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5 Places in Tokyo Ghoul You Can Visit in Real Life

The setting in Tokyo Ghoul is based on the wards in real-life Tokyo. You won’t find the exact buildings and organisations in the manga and anime here, but it’s still possible to walk around in the footsteps of your favourite characters, without the risk of being preyed upon and consumed by ghouls!

by fairybread
Jul 28, 2015 10:14 PM | 33,193 views

Chiyoda ward

Japan National Diet Building

The centre of Tokyo that notably houses the Imperial Palace and several government offices. This is a befitting location for the CCG.

CCG Tokyo Ghoul

Nerima ward

Nerima-ku, Nerima ward

A stereotypical residential neighbourhood where you can find institutions similar to Kamii University, Kiyomi High School, and local hangout Anteiku Cafe.

Shinjuku ward

An area known for its nightlife and shopping, I wouldn't be surprised to find a store similar to the HySy ArtMask Studio here.

HySy ArtMask Studio, Tokyo Ghoul

Sumida ward

Ryogoku sumo hall, Ryogoku Kokugikan

Instead of being the main attraction at a Ghoul Restaurant, why not watch some sumo wrestling at the Ryogoku sumo hall.

Oota ward

Oota-ku, Oota ward

This ward has one of the largest populations out of the 23 wards in Tokyo and is home to Haneda airport. No wonder it's infested with ghouls. Luckily in real life you won't be finding any Rizes hunting around here!

Tokyo Ghoul Lize

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