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Top 20 Funny Moments of One Piece

One Piece is a popular shounen anime that first aired in 1999 and is still going on strong in 2015 as one of Japan's most popular animes. One of the reasons for this is its ridiculously fun sense of humour. Here are 20 moments from the anime that highlight this!

by phillinlost_
Oct 27, 2015 10:42 PM | 79,078 views

When Sanji finally had his own bounty poster that wasn't a photo of him.


When Luffy heard Pica speak for the first time.


Usopp's hilarious impersonation of Robin.


When the Sogeking and Zorro realised they were handcuffed together.


When Boa Hancock found out that Luffy's crew included Robin and Nami.


When our beautiful mermaid was rather a dugong, Kokoro.


When Sanji thought he met his ideal girl in Emperor Ivankov.


When Sanji saw Princess Shirahoshi and he was turned to stoned by her unimaginable beauty.


When Robin got Franky to join by attacking his "oranges".


Enel's reaction face to finding out Luffy was invincible to his lightning.


When the Kuja realised Luffy was a male after they had stripped him naked and mistook him for a flat-chested girl with a peculiar set of mushrooms.


When Zorro got Luffy to drink his own booger.


When Franky couldn't make any sense of what Luffy was saying here.


Don't ever ask Nami about Sky Island...


When Zorro got lost in Enies Lobby and inspired Chopper to make a medicine for hopeless idiots.


When Luffy asked Brook, "do skeletons poop?".


When the Straw Hat Crew teamed up for the DOCKING. But Robin had no part in this whatsoever.


When Franky pissed off Robin inside Chopper's body.


When we meet Crocus for the first time.


When Duval gets masked and is revealed to be the face behind Sanji's bounty poster.


One Piece is a very much loved series within the anime community. It has a lot of hilarious moments and although there are so many different scenes I could've picked. Here are just a few for you to enjoy.

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