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20 Entertaining Quotes from the Dragon Ball Series

From high-strung heroes to inscrutable villains to zany old Muten-Roshi, Dragon Ball characters deliver cheeky dialogues with relish, like none other. Here are twenty amusing quotes from the unforgettable series.

by Howl125
Oct 15, 2015 1:02 AM | 10,121 views

"You called me an idiot! I'll turn you into pudding and eat you up!" - Majin Buu

Dragon Ball Z, Buu vs Beerus

"Sorry, I saw an opening that seemed to scream out "attack!". So, I did." - Son Gokuu

Dragon Ball Z, Goku vs Recoome

"If you value what’s left of your head I suggest you stay where you are" - Cell

Dragon Ball Z, Cell to Android 16

"I have everything I need here on earth. Besides I've seen how you treat your partners. Not much job security there" - Son Gokuu

Dragon Ball Z, Goku to Vegeta

"Goodness, you've managed to singe some of my leg hairs." - Raditz

Dragon Ball Z, Raditz

"Captain Ginyu. If you were a dog, I'd scratch your belly. If you were a cat, I'd give you warm milk until you started to purr. But since you're neither of these, I'll just say thanks for a job well done." - Frieza

Dragon Ball Z, Frieza and Captain

"Both of your sons are part of me now. Maybe we should seek family counseling." Majin Buu

Dragon Ball Z, Family counseling

"I'm a busy man. There's a new exercise video at home that is in desperate need of my attention." - Muten-Roshi

Dragon Ball Z, Exercise

"How sad. To work so hard, for so little." - Artificial Human 18

Dragon Ball Z, Android 18 to Vegeta

"Knock knock … (who’s there?”)….Buu "- Majin Buu

Dragon Ball Z, Buu to Vegeta

"There's no need to chase after the bee anymore. I've decided to go straight for the hive" - Frieza

Dragon Ball Z, Straight to the hive

"In return, I shall take the best part of this fight."- Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta

"Perhaps these miserable humans would appreciate a light show." - Cell

Dragon Ball Z, Cell's light show

"You know what's funny about the future? You're nowhere to be seen. You're not in the future because you die right here and now - TODAY!" - Trunks

Dragon Ball Z, Trunks to Cell

"You are a fool! I'm going to crush you, and throw you into the wind! " - Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta to Majin Buu

"Fighting on an empty stomach?" - Vegito

Dragon Ball Z, Empty Stomach

"Alright, You're on...You can stay until we beat Frieza. After that, I'm gonna charge you rent, you got that?!" - Piccolo

Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo to Nail

"You know there's one thing I did like about Dr. Wheelo... He thought I was the strongest fighter in the world." - Muten-Roshi

Dragon Ball Z, Roshi's strength

"In some ways, Bulma's worse than Frieza. Uh... at least that's how I feel." - Kuririn

Dragon Ball Z, Kuririn to Gohan

"If you give up now, I promise I'll turn you into something practical, like a toaster or a washing machine!" - Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta to Android 18

Dragon Ball Z "battle banter" quotes are endless, with every warrior having come up with at least a couple of good lines while intimidating their opponent. The good, noble-hearted characters such as Son Gohan and Trunks are generally straightforward with fight chit-chat, which is why the most entertaining quotes come from villains like Frieza, or anti-heroes like Vegeta. Muten-Roshi, Bulma, Kuririn, and other earthlings, who have filled several hours of the show with slapstick humor, have some memorable one-liners as well.

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