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10 Funny Moments in Code Geass

Code Geass tells the tragic story of an oppressed Japan under corrupt Britannian rulers. Despite dealing with heavy themes involving war, there are moments in the show that we just have to laugh at. So take a break from the solemnity and enjoy the 10 funniest moments in Code Geass!

by mkane
Nov 1, 2015 9:24 PM | 22,361 views

Foraging on Kamine Island

Code Geass Kamine Island

While Lelouch and Euphemia were stranded on Kamine Island, Lelouch took it upon himself to set clever and intricate traps to capture food. But although Lelouch is a tactical mastermind on the battlefield, his physical abilities are somewhat lackluster. His traps fail to capture anything, and he and Euphemia manage on a meal of berries gathered by the princess. I guess brains aren't everything in this world!

Haunted House in Ashford Academy

Code Geass Haunted House

Even the fiercest fighter of the Black Knights, Kallen, has to blend in while at her Britannian school. And part of blending in for her is doing whatever the school council asks, even if that means sitting in a sweltering costume and scaring couples as they walk by. Kallen is a loyal and dangerous warrior outside of school. And although she might be all right with following Zero's orders on the battlefield, following Lelouch's instructions at school is a whole different matter!

Arthur's Welcome Party

Code Geass Cat Party

We all remember that time when the Ashford Academy Student Council decided to take a break and honor their newest member, Arthur, a local stray cat. Although he was the last member of the student council admitted, he remains near and dear to the students' hearts. Most importantly, he's the reason we get to see Lelouch in cat ears!

Cecile's Stress Management

Code Geass Hammer

School festivals are a time for kids and adults alike to unwind and have fun. For Earl Lloyd's assistant, Cecile, the ideal form of stress relief is going to such events and playing games! Though she did seem to spend quite a long time at the hammer booth, where she constantly hit the student who looked like her boss... We all have our ways of handling our frustrations, I suppose!

Trying to Fit In

Code Geass Gino

It turns out Lelouch and Suzaku aren't the only ones who have to lead double lives! Even famous Britannian pilots, like Gino, the Knight of Three, has to learn to blend in with normal students when he and Anya, the Knight of Six, enroll in Ashford Academy. Though they may be an unstoppable team on the battlefield, the two of them still have a lot to learn when it comes to being normal students. But hopefully, Rivalz and the others' help in behaving like regular mischievous high schoolers will pay off!


Code Geass Phone Call

Lelouch is, by all counts, a bright student, a brilliant commander, and a charismatic leader. But even he can have some problems when it comes to just having too much on his plate. In addition to planning a coup d'etat against the most powerful nation in the world, he also has to manage the creation of the largest pizza and the quibbles between school clubs. It might just be the darn drama club that's the death of poor Zero!

Cutting Class

Code Geass Coach Villetta

Lelouch may be a mastermind when it comes to organizing rebellions, but even he is afraid of things. Especially gym class with Coach Villetta! Of course, he's ready to take on even the challenge of cutting class with the help of his friends from the student council. Whether it's grabbing lunch from the school president, Milly, or using Rivalz as a decoy, Lelouch sure knows how to get out of gym class!

A Busy Schedule

Code Geass Date Schedule

Sometimes, Lelouch just doesn't have time for regular school attendance, what with his being a rebellion leader, and all. So he enlists the expert ninja Sayoko to help by posing as him and maintaining harmony in his day-to-day relations. Unfortunately, Sayoko is sometimes just a little too harmonious. So she agreed to go on dates with 108 different girls.

Anya Wants to Win

Code Geass Anya

The Knight of Three might be a bit of an odd character, but the Knight of Six takes the cake when it comes to weirdness. Anya doesn't seem to have a shred of common sense, or any idea of how to hold back. She even brought her knightmare to Ashford Academy for a school-wide Cupid Day competition! Can't blame her for trying, I guess.

The Ultimate Pizza Chef

Code Geass Pizza

Suzaku is known throughout Area 11 for being an honorary Britannian, and a knight to the princess Euphemia, no less! His piloting abilities are unparalleled, and he's practically unstoppable when he takes to the battlefield in his Lancelot. But fighting in war is not all knightmares and their pilots are good for! So Suzaku's taking the day off from work to help create the world's largest pizza with the help of an old knightmare.

I hope you've enjoyed these funny moments from Code Geass! This just goes to show that no matter how serious life may seem, there is always time for fun with your friends!

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