda been so cliche. I'm not saying the direction they took it was wonderful but at least they tried something different.

Anyway, first x number of episodes were great. The second half was ok. My biggest issue was the ending. In particular I felt like no closure.

Also, really think Rouge and Iceman shoulda been switched in this episode. It would have made a lot more sense and woulda made me happy.

7/10 for me, I hate bad endings...
Jan 10, 2010 9:28 AM
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I' m shocked with your replies.
Maybe I should stop watching it from episode 09?
I usually try to watch the whole title to make up my opinion.
Mar 10, 2010 8:40 PM

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Nice and fresh idea
Great CG
Great Seiyuu
Cute Girls

I give 8/10...
From beginning,,I was intending to give this anime 9/10...
I prefer "normal robot street basketballer",,,
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